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―Blood Stalk's transformation catchphrase.[src]

"I'm the game maker. I derive the best strategy by considering every possibility. Everything is going as planned."
―Blood Stalk's speech to Night Rogue[src]

"I am Blood Stalk...*clearing throat*...or do you prefer this voice better?"
―"Soichi"'s introduction as Blood Stalk while demonstrating his Evolto voice.[src]

"Kamen Rider Evol. I'll obtain the true power of the Pandora Box with this bottle and driver only I can use."
―Evolto unveiling the next phase of his plan with the Pandora Box.[src]

"It's the end of Earth!"
―Evolto rejoicing as he completes both the Pandora Box and the Pandora Tower.[src]

Evolto (エボルト Eboruto) is a mysterious entity who manipulated the power of Pandora Box to annihilate the civilization of Mars and one of the main villains in Kamen Rider Build. He operates on Earth using the body of Soichi Isurugi, the astronaut who discovered the Pandora Box on Mars. He would go on to possess Ryuga Banjou before being separated and forcibly absorbed into Sento Kiryu.

Like what he did on Mars, Evolto aims to wipe out life on Earth. However, with his essence separated, Evolto has masterminded a civil war to produce the ultimate lifeform capable of withstanding the power he wielded in his true form.

He later uses the Evol-Driver alongside with the Evolbottles to become Kamen Rider Evol.

Character History

Early Life on Mars

According to Vernage, Evolto's origin are neither terrestrial nor Maritan: instead, he is a being from a planet that has yet to be discovered by Earth. Long ago, he used the Pandora Box to raise the Pandora Tower on Mars, forming a black hole that ravaged the planet and ensuring the complete destruction of life on Mars. However, Vernage was able to damage his Evol-Driver and separate Evolto's soul from his body, but Evolto's soul stored itself within Pandora's Box, preserving his essence and energy, albeit fragmented.

Escape to Earth & Planting the Seeds

Thirteen years before the Skywall Tragedy, the nearby planet of Earth sent a probe to Mars. Searching for another planet to destroy, Evolto attached part of his essence to the probe. When the probe returned to Earth, Evolto's essence attempted to possess the first human it saw: Yuri Banjou, a security guard for the probe. However, the essence assimilated with Banjou's unborn son. The child, Ryuga Banjou, was born a month later (a miraculous two-month gestation), sharing Evolto's essence but none of his consciousness nor abilities.

Approximately thirteen years later, the Kiwami Project sent a manned mission to Mars. Soichi Isurugi, one of the astronauts aboard the mission, discovered the Pandora Box in a Martian ruin. Upon doing so, the remaining Evolto essence possessed Isurugi, taking over his body. Creating 60 FullBottles from Isurugi's memories, "Soichi" returned to Earth with his damaged Evol Driver and the Pandora Box.

At the return ceremony for the Martian mission, Evolto triggered the Pandora Box, attempting to use his powers to raise Pandora's Tower. However, Vernage's essence also found a way to Earth, and removed the essence of every FullBottle prior to the ceremony. As a result, Evolto's attempt failed, causing the Sky Wall to rise instead, in what would be remembered as the Sky Wall Disaster. After being medically diagnosed as being "psychologically insane", "Soichi" was arrested and placed in a mental hospital, in which his host's daughter was also admitted into at the same time as well, having been possessed by Vernage in order to stop Evolto. "Soichi" made contact with Shinobu Katsuragi on several occasions to have his Evol Driver repaired, however Shinobu's son Takumi Katsuragi realized the true intentions of "Soichi" and hid the Driver. Several months later, he escaped from the mental hospital and took residence in Touto where he opened up a café called nascita there.

In the following seven years, he was appointed as a special consultant for the Pandora Box, and was asked by Namba Heavy Industries Ltd.'s president Juzaburo Namba to help oversee his underground organization's activities. Evolto arrived at the basement of Namba Heavy Industries Integrated Technology Development Institute, the organization's first lair, in time to see a strange creature attacking the researchers as Katsuragi told them to run. He saw Gentoku reached for the Transteam Gun, stopped him and took the gun himself, firing at the creature with one shot, causing the creature to revert back to normal. Evolto praised for his quick thinking as Gentoku realized he was Soichi Isurugi, unaware he was truly an extraterrestrial lifeform possessing the human. Evolto introduced himself as Soichi to Gentoku as he placed the gun on top of its container and headed down, telling Katsuragi that adjusting the dosage for the Nebula gas administration isn't easy before adding his own calculations to make the dosage safe for administration. After ordering Katsuragi to follow the newly inputted numbers, Gentoku asked him why he was here, which Evolto revealed he worked for Namba, and said he was told by Namba to offer his assistance to Gentoku, Katsuragi and the researchers with their impending experiments. Evolto also mentioned he's the only one who knows full well about the Pandora Box, but Gentoku assured him this research has nothing to do with the box, so Evolto cut to the chase, revealing that he knows what Katsuragi was building isn't a defense system, but the ultimate biological weapon, and that he has plans to use the box to rule all of Japan, which shocked Gentoku. Evolto proposed he could become his right-hand man, but Gentoku doesn't trust him, which lead to Evolto's second proposal: offering Gentoku the power he seeks, and compared Gentoku to Dr. Faust, a scholar whom made a deal with the devil to obtain power. Gentoku asked Evolto that he wants him to sell his soul and retorted by comparing Evolto as Mephistopheles, a demon whom wanted ultimate power. Evolto told Gentoku he'll see soon before exiting the lab, having secretly lay the seeds of his master plan.

During the night, Evolto tracked down the Touto Prime Minister's aide Koji Hotei, killed him and presented his body in front of Gentoku the next day at Namba Heavy Industries' Institute. Stopping dead in his tracks, Gentoku rushed to his deceased friend and try to wake him, but Evolto appeared from behind Gentoku, telling him Hotei's been dead for a while. Realizing Evolto killed Hotei, Gentoku seized him and demanded to know why he killed him, but Evolto punched him hard in the gut, forcing Gentoku to fall on his knees. Evolto deemed he was acting on Gentoku's wish as he brushed his jacket. Shaking with horror, Gentoku then found clarity and looked up at Evolto with a malicious smile, deciding it's time to make a deal with the devil. He stood smiling as Gentoku rose up, walked over his former friend's body and proceeded to the lab, satisfied his plan has allowed Gentoku to become Night Rogue and create Faust. Prologue: NIGHT ROGUE RISES Some time after, Evolto received a Transteam Gun and a Cobra Fullbottle, allowing him to become Blood Stalk.

Around this time, Misora joined Faust to purify the Fullbottles for them, not knowing it was for evil purposes. After losing the will to do the job when discovering their heinous motives, "Soichi" orchestrated her "rescue" to convince her to purify Fullbottles again while stealing two of the Pandora Box panels from the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics to ensure their confidence. From Faust, he took along a Build Driver and an unknown number of Fullbottles; upon his return, he plastered the panel into one of nascita's basement walls.

In two years, Faust's co-founder Takumi Katsuragi had ascertained the extraterrestrial identity of Evolto and the truth of the Evol-Driver, so he threatened to quit Faust and expose their modus operandi. However, before any progress against Evolto was made, Evolto knocked him out and erased his memories, while at the same time switching his face with the recently killed Taro Satou. He also arranged Nabeshima to lure Ryuga towards Katsuragi's apartment, allowing him to act as the fall guy to "Katsuragi" (Tarou)'s murder. Seeing Katsuragi's high tolerance to the Nebula Gas, Evolto made use of this by arranging a fake encounter on September 5th by putting an amnesiac Katsuragi on the alleyway on a rainy day and renamed him "Sento Kiryu". After his recuperation, "Soichi" indoctrinated both Sento and Misora into fighting Smashes and harvesting their Nebula Gas essence into Fullbottles, all at the same time by watching as Blood Stalk from behind the scenes.

The RabbitTank and Dragon's Intertwined Fate

The morning following Kamen Rider Build, whom has been active for a year, defeated the Needle Smash and saved a freelance journalist, Isurugi was sweeping the front entrance of nascita and proceeded inside when finished until he heard Sento emerging from the secret lab entrance. He hid until Sento fully emerged and greeted him with surprise, and examined the newly created Harinezumi Fullbottle, congratulating Misora for her part in the bottle's purification. Part of his ruse, Isurugi asked Sento if any of his memory came back, to which Sento stated the same few fragments involving a scientist with a gas mask, human testing and a bat-like man. He then amusingly gave Sento his rent, much to the amnesiac's surprise as he had no knowledge of Isurugi charging him to stay at nascita, then surmised it was the reason Isurugi made Sento take the job position at Touto's Institute of Advanced Matter Physics. Isurgi then reminded Sento of this day being his first at the job, realizing he's late. Before he left, Sento unveiled his new invention: the Build Phone and its ability to turn into the Machine Build motorcycle after combining the phone with the Lion Fullbottle. Amazed by his own invention, Sento prepared to drive to work until Isurugi reminded him he's still inside the cafe.

Later on, he learned that one of Faust's test subjects, Ryuga, whom also didn't turn into a Smash after being administered with the Nebula Gas, escaped and informed Sento. Inside the hidden lab, Isurugi gave all the information of Ryuga's background to Sento over the Build Phone. He also stated the scanners for Smash had picked him out and hacked the motorcycle Ryuga was using to gain his coordinates, relaying the location to Sento, knowing full well Gentoku had learned of Ryuga's escape and would send a Smash to intercept and retrieve Rygua. That One with the Best Match

After learning of making himself an enemy of Touto and bringing Ryuga to their secret lab at night, Isurugi became upset and scolded Sento for this current dilemma he's put himself in. Sento then explained to Isurugi of Ryuga's experimentation by Faust appears similar to Sento's memory and how Sento himself could've been a test subject. To keep up his con, Isurugi then stated if they were both experimented on then they would've both turned into Smash, and how Ryuga didn't lose his memory, leading to the possibility of them finding Faust's lair. However, Sento stated Ryuga can't remembered where the base was, but came up the theory of finding the base by clearing Ryuga's name and finding the true murderer. Isurugi and Sento approached Ryuga, asking him to tell them everything, until Sento and Ryuga argued as Ryuga began his tale from birth while Sento meant the details around Ryuga's incarceration, annoying Isurugi as he walked to his rocking chair by the stairs. As Ryuga told them the cops arrived as he entered the scientist's apartment for a job interview, Isurugi objected to Ryuga's claim, claiming it to be convenient for the cops to arrive at the same time Ryuga found the body. Ryuga claimed it to be the truth until the silver booth went off, unveiling the purified Gorilla Fullbottle. Isurugi rejoined the group as Misora met Ryuga and Sento proclaimed Ryuga' arrest and jailbreak may be connected until they spotted Sawa Takigawa entering the room, completley unaware that she's one of Juzaburo Namba's children and a spy for Faust. Misora punched Isurugi in the shoulder for leaving the door open, but Isurugi stated he closed the door but realized he left it open, another ruse to kep up his con. He pretended to be even more shocked while Sento was surprised that Sawa learned he was Kamen Rider Build, presenting the nascita match box he dropped the previous night, unaware she took it from the bowl on the counter before entering the secret door. She then claimed she was there to thank Sento, and to want to do a cover story on the Kamen Rider, but Sento declined until Isurugi agreed, much to the annoyance of Sento and Misora.

In the morning, Sento, as Build, responded to a Smash alert, unaware it was a trap to lure him out by Faust. At the location, Build phoned Isurugi to let him know there wasn't a Smash in sight, but Isurugi told him the reports picked up a Smash, until Build realized he walked into a trap set by the Touto government sent to arrest him. After Sento and Ryuga's encounter with Night Rogue and Ryuga's fiance, Isurugi sat outside of nascita reading the Touto Info. on his tablet. Isurugi deemed Sento's fugitive status won't interfere in his plan to purify all of Touto's Fullbottles. He then developed an itch in his back and transmutated his tablet into a glass back scratcher and scratched his back with it, relieving his itch. The Innocent Runaway

Return of the Cobra

Overhearing Sento's explanation of how Masahiro Nabeshima, the man whom gave the job interview with Katsuragi to Kasumi to give to Ryuga, and the same man whom knocked out Ryuga with a sedative as he was selected by Faust as a lab rat, Isurugi entered the lab with flare as Ryuga questioned Misora's capability of finding information on Nabeshima. He told Ryuga not to underestimate Misora and proceeded to help her change into her online idol alter-ego, Miitan. After turning on the camera, Isurugi explained to Ryuga that Miitan is a famous idol over the internet, with hundreds to thousands of fans submitting whatever information she ask. In an instant, they've received information, but of a Smash sighting. Isurugi remained in the lab to monitor any information on Nabeshima while he watched Ryuga argue with Sento as he prepared to head toward the Smash.

After Sento returned with the Flying Smash's essence and have Misora purify it into the Taka Fullbottle, Isurugi told Ryuga what Sento was doing as he placed the Taka and Soujiki bottles in a panel placed in a wall: he was looking for a Best Match. Isurugi said it twice jokingly, and told Ryuga that a pair of Fullbottles have their own affinity as he demonstrated with the Rabbit and Tank bottles, placing them in the panel to show their affinity. He also pointed out each Best Match has its own power, but finding two bottles to form a Best Match is difficult as he placed the bottles back on the table. Sento then joined the explanation, stating his Build Driver was originally an analyzer before it gained the transformation function. Ryuga decided to see if he can find a Best Match, which intrigued Isurugi but Sento doubted it until Ryuga placed the Taka and Gatling bottles in the driver, forming a Best Match. Sento was disbelieved while Isurugi congratulated Ryuga for his "sixth sense", and asked him how he did it, to which Ryuga pointed out that the Best Match can be found with an organic and inorganic bottles. As Sento argued with Ryuga on how to porperly find a Best Match, they accidently woke up Misora, whom threw a knife at the booth and twisted her sleeping mask tightly in her hands, whispering she'll cut them. Horrified, all three men apologized for waking her before Sento headed back to the touto Institute to find any information on Nabeshima while Ryuga was chained to one of the posts once more.

Near the night, Isurugi learned about Faust's trap to bring Ryuga to Seito by using Nabeshima's family as bait and decided to return as Blood Stalk. He made his way to the Touto Harbor Natsu Wharf, where Sento just defeated the Mirage Smash, which turned out to be Nabeshima. To keep him from waking Nabeshima, Stalk punctured Sento's back with one of his venomous tentacle, leaving him stunned under the poison's effect. Stalk then created a giant energy projection of a cobra and retrieved the incapacitated Nabeshima, leaving Sento on pass out on the ground after seeing Stalk near the smoke. Borderline of Justice After delivering Nabeshima back to Faust's lair, Stalk returned to the warehouse and brought the unconscious Sento back to nascita, waiting for the poison's effects to wear off before waking Sento by pinching both his cheeks at once before telling Sento he found him passed out from being poisoned and brought him back to nascita to recover. Sento told him it was a man dressed like Night Rogue, but with crimson and a cobra symbol. Before Sento could go any further, he received a call from Ryuga, learning that he and Sawa have made it to Seito. Isurugi heard Sento warning Ryuga that Nabeshima's family being captured by Faust could be a trap for Ryuga after telling him the Mirage Smash was Nabeshima himself. Isurugi asked Sento what he planned to do next after hanging up the phone, but instead Sento told him he gained a new memory fragment where he spotted a green panel with the same markings as the Pandora Box near Night Rogue as Sento was being prepped for the Nebula gas experiment. Sento then theorized that with the box's energy, Faust learned they can create superhuman beings, which Isurugi surmised, to keep up his con, that by solving the mystery surrounding the box would also expose Faust as well. They were interrupted by the silver booth going off, intriguing both Isurugi and Sento enough to see the new purified bottle, the Ninjya bottle. As Misora walked out of the booth and proceeded to bed, Sento asked her to gather information on the Skywall tragedy as Miitan, and after a few exchanges of "pleases" and "don't want to"s, Isurugi changed her clothes to Miitan's, forcing Misora to gather the information until she went to sleep.

After Sento received the information on the Skywall tragedy and returning from the Touto Institute earler than expected, Isurugi prepared to head to his part-time job until Sento brought up how Isurugi wanted him to become Kamen Rider Build, and over the past year Sento hasn't learned anything about Isurugi. Isurugi told Sento he doesn't eat pasta and has a fear of bidets before telling Sento to focus more on the present than the past and left, unaware that Sento learned that he was the astronaut whom brought the Pandora Box to Earth and caused the Skywall tragedy. As part of his plan, Isurugi sent a Smash report as Blood Stalk, stating specifically the subject is a second-dosed Smash, meaning if the element isn't extracted soon the person will die.

Watching Sento, as Build GorillaMond, fight against a Square Smash, Stalk fired a Devil Steam from his Steam Rifle, increasing the Smash's size to a giant's. As Build, in his RabbitGatling Trial Form, struggled against the giant Smash, Stalk informed him from afar that he's injected a new type of gas into the Square Smash, and even if Build saves the person inside, there will be lingering effects. As he watched Ryuga throw a Drill Crusher into the Smash's back, allowing Build to turn into his HawkGatling Best Match and perform a 100 Full Bullet finisher to defeat the Smash, Stalk takes his leave as Sento extracted the Smash essence from Nabeshima, whom was turned into a Smash once more by Rogue to see what would happened to a human being administered the Nebula gas a second time. Returning to the lair, Stalk was asked by Rogue, whom placed the Rocket bottle in their green Pandora Box panel, why he didn't kill Build as he fought the Square Smash. Stalk assured him as the game maker, he derived that not finishing Build will contribute to their overall scheme as time progresses. At night, Isurugi returned to hear a noise at the secret lab, and he rushed to see Sento smashing the wall with the bottle slot with a hammer. Isurugi attempted to stop Sento, but it was too late; the wall was damaged enough for Sento to remove the full slot, revealing it to be one of the green panels from the Pandora Box. Confused and angry, Sento asked Isurugi why he had it and if he's a member of Faust. The Testimony Will Be Zero

Ghosts of the Past

"You bastard! Who's the one who injected me with the gas?! Who took away my memory?! Was it you?! Or was it Rogue?! Answer me! *Blood Stalk laughing* What's so funny?! Give me back my body! Give me back my memory!"
"Your weakness is that you lose all judgement when it comes to your memory.
―Build going berserk while assaulting Stalk as he learned he was injected with the Smash element.[src]
Bringing Sento, Ryuga and Misora to nascita's main interior for a cup of coffee, Isurugi pretended to play dumb as he poured his newly made brew, irritating Sento to make him ask Isurugi again why he had one of the missing panels and if he's a member of Faust. Isurugi joked that he's a member of Faust, irritating Sento even more until Misora told Sento and Ryuga that she was captured by Faust because of her ability to purify the Fullbottles. Isurugi then added he stole the panel and a few bottles as he rescued Misora, all a lie to conceal his identity as Blood Stalk. Sento then unveiled Isurugi as an astronaut from a decade ago, surprising Isurugi that Sento learned of his past as the astronaut whom retrieved the Pandora Box and opened it, causing the Skywall tragedy. Isurugi admitted the box messed with his mind, forcing him to open the box, still wondering why it made him do that. Now playing foosball with Sento, Isurugi admitted he joined Faust, another lie, to gain information about the organization and save Misora, then added that Faust could claw their way into the Touto Institute if Isurugi returned the panel to thoem. Sento asked why Isurugi didn't tell him and Isurugi stated he wanted Sento to become Kamen Rider Build to defeat Faust. Isurugi stated he wanted to make Faust answer for their crimes, but he and Misora alone couldn't make that happen. He then gave the reason why he didn't tell Sento everything relating to the panel: that Sento would not trust Isurugi, leaving Isurugi with the choice to let Sento discover the panel on his own. Buying his lies, Sento decided to forgive Isurugi, while telling him his coffee tasted horrible. Ryuga insulted Sento for being soft-hearted, but Sento explained that Isurugi wouldn't put much effort in making horrible coffee if he wasn't telling the truth, leading to Isurugi, Ryuga and Misora to try Isurugi's brew, leaving the final verdict that it's horrible. As Isurugi told them they have no define palate, Sawa entered the room with evidence regarding Sento's past, which Isurugi decided it's time to put the next phase into motion.

After learning his true name to be Taro Satou from Tatsuya Kishida, a band member who was Taro's friend, Isurugi transformed into Blood Stalk and sent three Faust Guardians to attack a few contruction workers near the alley he placed the amnesiac Sento a year ago. As three Touto Guardians arrived and destroyed the Faust Guardians, Stalk took control of the Touto machines and had them attack the workers until Sento arrived as Build HawkGatling, destroying the corrupted robots. As he watched the workers run away, Stalk introduced himself properly to Build, Sawa and Tatsuya, saying his name. After Build realized he's the one who turned Nabeshima into a Smash once more, Stalk praised him and gave him a reward: a fight. Stalk and Build trade shots with their Hawk Gatlinger and Steam Rifle until Build managed to force Stalk off of a platform and onto the ground, continuing the fight as Build RabbitTank. Stalk blocked Build's Drill Crusher with his rifle, gaining the upper hand by placing his rifle at an diagonal angle to let the Drill Crusher's blade to roll don with it, allowing Stalk to kick Build. As Build executed a Vortex Finish Rider kick, Stalk cut his foot in midair, shocking Build as he was tossed aside. Stalk praised Build for his kick, but stated he has room for improvement before leaving.

Waiting in the dark at night, Stalk followed Tatsuya underneath a train bridge, listening how Tatsuya blamed himself for Sento's amnesia. With proficient speed, Stalk seized Tatsuya by the throat, squeezing hard until he passed out, bringing him to Faust's lair to be their next test subject. Laughing as he gaze at Tatsuya being prepped for the procedure, he took a spot to sit near Night Rogue, whom asked him why he chose Tatsuya. Stalk's response was to see if Tatsuya would be a worthy opponent for Build as Tatsuya is given the Nebula gas. After Tatsuya turned into the Press Smash, Stalk and Rogue let him loose, leading it to the Touto Institute, while Rogue headed there early as Gentoku to keep to his role in their plan. As Sento stood in a tunnel entrance to the parking lot, watched a squad of Touto Guardians firing at the Smash, Stalk appeared from behind, unveiling the Smash's identity as Tatsuya. He then lied to Sento about Tatsuya volunteering to become a Smash, and as he insulted Tatsuya by calling him a fool, Sento became angry and transformed into Build RabbitTank and attacked Stalk. Stalk and Build matched blows until Build gained the upper hand and performed an even more powerful Vortex Finish Rider kick, injuring Stalk's left hand in the process. Examining the damage to his arm, Stalk deduced that Build's anger has risen his Hazard Level to 3.7, confirming his theory. To Build's surprise, Stalk told him to save Tatsuya while he still can before leaving. Dangerous Identity

After learning that Ryuga knocked out Sento and readministered the Smash element into Tatsuya, whom then returned to Faust's lair, Stalk informed Rogue of Build's Hazard Level increasing, but Rogue was more concern of Stalk's plan. As Rogue asked him what he has in store, Stalk said he hungers for more strength, and that Build must learn more about himself before proceeding to the next stage. In the morning, Isurugi opened up nascita and blew a kiss at the sun, then proceeded inside to see Ryuga awake, telling him what he learned from Misora last night about his failed attempt to transform with Sento's Build Driver. Grabbing Ryuga by the shoulder, Isurugi warned him not to do it again due to the danger it possesses before Ryuga shrugged him off. Sitting down in a chair, Ryuga asked where Sento was. Isurugi told him Sento went back to the Institute to find Faust's lair so he can rescue Tatsuya, which made Ryuga despondent at the idea of Sento trying to save a friend he can't remember. Isurugi told Ryuga that's not why Sento's trying to save Tatsuya; Isurugi revealed that Sento is the kind of person willing to help anyone in trouble. As Ryuga mocked Sento for being transcendent, but Isurugi told him Sento's just insecure for having no memory of his life and not knowing who he is, therefore he acts as he is now. He even goes further to say that deep inside Sento is nothing but loneliness that has no end. As Ryuga ponder on Isurugi's words, he drank a cup of coffee Isurugi made for him, shouting it's bitter as he swallows the awful brew. At night, Isurugi received a call from Gentoku, whom informed Isurugi of giving the bait with Katsuragi's data on the Nebula gas generated from the Skywall to Sento, expecting him to find a blindspot to allow him to infiltrate Faust's lair. Gentoku stated that Sento could even surpass Isurugi in intellect, and stated he's looking forward to seeing what happens next.

The next day as Sento and Ryuga infiltrated Faust's lair, Isurugi, as Blood Stalk, shoots one of Faust's human captives to prevent him from leaving and shouting at the other captives to be silent. Ryuga turns to Stalk, lunging at him with a fist as Stalk referred to him as a precious sample. Stalk easily locked Ryuga's arm in his own, allowing him to inject Ryuga with poison, placing Ryuga in agony as dark spots form under his skin. As Senro run to Ryuga's side, Stalk made a joke about injecting Ryuga with poison, but shrugged it off and stated he still has Sento. Confused Sento asked Stalk what he meant, and Stalk revealed to Sento that he was injected with a large dosage of the Nebula gas, but didn't transform into a Smash, like Ryuga, and it's because of the Smash element coursing within him he's able to transform into a Kamen Rider. With revelation and fury swelling within him, Sento transforms into Build RabbitTank and viciously attacked Stalk, swinging his Drill Crusher all over as Stalk dodged the attacks, destroying parts of the lair in the process. Forcing Stalk in a corner, Build tossed his weapon aside and dragged Stalk to the ground, pummeling him as he demanded to know whom injected him with the gas and erased his memory. As Stalk laughed while Build continues to pummel and demanded to have his memory restored, he told Build he loses perspective when it comes to his lost memory and shot him with his Transteam gun, forcing Build off and cancelling his transformation. He deemed that quality disappointing and decided to end their encounter by firing his gun at the ceiling, compromising the lair. With everyone in danger, Stalk thanked Sento for their brief encounter and left, laughing as Faust Guardians prepared to take the human captives with them.

After viewing the lair's destruction, Gentoku called Stalk, who was waltzing around in their backup lair. Stalk told him Sento now knows of his origin in the lab, leading to Gentoku wondering how long they intend to let Sento run free. Stalk assured him they will end him in time, but for now the next phase of their plan will become more interesting before tossing the phone away, ending their call. Moonsault of Anger After returning to nascita at night, Isurugi sat in his chair as Sawa watched Ryuga gazing at Sento constantly. From Ryuga, they learned that Sento, as Taro a year ago, went to Katsuragi's apartment for a job interview involving new medicine testing. As Sento repeatedly told Ryuga he has no memory of killing Katsuragi and blaming Ryuga for the murder while Ryuga stands by that Sento's the murderer, all four people hear the booth go off. Sento rushed to see the new Panda bottle and walked down, believing that no one else but Ryuga believes he's the true murderer, but Isurugi and Misora played around and pretended to believe he did. Offering a suggestion, Isurugi told both Sento and Ryuga they should investigate into Katsuragi's life.

Returning from the Touto Institute, Sento came up with an anagram to decipher a letter Katsuragi left behind, deducing Katsuragi left his hidden data with his mother, Kyoka Katsuragi. Placing two cups of coffee on a tray, Isurugi proceeded to hand them to Sento, Ryuga and Misora as he listened to Sento's plan to find Kyoka, but to his shock Sento and Ryuga have coffee in cans. He walked toward the back in sorrow, a ploy as he heard from Sawa that Sento and Ryuga can enter into Hokuto by a Skyroad, one of the gaps in the Skywall leading from Touto into Hokuto. However, she stated that Skyroad is governed by a person who won't let people pass without payment. Sento turned to Isurugi, who told him he can't help them as he has a part-time job and can't make decent coffee. With no other choice, Misora used her Miitan persona to acquire the money needed to use Skyroad as Isurugi slumped in a corner beside her.

Returning to Faust's backup lair as Blood Stalk, Isurugi summoned for Gentoku and Utsumi to return, informing Gentoku of Sento's plan to head to Hokuto, telling Gentoku it could disrupt his ultimate scheme: to utilize the Kamen Rider System as a military weapon, and stated if Sento gets caught by the Hokuto government. Gentoku decides to head to the Skyroad and stop Sento. He demands Stalk to accompany him, but he declines, forcing Gentoku to turn into Night Rogue and briefly engages Stalk before subduing him. Stalk concedes and agrees to accompany Rogue.

At the Skyroad passage between Touto and Hokuto, Stalk watched from afar as Rogue and two Faust Guardians intercept a family from Hokuto and the criminal overseeing the passage, calling Sento out as he threatened his captives. With no choice, Sento transformed into Build RabbitTank and duels Rogue, while Ryuga takes on the Faust Guardians, allowing the family and criminal to escape. After Rogue pushed Build into corner and turned to Ryuga, Build brushed him aside with his Machine Builder, forcing Rogue to call on Stalk as Build and Ryuga headed for the passage. Forming his Steam Rifle and inserted the Rocket bottle in the weapon, Stalk performed a Steam Attack, but made it rebound towards Rogue, allowing Stalk to slip away into Hokuto unnoticed.

"As thanks for amusing me, let me tell you something...about Takumi Katsuragi. Katsuragi is the creator of the Smash. Takumi Katsuragi...created Faust!"
―Blood Stalk revealing the Smash and Faust's creator to Build and Ryuga.[src]

Watching Sento and Ryuga talking to Kyoka as three of her students left, Stalk sneak-attacked the children, forcing Sento, Ryuga and Kyoka find Stalk standing over Takehiko, one of the students. Stalk told them he learned of their plan to find information on Katsuragi and told them to play with him as unleashed a Devil Steam with his Steam Blade, turning Takehiko into an Ice Smash. Ryuga asked how Stalk turned the kid into a Smash, and Stalk revealed his blade can administer Nebula gas into a human without Faust's equipment, angering Sento as he transformed into Build NinninComic, attacking Stalk and the Smash. Build used the 4Koma Ninpoutou's One Frame-Clone technique to split into two, leaving him to fight Stalk as his copy used the Four Frame-Steal technique to bring the remaining two kids to Ryuga and Kyoka before engaging the Ice Smash. After defeating the Smash and telling Ryuga to extract the element from Takehiko, the clone Build assisted Build as he fought Stalk until the clone disappeared, leaving Build to fight Stalk alone as Ryuga and Kyoka took the children to safety.

As Build turned into his PandaGatling Trial Form, Stalk combined his Steal Blade with his Transteam Gun, then proceeded to place the Rocket bottle in the Steam Rifle and executed a Steam Attack, forcing Build out of his transformation and the Gatling bottle out of the Driver. As Stalk proceed toward the Gatling bottle, Ryuga attempted to engage Stalk but is easily caste aside, but the Cross-Z Dragon reached the Gatling bottle first and placed it in its back, allowing it to fire pellets of blue fire at Stalk. Ryuga took the chance to fight Stalk, but instead ended up removing the Rocket bottle from the rifle in a scuffle, and proceed to give it to Sento. Transformed into his new RocketPanda Best Match, Build overpowerd Stalk and performed a Vortex Finish Rider slash, forcing Stalk in a corner. Stalk, however, became amused as Build's strength increased once more, and left a parting gift to Build and Ryuga: Katsuragi is the creator of the Smash and Faust, and questioned their next move as he left via typhoportation. The Devil's Scientist

Back at Faust's backup lair, Stalk was approached by Gentoku, whom returned from a meeting between the three Prime Ministers, and demanded to know why he made such a mess in Hokuto. Stalk assured him it can lead them to the thing they've been searching for years: Katsuragi's research data, and with it, they can upgrade the Rider System to a new level. The next day, Stalk observed from a distance as Sento and Ryuga found the location of Katsuragi's research data: at the abandoned Namba Heavy Industries Integrated Sciences Laboratory. Seeing Sento and Ryuga pulling out a flash drive from a buried container, Stalk revealed himself, stating he'd never thought Kyoka would hide her son's research in an abandoned building as he took the flash drive and tossed Sento and Ryuga aside. As Stalk thanked them, Ryuga attempted to fight him, but Stalk pushed him aside, forcing Sento to transform into Build HawkGatling and engage Stalk. From a nearby tree, Gentoku transformed into Night Rogue and joined the fight, engaging Build as Ryuga lunged toward Stalk again. Rogue told Stalk to let him fight Build, which Stalk obliged as he attempts to leave, but Ryuga engaged him once more. Catching Ryuga's fist, Stalk notices his Hazard Level has risen to 2.4, deciding to fight him for a while. As they fight, Stalk measured Ryuga's Hazard Level rising to 2.5, then 2.6 and 2.7, relishing in how it continues to rise. Tossing Ryuga aside, Stalk decided to hand him the driver, stating he wish to see how Ryuga progresses before intervening in Rogue's battle with Build, allowing him and Ryuga to escape. Rogue pointed his Transteam Gun at Stlak, demanding to know Stalk's scheme, to which Stalk assured him they don't need the driver, just the tools the data can create as he believes both Sento and Ryuga can do it. Memory Starts To Talk

Faust Invades Touto Institute

"Did you lose your principles as a scientist?"
"Don't get the wrong idea. The Rider System was designed to be a military weapon to spill gallons of blood! Principles as a scientist? That's just your ego talking. I'm sure you understand...that science leads to destruction. As science progresses, humanity regresses...The environment is destroyed and the world perishes!
―Stalk stating the harsh reality of science to Sento.[src]

Watching Katsuragi's introduction video on the Build Driver and Kamen Rider Build form with Sento and Ryuga, Isurugi attempted to act hip with slangs as he commended the video. Ryuga asked him why he's talking like that, and Isurugi told him a girl in his part-time job was teaching him before reminding Sento he stole the Build Driver, the Fullbottles and the Pandora Box panel they had from Faust. He also added he tried to use the driver to transform, but nothing happened, and Sento told him only a person with a Hazard Level over the base level could transform and explained to Isurugi the different levels of people with Nebula gas resistance: Hazard Level 1 where the person injected with the element would die soon afterward, Hazard Level 2 leads to the creation of the Smash, and people with a level over 2 are those who retain their human forms, to which Isurugi realized both Sento and Ryuga are at that point. Ryuga then pointed out that Stalk measured his Hazard Level as it rose during their previous encounter, leading Sento to conclude that a person with a Hazard Level 3 can transform into a Kamen Rider. Isurugi asked Sento if Katsuragi said anything else in the video, but Sento stated that Katsuragi was looking for a person who fit all the requirements to become Build through his human experiments with the Nebula gas. Isurugi then took notice of Sento and Ryuga arguing over the Smash experiments, leading to many casualties. As Ryuga blamed Katsuragi for seeing people as nothing more than guinea pigs and for the death of Kasumi, while Sento believed the science in the experiments were not at fault, Isurugi took his cue to leave.

After figuring out Ryuga took Misora sightseeing outside nascita, Isurugi, as Blood Stalk, informed Faust, sending Faust Guardians to their current location. Stalk arrived in between Ryuga and Night Rogue with Misora passed out, telling Rogue to not act behind his back. As both Faust members star at each other, Ryuga picked up Misora and fled, Rogue attempted to pursue but Stalk stopped him, unaware that Rogue had Faust Guardians corner Ryuga, only for them to be destroyed by Build NinninComic. Returning back to the lair, Stalk demanded to know why Rogue plotted behind his back, forcing Rogue to tell him that Juzaburo Namba, president of Namba Heavy Industries Ltd. and the benefactor of Faust, gave the ultimatum of giving him the Rider System or he will ally himself with either Seito or Hokuto. Cancelling his transformation, Gentoku stated he must keep the Rider System from being distributed to other countries as well, leading to Stalk asking him what he'll do. Gentoku then decided to take the Pandora Box from the Touto Institute, hoping it will cause a spark between the three regions to declare war.

The next day, Stalk waited patiently with a platoon of Faust Guardians in the the Touto Institute at the garage level. While Shingo Kuwata distract Build, Eita Kawai disengaged the security lock to the garage level, then proceeded forward in the Institute. The Trap of Project Build Making his way to the entrance floor, Stalk injected four security officers with a poison that disintegrates their bodies, killing them instantly. Turning to a security camera over his right shoulder, he signaled Kawai to trap the three Prime Ministers, Utsumi, two security officers and the Pandora Box in an energy dome until he reached the eleventh floor where the box was placed on display. Along the way, he was shot at from behind by Touto Guardians and Touto Special forces, annoying him to snap his fingers and convert the Touto Guardians into Faust Guardians. As he reached the eleventh floor, the dome dispersed, allowing Stalk to proceed toward the Pandora Box. He killed the two security officers with his poison and commented on all the Prime Minsters being together before telling them he'll take the Pandora Box. Tajimi, Hokuto's Prime Minister, attempted to defy Stalk, whom pointed his Transteam Gun at her before firing at the security cameras.

Taking the Pandora Box, Stalk made his way to the roof until Ryuga, disguised as a Touto Security officer, approached behind him. Stalk commended Ryuga for being gutsy as the Faust Guardians engaged Ryuga, whom defeated all of them with the power of the Dragon bottle. Intrigued by Ryuga's power, Stalk attempted to fight him until Kawai appeared, telling Stalk to leave Ryuga to him. Obliging Kawai, Stalk infused him with the Devil Steam from his Steam Blade, turning Kawai into a Press Smash Hazard and leaving Ryuga to fight the Smash. On the rooftop, he heard Gentoku's voice from behind, turning to see him. As Gentoku held his Transteam Gun, he told Stalk the roof wasn't in their escape route. Stalk attempted to lie about getting lost, but Gentoku saw through it as he noted Stalk's scheme to shoot out the security cameras to cover his tracks. Transforming into Night Rogue, he asked Stalk to handover the box, to which Stalk declined, annoying Rogue and forced him to engage Stalk. Ryuga, with a few cuts and bruises, interrupted their fight. Stalk asked him what happened to the Smash, and Ryuga stated he beat it but couldn't extract the Smash element without an empty Bottle. Rogue was shocked Ryuga managed to defeat a Smash without a Rider System, while Stalk became amazed.

Ryuga then engaged Stalk, only to be quickly defeated as Ryuga's fight with the Smash left him scathed until Build HawkGatling arrives to assist him, forcing Rogue to assist Stalk. Rogue fights Build while Stalk engaged Ryuga once again. During the fight, Stalk told Ryuga his attacks won't hurt him until they started to cause damage. After Ryuga punched his left arm, Stalk realized Ryuga's Hazard Level has risen to 3.0, praising him for finally awakening his full power. However, it wasn't enough as he knocked Ryuga down, which was caught by Build FireHedgehog, whom ceased his attack on Rogue and attacked Stalk with fire. While Rogue sneak-attacked Build, Stalk inserted his Cobra Fullbottle in his Steam Rifle and executed a Steam Shot at both Rogue and Build, knocking Rogue to a wall and not only cancelling Build's transformation but force him to drop the majority of his Fullbottle collection as well. As Rogue recovers, Stalk takes the Pandora Box and leaves, angering Rogue.

On ground floor again, Stalk noticed the defeated Press Smash Hazard approaching him. Surprised it can still move, Stalk inserted his Cobra bottle into his Transteam Gun, executing a Cobra Steam Break shot, finishing the Smash long enough for Stalk to extract the Smash element from it, reverting it back to Kawai. As he walked away, Kawai asked him if he was Katsuragi, which Sento heard as he caught up to Stalk. Kawai thought Katsuragi faked his death because he was planning something huge, but Stalk assured him Katsuragi is dead. Refusing to believe that Kawai stated Katsuragi could've used modern technology to transfigure a corpse. Intrigued, Stalk walked over and demonstrated such ability, by painfully transforming Kawai's face into Kuwata's. As Sento rushed to an unconscious Kawai, Stalk leaped into a Faust Guardians' Union State, turning it red and fleed, with Sento, transforming into Build RabbitTank and on his Machine Builder, pursuing him. Stalk attempted to lose Build by shooting at him, but Build managed to destroy one leg with the Machine Builder's front wheel forming a spiked energy wheel, then taking heavy damage from Build's Drill Crusher gun mode before being finished by the Machine Builder's axle saw, forcing Stalk out of the gestalt machine.

In pain from the explosion, Stalk turned to Sento, whom believed Stalk was Katsuragi, and was asked why he faked his death, framed Ryuga and injected Sento with the Nebula gas. Stalk asked Sento if that's what he shoul really be asking, forcing Sento to ask him why he created Faust, the Smash, and if the Rider System was a tool to protect the innocent. Disgusted by Sento's words, Stalk pushed him down and told him the Rider System was a military weapon for bloodshed and scoffed at Sento's claim of a scientist's principles and added science leads to destruction, which is evident by humanity's actions on the world with the environment being destroyed. Sento doesn't believe that and said if used properly, science can bring people happiness, but Stalk asked him if he was sure, and reminded him of the Nebula gas experiments harming lives until Rogue knocked Sento out from behind. Rogue asked Stalk where he planned to take the Pandora Box as a dozen Faust Guardians surround them, their rifles pointing at Stalk. Stalk told him to their lair as he offered the box. Rogue then took the box, and grabbed Stalk, gesturing to him to not try a stunt like that again, and stole the Rabbit, Tank and Lion bottle from an unconscious Sento. Stalk watched as Sento came to and grabbed Rogue's leg, demanding his bottles back before Rogue kicks him in the face, then proceeded to walk away laughing. Technology of Destruction

Rise of Cross-Z & Cover Exposed

"I can't do it...I can't possibly do it! You're the one who made me who I am now! It's thanks to you that I learned how to be human. I believed you...You saved me...But...There's no way I could kill you!"
"Guess the battle's over then.
―Sento reveals he's incapable of killing Stalk, whom is Isurugi.[src]

Despite showing Gentoku he was still with Faust, Blood Stalk was not informed of where the Pandora Box was placed, forcing him to infiltrate the Touto capital, marching in on Gentoku and Utsumi after a meeting with Tajimi and Mido. Utsumi attempted to halt Stalk, but he pushed him aside, continuing to walk toward Gentoku, whom told Stalk to leave. Stalk made a comment about Gentoku's temporary position as acting Prime Minister has made him cold and asked why Gentoku placed the box in a secure location without informing Stalk. Gentoku told him if he plays nice, he would reveal the location, which irritated Stalk as two Touto officers barged in the room, preparing to arrest Stalk. Stalk, however, killed them both with his disintegration poison before telling Gentoku that Faust doesn't belong to him.

Finding out Gentoku set a trap for Sento and Ryuga to take the Dragon and Lock bottles, Stalk went to the abandoned warehouse in time to see Gentoku, as Night Rogue, stand a few feet away from Ryuga and a defeated Sento. Stalk praised Rogue for acting behind his back, but Rogue was upset Stalk found out about his plan. Ryuga argued with Sento as he took his Dragon bottle back in an attempt to transform and expose Stalk's identity, but Stalk assured him he came to help them, but Ryuga doesn't believe Stalk, saying he's the one who framed him and vowed to defeat as he attempted to place the Dragon bottle in the Cross-Z Dragon, but failed. Annoyed, Stalk told Sento to take Ryuga and leave, throwing a canister at Rogue who attempted to shoot them with his Transteam Gun. As Rogue asked Stalk why he stopped him, Stalk scoffed and left, leaving an angry Rogue walking out of the warehouse. Burning Dragon

After Ryuga transformed into Kamen Rider Cross-Z and defeated the Octopus Smash, whom was revealed to be Sawa, Isurugi was with Misora, Sento and Ryuga as Sawa confessed she was a spy for Faust and Namba Heavy Industries. She also revealed that she already knew about the secret lab's entrance and grabbed a matchbox from the bowl to back up her lie that Sento dropped a mathcbox the day he rescued her. As both Sento and Isurugi celebrated that they didn't leave any tell-tales of the lab, Misora cut them off and told Sawa to continue, and Sawa revealed her job was to get close to them and pass along any information to Namba's company. Isurugi then explained to everyone that on the outside, Namba's company is the top industrial leader, but in reality they manufacture weapons, smuggle goods and other illegal dealings. He even adds that the three Prime Ministers can't go against Namba before Sawa revealed that Namba is a benefactor for Faust. Ryuga doesn't believe Sawa's claim, and Sento added if Namba was Faust's benefactor, then Faust knew about nascita being a front for Kamen Rider Build from the get-go and asked Sawa why Faust didn't attack them. Sawa stated they didn't attack nascita because they wanted to gather data on Build so Namba can use the Rider System for warfare. Sawa then claimed she was acting as Faust's spy to gain information on them, which she backed up with a chip in her necklace, which is a recording file of a conversation between Rogue and Namba while she was abducted before her transformation into the Octopus Smash. In the recording, it mentioned the location of the Pandora Box, which leaves everyone puzzled on where the location is. Isurugi stated it can't be back at the Touto Institute, and Sento wondered where the box was before it was placed in the Institute, which Sawa revealed it was at Namba Heavy Industries Integrated Science Laboratory before the lab was abandoned.

Isurugi, as Blood Stalk, walked in on Night Rogue, Kamen Rider Cross-Z and Sento, finally figuring out the box was placed in the third basement in the abandoned laboratory. Rogue demanded to know why Stalk came, to which Stalk replied, to Rogue's surprise, to fight him. As they fought, Stalk spotted a newly paved wall and thrusts his Steam Blade in it to create a hole, exposing not only the Pandora Box, but the Fullbottles Rogue stole from Sento, the new Densya bottle and Faust's Pandora Box panel. Rogue pushed Stalk away from the box and bottles, allowing Sento enough time to retrieve his bottles and transform with an additional Build Driver into Build KaizokuRessya. As Build intervened in their fight, Cross-Z forces Stalk down the hall as Rogue and Build engage one another. Cross-Z claimed to Stalk he'll unmask him as they fought, forcing Stalk on the ground from Cross-Z's Beat Closer Million Hit slash. Rising, Stalk praised for Cross-Z and decided to leave with the Pandora Box via pyroportation.

Returning to nascita at night after making a deal with Namba, Isurugi went into his act and became surprised and happy to see all of Sento's Fullbottles and the second green panel in the lab. Isurugi praised Ryuga and Sento, but he was confused to see Sento building something, which Misora revealed it to be new weapon, which was inspired by his new Best Match: Kaizoku Hassyar. Finished, Sento swung his new weapon at Isurugi, who ducked down screaming frantically, then at Misora, Ryuga and Sawa before attempting to test the weapon's capability on Isurugi, who ran behind a beam as he told Sento not to point it at him as Ryuga grabbed Sento. The next day as Namba's contigency to destroy Faust was commenced, and Utsumi was a scapegoat for Gentoku as Night Rogue and as the creator of Faust, Stalk saved Utsumi after Gentoku shot him off a bridge, dragging him to land from a river. Theory of Conspiracy

At night, Isurugi returned to nascita, finding Ryuga, Sawa and Misora confused as Sento was left alone in the secret lab. Isurugi asked Sento if he was alright through the fridge door, completely unaware that Sento was upset after learning from Nabeshima, whom recovered his memory, that Isurugi is Blood Stalk. Attempting to drawn Sento out, Isurugi made grilled horse mackerel and fanned the odor, which drew Sento from the lab with a smile on his face. As Sento leaned against a column, Isurugi asked him if Nabeshima really called him, to which Sento confirmed and revealed that Nabeshima also regained his memory. As Ryuga asked Sento if Nabeshima remembered who framed Ryuga, Sento stated Nabeshima was just following orders from Stalk, but unaware to Isurugi, Ryuga, Misora and Sawa, Sento concocted a plan to confirm if Isurugi was Stalk.

The next day, Isurugi received a summons from Gentoku and arrived as Stalk, meeting Gentoku in the woods. As Stalk pointed out it's not like Gentoku to call for a meeting, he demanded the location of the Pandora Box from Stalk, which Gentoku learned that Namba was cutting him out of their deal with the Rider System the previous night, but Stalk joked about Gentoku being straight to the point. Angering Gentoku, Stalk decided to reveal the location, but in return he wants Gentoku to swear loyalty to him, which infuriated Gentoku even more to transform into Night Rogue and settle the score with Stalk once and for all. Stalk asked Rogue if thinks he can win against him as Rogue mentioned the Transteam System, unlike the Rider System, keeps the user's Hazard Level at a fixed level, making them both equal as Rogue made the first move. Rogue gained the upper hand with his bat abilities, Steam Blade and Transteam Gum, forcing stalk to the ground until he decided to let experience determine the outcome as he slipped under Rogue via typhoportation and summoned his Steam Rifle, overpowering Rogue with a combination of assaults and blasts, forcing Rogue out of his transformation. As he pointed his rifle at Gentoku, Stalk decided to reveal that he made a deal with Namba and became his new partner, meaning the box is located at Namba Heavy Industries. He then pointed the predicament Gentoku is now in if he utilizes the Touto government to secure the box, which will lead to Namba siding with Seito or Hokuto and declaring war. As he walked away, Stalk mentioned if he was in Gentoku's predicament, he should use someone unconnected to the Touto government, hinting Sento.

Returning to nascita at sunset, Isurugi spotted Sento sitting by the front counter, asking him what's wrong. Sento changed the subject by welcoming Isurugi back and asked him if he'd just returned from his part-time job, to which Isurugi confirmed and said he'll be heading back there tomorrow. Sento made a joke about which of Isurugi's job is real, and Isurugi stated he's just trying to keep nascita open, even when no customer has come for a cup of coffee. Isurugi revealed that nascita is a special place and asked Sento if he remembered the day Isurugi found him and became Kamen Rider Build. Isurugi stated from that day, nascita was Sento's home, and he admitted he'd like to welcome Sento back after his fights with the Smash, making him, Sento and Misora a family.

As Isurugi expected, Sento and Ryuga broke in the 7th Touto plant of the Namba Heavy Industries to infiltrate the massive storage facility, which Gentoku informed Sento that the facility is where the Pandora Box was located. Waiting in a screening room with the box, Isurugi, as Blood Stalk, tampered with the door, allowing it to open as Sento and Ryuga, as Kamen Riders Build KaizokuDensya and Cross-Z, failed to open the door. As both riders entered the room, Stalk informed them the door's password changes every three hours, which is something Sawa should've noticed during her reconnaissance of the Touto plant. Build asked if Stalk let them in to tell them that, but Stalk shrugged it off, saying he doesn't need to thank him and admits he takes pleasure in toying with them. An angered Cross-Z made the first move as Build hesitated before assisting him against Stalk. To the riders' surprise, Stalk was able to counter their every moves, deflecting Build's Kaizoku Hassyar's shots with his Steam Blade and send him sliding aside as he engaged Cross-Z. Build transformed into HawkGatling and rejoined the fight, adding aerial assaults as Cross-Z continues his assaults, but Stalk grabbed him and used him as a shield against Build's HawkGatlinger's shots. Spotting an opening as Build hovered over Cross-Z, Stalk formed his Steam Rifle and shot Build down, who then transformed into Build NinninComic and used his 4Koma Ninpouto's duplication jutsu, gaining the upper hand until Stalk inserted his Cobra bottle into the rifle, executing a Steam Shot that took out the Build duplicates before knocking Build down.

After demonstrating his strength, Stalk told Build whatever tactics and attacks with each Best Match is futile for Stalk knows all of them. As Build rose, Stalk was confused to see a new bottle: Octopus, and with the Light bottle, Build transformed into a new Best Match form: OctopusLight. Build utilized the BLD Light Bulb Shoulder and Shade Breaker, blinding Stalk as he attack him with his Twist Lash Arm, overpowering Stalk before tossing him across the room. As Cross-Z rejoined the battle, both he and Build executed finishing attacks: Build with a Vortex Break Rider punch and Cross-Z with a Lock powered Mega Slash from his Beat Closer, bring Stalk down to the ground. Cancelling his transformation, Sento revealed to Stalk that he wouldn't be able to anticipate Sento's attack with a new bottle. Stalk admitted he was surprised to see a new bottle, but then he pointed out all of Touto's Fullbottles have been purified, which was Stalk's goal all along as he prepared to leave. Before he could, Cross-Z attempted to stop him, forcing Stalk to unleash a energy cobra from his symbol, which distracted the riders long enough for Stalk to leave via typhoportation, and leaving the Pandora Box to Sento and Ryuga.

At night, Isurugi returned to nascita, heading down the lab to see the Pandora Box in the middle of the lab. Pretending to be surprised, Isurugi commended both Sento and Ryuga for their work until he spotted them, with Misora, eating a large banquet with the money from the cash register, desolating Isurugi. Ryuga stated Isurugi wasn't using the money, forcing Isurugi to join in their feast. As Misora and Ryuga slept, Isurugi took the eighteen of the twenty bottles, both green panels and the Pandora Box, existing the lab and proceeding out the front door until Sento stopped him, and both realized the jig is up. Sento revealed that Nabeshima remember Isurugi's true identity as Stalk, but Isurugi demanded proof as he pointed out that Nabeshima could be lying. Sento also agreed, but he came up with a plan to confirm Nabeshima's claim: by having Misora purify the Octopus bottle in secret, which also revealed to Sento that the reason Stalk was always aware of Sento's plan was because he knew about them. Isurugi commended Sento for his ingenuity, but Sento wanted to hear from Isurugi's words that he is Blood Stalk. Turing to Sento before smiling, Isurugi bursted out of nascita, forcing Sento to pursue him. Who Takes Off The Veil?

Be the Stalk

"Soichi" about to transform into Blood Stalk

Isurugi ran a long distance with Sento on his trail until he collapsed near a bridge, panting from exhaustion as Sento caught up to him. As Isurugi made a claim about getting old, Sento asked him why he did this, make Sento into Kamen Rider Build to defeat the Smash when Isurugi was part of Faust the whole time, which Isurugi revealed it was all part of a larger scheme he had. He jokingly asked if Sento would let him go, but he knew Sento wouldn't. Accepting it, Isurugi also pointed out he still need to get the Octopus and Light bottles, which Sento realized Isurugi lead him to the bridge away from pedestrians. Claiming to go all out, Isurugi pulled out a Transteam Gun and the Cobra bottle, which confirmed he is Blood Stalk, and transformed. Stating he is Stalk, Isurugi activated the suit's voice modulator since he only spoke through it when he was Stalk. Sento transformed into Build OctopusLight and attacked Stalk with the Twist Lash Arm,which was blocked by Stalk's Steam Blade. Pushing Build back, Stalk made a comment about the Octopus bottle being the most annoying due to his hatred for octopi as Build executed a Vortex Break Rider punch, driving Stalk back. As Build ran toward him, Stalk pulled the Pandora Box from his pouch and cast a blinding light, followed by energy, at Build, which cancelled his transformation and knocked the Octopus and Light bottles out of his Build Driver. Retrieving the last two bottles, Isurugi cancelled his transformation, satisfied he now has all the Touto bottles, the green panels and the box, bidding farewell to Sento as he left, completely unaware that Sento switched all the twenty bottles with fakes and that one of the empty bottles, that fell from Sento's jacket, had absorbed the energy from the box.

The next day, Isurugi presented the box, green panels and twenty bottles to Namba, informing him all the Touto bottles purified and asked he wants to do with the box when it's opened. Namba revealed that he wants the energy within the box to create a weapon surpassing a nuclear bomb, thus solidifying Namba Heavy Industries' position as the number one weapons manufacturer, which Isurugi found scary. As Namba placed the Rabbit bottle in one of the green panels, it didn't light up but played a recording of Sento's voice saying "Mismatch", which was followed by the remaining nineteen doing the same thing, shocking both Namba and Isurugi as they realied they're fake. Isurugi grabbed the fake Gorilla bottle, which ejected a blue flag with "Too Bad" in japanese kanji; Isurugi commended Sento for being ahead of him this time. Later on in an abandoned storage facility, he called Sento, stating he need to settle things with him before taking his plan to the next stage, which Sento agreed and both decided to meet in the alley Sento, as an amnesiac Katsuragi, met Isurugi for the first time.

While it rained, Isurugi, with the Pandora Box, waited in the alley until Sento arrived, claiming this scene is nostalgic as he placed the box down. Sento asked Isurugi if the entire time he spent with Sento, Ryuga and Misora was all a lie, to which Isurugi said that some of their time together wasn't a lie, commenting on how Sento's development made Isurugi feel bad for deceiving him. Infuriated, Sento tossed his umbrella aside and put on his Build Driver, inserting the Rabbit and Tank bottles in the belt. Isurugi obliged Sento by tossing his umbrella aside and pulled out his Transteam Gun, inserting the Cobra bottle in it and transformed at the same time Sento did. Both Build and Stalk stared at each other before lunging toward one another, their punches casting a shockwave for a moment before they begin to fight. Being stronger, Stalk forced Build into a construction facility, trading blows with Build until he gained the upper hand. As Stalk prepared another punch, Build countered with a Vortex Break attack from his Drill Crusher with the Ninjya bottle inserted in it, driving Stalk back until he drew his Steam Blade and continued his attacks. Both fighters continue to trade blows until Build stopped, due to his memories with Isurugi, allowing Stalk to savagely assault him with his Steam Blade and Transteam Gun, forcing Build out of his transformation as Sento fell to the ground. As Stalk shook his head in dissatisfaction, Sento, filled with sorrow, confessed he can't kill Stalk as he was the one who made Sento the man he is now after his amnesia. Stalk, however, showed no similar emotion and stated, with his voice modulator off, that the battle's over as he pointed his gun at Sento until it was knocked out of his hand by Ryuga's Beat Closer.

Turning to see Ryuga, whom overheard the conversation, decided to fight in Sento's place and transformed into Cross-Z, fighting Stalk as he stated his anger doesn't come from his framing by Stalk, but of how Stalk manipulated both Sento and Misora. As Cross-Z continued his assaults, Stalk retrieved his gun and inserted his Cobra bottle in it, executing a Steam Break shot, sending Cross-Z back and cancelling his transformation. Before Sento rushed to Ryuga's side, Stalk asked Sento why he didn't find it strange that he rescued Misora from Faust, and asked Sento to become Build to fight the Smash. To Sento's shock, Stalk revealed that it was all to make Misora purify the Fullbottles by making her believe it was for justice as she refused to purify them after learning Faust was using them for malice purposes, even when threatened she still refused. Stalk then approached an angered Sento that his role as Kamen Rider was just to help Misora purify the bottles for justice, while in reality Sento was a puppet as he grabbed Sento by his jacket before tossing him back down. As Stalk revealed how far his manipulation ran, he also added to both Sento and Ryuga they can't defeat him. Stalk then turn to Sento, whom accepted to being deceived but that both him and Ryuga weren't puppets, they fought to protect others and grow their strength, and to protect people. Sensing Sento's new resolve, Stalk paid no attention until he spotted a new item Sento pulled out, the RabbitTank Sparkling bottle, which Sento placed in his Build Driver and transformed into a new form: Build RabbitTank Sparkling.

Leaping forward with heightened speed, Build delivered a powerful kick to Stalk, forcing him back. Stalk attempted to counter with a few punches, but Build blocked them and attacked Stalk with stronger blows. Stalk tried using his Steam Blade, but Build knocked it from his hands and continued with power counters, forcing Stalk to a beam. Commending Build's new power, Stalk, with his voice modulator turned on, summoned two energy cobras from his symbol, but Build was stronger than them and forced them out through the roof. Heading outside, Stalk was shocked to see how strong Build became, whom then executed a Sparkling Finish Rider kick, destroying both cobras and sending Stalk, whom attempted to block the attack, flying back to the alley as he transformation came undone. Isurugi, struggling to rise, couldn't believe he was beaten by Build, whom arrived and cancelled his transformation, severing all ties to Isurugi. Isurugi commended Sento for his actions and added that if Sento was able to build the RabbitTank Sparkling bottle, then he can complete a new device in Katsuragi's research data. Before leaving, Isurugi revealed to both Sento and Ryuga that Gentoku is Night Rogue and decided to leave the green panels and the Pandora Box with Sento, stating that he looks forward to see how both riders will progress in future events as he bid them farewell and leapt out of the alley. The False Kamen Rider

Enigma Crisis

When the world was threatened by the Enigma device, linking it to the parallel World of Ex-Aid, Evolto took steps to ensure it did not end prematurely. Returning to nascita, "Soichi Isurugi" interrupted a confrontation between Sento and Parado, a Bugster from the World of Ex-Aid. Snatching the Doctor and Game Fullbottles that had been acquired from Ex-Aid's essence extracted by Takumi Katsuragi, "Soichi" revealed to Sento that the new monsters that had emerged were a hybrid organism created by Nebula Gas infused with the Bugster Virus, and that only Kamen Riders with the power of video games could stop them.

Lending the Game Fullbottle to Parado, "Soichi" allowed him to communicate with his homeworld, learning that only a week had passed there while he had been stranded in Build's World for two years, with "Soichi" deducing that the timelines of the worlds ran differently before being brought into sync by Enigma. Learning that Ryuga was now in the World of Ex-Aid, "Soichi" realized that he had crossed-over via Enigma. When Parado passed out, "Soichi" noted that, as a virus, the Fullbottle's caused a negative reaction in him. Leaving the Doctor Fullbottle to Sento, "Soichi" assured him that Parado feel better in no time. Explaining the source of his knowledge to Sento, "Soichi" revealed that Kaisei Mogami, a researcher for the Touto government, had published a paper theorizing that the Sky Wall could be used as a means of travel to parallel worlds, deducing that he was behind the current crisis.

Entrusting Sento to stop Mogami and save the world, "Soichi" left to him the Phoenix and Robot Fullbottles, acquired from Hokuto. When asked by Sento as to why he betrayed him, "Soichi" told him that was a story for another time as he took his leave, disappearing before Sento could pursue him. Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders

Hokuto Declares War on Touto

"You don't really plan to join forces with Seito, do you?"
"Of course not! But I need them to stay quiet until I defeat Touto. Once I have the energy of the Pandora will be as if I have the greatest military weapon in the world! Not just the country, but the world will bend to my will!"
"What a scary lady.
―Blood Stalk manipulating Tajimi's emotions is his master scheme for the Pandora Box.[src]
In the Touto Institute's parking lot, Evolto watched from the shadows as Sento and Ryuga confronted Gentoku in a plan to expose his identity as one of Faust's creators Night Rogue. After Sento and Ryuga left, due to Ryuga's temper ruining their plan, Evolto approached Rogue as he kicked the stand, which projected a hologram of the Pandora Box. Evolto commended the Kamen Riders for their ingenuity as Rogue turned to Evolto, calling him by his host's name. Secretly scheming to obtain the data on Katsuragi's Sclash Driver system, Evolto coaxed Gentoku into laying out a trap for Sento and Ryuga to bring the Pandora Box to the hospital Taizan was recuperating. After having his father contact Sento, Gentoku informed Evolto the riders took the bait. Evolto asked Gentoku if this atones for his betrayal, but Gentoku told him it all depends on what happens tomorrow, which Evolto replied with his comedic tendency.

While Sento and Ryuga walked into the trap, Evolto snucked into nascita and copied the schematics for the Sclash Driver on a USB driver, commending Sento for completing it until he heard Misora call him. Looking at her, he pulled out the drive with the copy data as she asked him where he's been, which he replied with his comedic tendency that he was on a spontaneous trip until Misora demanded a straight answer. She asked him to tell her what he did, no matter how bad it may seem. Pretending to be serious, Evolto admitted that his part-time job was a lie, and he countered with another lie by showing her a case of coffee beans and telling her he's been cultivating his own. Misora bought the lie and scolded Evolto as he pointed out his obsessive trait about trying to make good coffee. Misora admitted she's been worried for him, and Evolto stated he's going to be even more busy from now on, leaving no time for him to see her and asked her to say hi for him to Sento and Ryuga. As he prepared to leave, Misora looked back on her times with Evolto, saying she liked his lame jokes and obnoxious laughing and will treasure them no matter what happens before thanking him. Evolto joked around with Misora's formality and left, completely unaware that she figured out he's working with Faust.

After Build and Cross-Z escaped with the Pandora Box, Gentoku barged into the Touto government's office where Evolto waited for him, demanding to know why he wasn't at the hospital during the trap. Evolto, being amusing, presented him the coffee beans, stating he had to do important business, angering Gentoku enough to make him grab Evolto's beans and tossed them on the ground before seizing Evolto's jacket and demanded if he tricked him. Evolto told him in shock and fear to let go of his jacket, which was his favorite. Rising from the table, Evolto told Gentoku not to worry as Evolto brush his jacket, assuring Gentoku he'll follow up and decided to reveal Sento's origin to Gentoku. Evolto revealed that Sento is actually Katsuragi, and confirmed it by showcasing to Gentoku his face-changing ability on a guard. He also explained everything about how Katsuragi became Sento and his amnesia. Judging Sento Kiryu! After Gentoku's cover was exposed to his father Taizan and the Pandora Box safely secured in the Touto capital, Evolto decided his alliance with Touto has served his purpose. The next day as Taizan made plans before preparing for his seven PM meeting with the other prime ministers, Evolto, as Blood Stalk, injected him with a poison, leaving Taizan comatose. Stalk decided to cover up for Gentoku, keeping his identity as Night Rogue secret as he saw Gentoku taking part of his next scheme. Within the next few days, Stalk stood in Prime Minister Tajimi's office while she viewed Hokuto's invasion into Touto from one of Hokuto's Guardians, having form an alliance with Hokuto in the second phase of his overall scheme. Stalk chuckled as Tajimi declared war on Touto for the Pandora Box. The Weaponry Hero

Days into the Touto-Hokuto war, Evolto, as Blood Stalk, watched from the shadows as Tajimi attempted to manipulate Mido into siding with her after Hokuto has taken the Pandora Box from Touto, all a front for her to keep the box for herself while she was unaware of Mido biding his time to take Hokuto. After both Prime Ministers formed an "alliance", Stalk approached Tajimi from behind, stating she has no intentions to join forces with Seito, which she admitted joyfully and added with the box she could control the entire world. Stalk shuddered as he called Tajimi a scary lady before he told her Kamen Rider Grease and the Hokuto Three Crows should be retrieving the Touto bottles right now. Rider Wars Start At night after Kamen Rider Grease made contact with Kamen Riders Build and the new Cross-Z Charge, Evolto, as Isurugi, contacted Sento from the Faust Hokuto branch lair. Sento asked him what he wanted, which Evolto commented as straight to the point for a cool guy, and Sento admitted he wanted to talk to him. Evolto apologized for copying the Sclash Driver data, which Sento added Evolto would need someone with the right skills to build the belt. After Sento asked who built it, Evolto revealed the driver was constructed by Namba Heavy Industries before he mentioned he learned of Ryuga's usage of the same driver, which Sento stated he won't let Ryuga use it anymore as the Sclashjelly subjects the user a direct exposure to the Nebula gas, giving off a side-effect of lusting for war and combat, almost like a person's personality being altered by the Pandora Box's light. Despite this, Evolto stated without the Sclash Driver Sento and Ryuga can't defeat Grease and the Hard Smash, but Sento stated he'll bare the driver's effects so he can protect Ryuga, Misora and Sawa. Sento then asked Evolto if he defected to Hokuto, which Evolot shrugged in agreement and asssured he won't tell Hokuto about the lab in nascita as it would sully his game. As Sento asked what his true motives are, Evolto reminded him all he wants is to see Sento and Ryuga grow as Kamen Riders, and he looks forward to it before hanging up. The Golden Soldier

The Forbidden Item & Siding with Seito

"Stand up. Raise your Hazard Level and find the best attacks for the Bottles by fighting me. If you raise your level, you might even be able to control the Hazard Trigger. Why are you hesitating?! Don't you have something to protect? Weren't you going to fight for the justice you believe in?! Or was it all a lie?!"
―Stalk encouraging a horrified Sento to fight.[src]
As Grease and Cross-Z Charge launched their attacks at one another, Evolto, as Blood Stalk, appeared in a red-flame energy, cancelling their attacks before they connected. Intervening on the fight between Build, Cross-Z Charge, Grease and the three Hard Smash outside of the Touto capital, Stalk commended them for their battle while the Castle Hard Smash asked him why he arrived during the fight. Stalk told him that he decided to read their Hazard Levels individually to compare them. Moving swiftly before either Rider or Smash can react, Stalk touched Cross-Z Charge, Build RabbitTank Sparkling, Grease, Stag, Owl and Castle before heading back to the center to announce their Levels: Castle's being 3.7, Owl at 3.6, Stag at 3.7, Grease at 4.2, Build at 3.9, and Cross-Z Charge at 4.0. After announcing their strengths, Stalk scolded Build for letting Cross-Z Charge's level rise quicker than his own as it will now be impossible to stop him. Deciding that's enough for the day, Stalk told Grease and the Hard Smash to return to Hokuto with him, per Tajimi's orders. Stalk teleported while Grease used the Keshigomu bottle to disappear with the Hard Smash.

Back at the Hokuto Faust lair, Stalk sat between Tajimi and Kazumi as she told him why she summoned him back: his failure for not retrieving the Pandora Box and Touto's bottles quickly. Kazumi cursed as he brushed off her claim and replied he's stronger than Build and Cross-Z due to his higher Hazard Level, but Stalk stated it's temporary as Ryuga grows in strength quicker than anyone else, and in time the table will turn against Kazumi. Kazumi suggested to enhance his body once more, but Stalk assured him it won't raise his Hazard Level quickly and instead, stated the Three Crows can level up with a new item he recovered: the Hazard Trigger. Showing it to Kazumi and Tajimi, Stalk told them it can enhance their Hazard Level instantly, making them stronger than before. Sitting beside Kazumi, he mentioned a trade-off: if they're defeated, they'll die, which forced Kazumi to decline Stalk's offer. Mentioning it will be a pain to defeat Ryuga once his level's higher than Kazumi's, Tajimi added if Kazumi fails to retrieve the Touto bottles, she'll fire him before Kazumi left, telling her adamantly that he'll retrieve the box and the bottles before that. As Stalk turned to Tajimi before she called out Akaba, Aoba and Kiba, Stalk shook the trigger as Tajimi asked them what they want to do since Kazumi doesn't want them to undergo the enhancement.

Agreeing to undergo the procedure, Stalk set up the Hazard Trigger to the container and activated it with Kiba going first. While watching Kiba being painfully enhanced, Akaba told Stalk that Kazumi paid for his, Kiba's, and Aoba's families out of his own pocket back at his farm and worked hard to provide for them until the Skywall left the farm's land barren. Patting Akaba on the shoulder as an act of compassion, Stalk stated that was why Kazumi volunteered to become Kamen Rider Grease as Akaba thanked him for turning him, Kiba and Aoba into Hard Smash to help Kazumi. As Stalk told him not to worry about it, Kiba's enhancement was complete as Faust scientists helped him out of the vat and into bed before Aoba went in for his turn, hearing both Aoba and Kiba stating they can help Kazumi with their new power. Turning on the vat, Stalk turned away as Aoba underwent his enhancement, chuckling as his proposal to raise the Three Crows' Hazard Level was the next stage of his plan for Sento.

Outside the Touto garbage plant, Stalk watched from the shadows as the Three Crows, renamed themselves as Hazard Smash, overwhelm Build RabbitTank Sparkling until he was forced out of his transformation and lose the Harinezumi, Shoubousha, Soujiki and Phoenix bottles while Cross-Z Charge engaged Grease. As Grease left with the Hazard Smash via Helicopter bottle with Cross-Z Charge pursuing them with the Taka bottle, Stalk unveiled himself to Sento, telling Sento he figured the Hazard Smash would end up going out of control and the only way he could defeat them was with the Hazard Trigger, the forbidden item Sento created as Katsuragi, all a lure to bait Sento into using it. The Forbidden Item

Tossing the device to Sento, Stalk reverts back into his host's form, assuring Sento by placing the Hazard Trigger into the Build Driver will grant Sento even greater power than he had before, even great enough to stop Ryuga as he succumbs to his Sclash Driver's side effect. As Sento surmised there's a trade-off for the Hazard Trigger since it's coined the "forbidden item", Evolto revealed that prolonged usage of the trigger would cause the user to lose oneself, leaving it vague for Sento to learn that prolonged usage would cause the user to blackout and become berserk, attacking everyone in its path. Evolto also added the Three Crows would die once they're defeated in their Hazard Smash forms due to the trigger's energy being directly injected in their bodies. Moving to Sento's side, Evolto stated the trigger really is a forbidden item as Sento asked why he's giving it to him. Evolto, being vague once more, told him it's part of his plan to keep Sento alive and he's the only one who can stop Rygua, all so that both riders can encourage each other to grow stronger as Ryuga's a born fighter and Sento's strength comes from his knowledge and usage of science. Sento then asked why that's connected to his long-term goal, but Evolto decided to not go further and left. The Devil's Trigger

After learning of Aoba's death at the hands of Sento under the influence of the Hazard Trigger and his refusal of the Hokuto-Touto proxy fight for the Pandora Box a week after, Evolto, as Isurugi, waited in a park until Sento approached him. After asking Sento of his refusal, Evolto laughed, riling a horrified Sento to ask him what's so funny. Evolto told Sento due to his stubbornness he hasn't learned that both he and Aoba were no longer human once the Nebula gas has been injected in their bodies, so he called Sento's remorse as whining over a destroyed weapon, something inevitable once war broke out. Walking towards Sento, Evolto pointed out that Sento believed he could get through the war without casualties, scoffing at the notion of Sento's optimism having limits. He then told Sento that if he doesn't participate in the fight, Ryuga will in his place due to his guilt of Sento utilizing the Hazard Trigger, even though his strength is nowhere near Grease's, which will solidify Hokuto's shot at victory and all of Touto will shun Ryuga.

Turning to Sento, who has become even more conflicted, Evolto told him he has to fight and he knew that deep down, which is why he came to see "Isurugi". With his conflict lashing against reason, Sento attempted to punch Evolto, who dodged and punched Sento in the gut before he fell down. Breaking down, Sento asked what he should do, and Evolto told him to defeat Grease but Sento whispered he can't do it. Seeing through him, Evolto pointed out Sento's fear of going berserk from the Hazard Trigger, and pointed out there's a way to win as he grabbed the satchel he brought with him. As he placed the satchel on the ground, Evolto told Sento the greatest feature of the Build Driver is the hidden abilities that can't be measured with Hazard Levels, and presented the contents in the case: a Hokuto panel with ten of Hokuto's bottles and a Seito panel with ten of Seito's bottles. Evolto told Sento he'll let him borrow them so he can train with them in the week before the fight before transforming into Blood Stalk. As he told Sento to stand up to start his training, which can help Sento control the Hazard Trigger longer before the side-effect kicks in, Evolto was irritated that Sento didn't budge. He then scolded Sento for all of his talks about justice and fighting to protect that which he holds dear and asked if it was all a lie, which forced Sento to finally accept as he took the Phoenix and Soujiki bottles, transforming into Build PhoenixSoujiki Trial Form.

Still horrified, Build engaged Stalk with fire attacks, which Stalk dodged and deflected before he pointed out what's the Long Range Cleaner for if Build won't use it. Kicking him back, Stalk summoned his Transteam Gun and fired as Build replace the Phoenix bottle with the Rose bottle and transformed into Build RoseSoujiki, sucking up the gun's shots with the Long Range Cleaner and attacking with a vine from the Ibalash Arm until Stalk saw an opening and shot Build. Stalk then told Build the Trial Forms won't work, forcing Build to switch the Soujiki bottle with the Helicopter bottle and transform into Build RoseCopter Best Match. Build runs and lash out on Stalk with the Batrotor Blade, but Stalk countered each strike with his Steam Blade, commenting on how much Build loves red and green since he transform into those forms with those colors frequently. Build and Stalk matched each strike until Build gained the advantage and performed a Vortex Finish Rider slash, hitting Stalk directly. Joy flowing through him, Stalk commented on the Best Match's abilities defying expectations before telling Build to keep going, which Build replied by transforming into TurtleWatch Best Match. The Unstoppable Hazard

As the week passed, Evolto, as Blood Stalk, stood beside Tajimi in the Hokuto capital as they watched the proxy fight begin through the television. Stalk paid no attention as Tajimi said to herself she's counting on Grease to win. As they watched Build and Grease trade blows, Stalk saw Tajimi become shocked when Build transformed into RoseCopter and ToraUFO Best Match forms, and as Grease turned to the camera, Stalk proudly admitted to lending Build half of both Seito's and Hokuto's bottles. Stalk then added if Grease wins, then the bottles will be returned to them. As Build overwhelmed Grease with the KujiraJet and KirinCyclone Best Match forms, Stalk and Tajimi saw Grease riled up and turned the table on Build, which Tajimi complimented on before Stalk asked her what Hokuto's army doing; Tajimi revealed she had them march toward Touto and waited for her word to attack if Grease loses, which was Stalk's suggestion.

"Oh no, Hokuto's entire army is in Touto. Looks like you'll just have to surrender."
"You betrayed me?"
"Don't get the wrong idea. I was never on your side.
―Stalk severing tides with Hokuto as it has served its purpose for his master scheme.[src]

As the fight progressed with Grease in lead, Build pulls out the Hazard Trigger and transforms into RabbitTank Hazard, confirming Stalk's suspicion of Sento utilizing the device in the proxy fight. As Stalk also expected, Build was in complete control over the Hazard form until he lost consciousness and went berserk as night fell and defeated Grease as Build HawkGatling Hazard, felling him with a Hazard Finish Rider shooting, signalling Touto as the victor. Stalk made no motion while Tajimi was shocked at the outcome, and then angered after Cross-Z Charge stopped Build from killing Kazumi. Tajimi deemed she will have the Pandora Box and attempted to give the word to attack Touto until Stalk took her phone, stating that's against the rules. As Tajimi questioned why he would stop her as the attack was his idea, a platoon of Seito Guardians stormed in the briefing room, surrounding Tajimi. Stalk then revealed that his suggestion was just to place Hokuto's army away from Hokuto, allowing Seito to invade and seize control, and he told Tajimi all she can do is surrender. As Tajimi asked why he betrayed her, Stalk told her not to get the wrong idea: he was never on her side as two Seito Guardians seized her by the arms. As she struggles to break free, Stalk noticed a purple and black Kamen Rider with cracks attributes entered the room, dragging the upper portion of a Hokuto Guardian by his right. Stalk commended the rider on his performance, and introduce him as Seito's Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Rogue. Victory of Tears

After the 3-on-3 Proxy Battle ended with victory for Touto, Blood Stalk was summoned by Namba to kill Seito's Prime Minister Masakuni Mido when he refused to dishonor his promise to relinquish his claim to the Fullbottles and the Pandora Box. Blood Stalk then used his power to modify Namba's face into that of the late Prime Minister, allowing him to personally take control of Seito and launch his own invasion of Touto using the full arsenal of Namba Heavy Industries Ltd.. The Genius Arrives With a Tank

War for the Pandora Box

Reunited with the Evol-Driver & Becoming Evol

"I...I finally have it again!"
―Evolto rejoicing in reuniting with the Evol-Driver[src]

"Evol Phase 1."
―Evolto transformed into Evol Cobra Form.[src]

Possession of the Dragon

"Phase 2, complete."
―Evolto transformed into Evol Dragon Form after possessing Ryuga.[src]

Unveiling Project Build's True Purpose & Unexpected Rabbit Possession

"Hazard Level 6! So you've finally surpassed human limits? Well done, Sento. So your're another one of those foolish humans."
"What do you mean?"
"Why do you think I caused this war? So I could use you to restore my own power! For a human, there's a limit to how much of the energy in this that can be used. That's why I took advantage of the power of science. If a war began, you'd have no choice but to strengthen the Rider System, whether you liked it or not. And with this power, you would become the ultimate Kamen Rider. That's what Project Build really was about!"
"You caused a war for
that?! What bullshit!"
―Evolto explaining the real reason he started the war for the Pandora Box and the true purpose of Project Build to Sento.[src]

"Phase 3, complete."
―Evolto transformed into Evol Rabbit Form after possessing Sento.[src]


"Why didn't you finish him off... Stalk?"
"I'm the game maker. I derive the best strategy by considering every possibility. Everything is going as planned.
―Blood Stalk to Night Rogue[src]

"Have you lost your mind?"
"I told you before. Faust isn't yours!
―Blood Stalk's disregard for Night Rogue's authority[src]

"With Kamen Rider Build defeating evil monsters...Misora was able to purify the Bottles, thinking she was doing it for justice. In other words, that was all you existed for. You were merely acting the hero of justice. You were just playing Kamen Rider."
―Blood Stalk unveiling his manipulative persona to Sento[src]

―Evolto's catchphrase before leaving.[src]

"So you've finally awakened!"
"I am Rogue...Kamen Rider...Rogue.
―Blood Stalk noticing Night Rogue's awakening as Kamen Rider Rogue[src]

"Soichi"'s persona as nascita's owner is an enthusiastic but laid back man who paternal demeanor served as a gentle guidance to Build's team. While he appears to have some genuine sentiment for this makeshift family, Evolto made it clear that he sees all of them as means to an end.

As Blood Stalk, he is a self-proclaimed strategist. He also seems to have a lot more of an unperturbed and more evil attitude compared to the more focused Gentoku, nonchalantly fooling around even when doing his job as a Faust enforcer. Such is seen when instead of directly engaging Build, he was casually laying back and letting the Square Smash do most of the fighting, until it was the right time for him to interfere by making the Smash grow. He also dislikes taking orders from anyone, preferring to do things his own way.

Evolto also viewed his battles with both Sento and Banjou as an experiment to measure their Hazard Level. He was visibly entertained when both of them had a rise in their Levels and gave them hints in return. He isn't even bothered by opposing Gentoku temporarily to let them escape so he can see how strong they become.

Evolto can be cruel and ruthless if he wants to, making him not much different from Gentoku in regards to their aggression. He is more than willing to commit more heinous acts, such as killing several Touto guards using his venom, and changing Eita Kawai's face into that of Shingo Kuwata just to show he could. Like Gentoku, he views science and the Rider System as instruments for war. Evolto has the traits of a high-functioning sociopath, with his true intentions of destroying the Earth using the Pandora Box coming to light, and his tendency to betray those he come across with. He manipulates both heroes and villains alike to further his twisted genocidal quest and he has no qualms killing them once they served their purpose.

"Soichi" has a tendency to sprinkle bits of Italian in his speech, most commonly saying "Ciao" as a goodbye.

Powers and Abilities

  • Host Possession: Evolto can possess any living being to carry out his plans to destroy all living planets he comes across, He is able to wait dormant in the Pandora Box until another living being finds it, at which point, he leaves the Pandora Box to possess whoever discovered it.
  • Computer Proficiency: Evolto has some level of programming knowledge, as he was able to hack the GPS on a stolen motorcycle, and steal the completed Sclash System data from Sento's computer.
  • Altered Physiology: Being the first human to be exposed to the Pandora Box, "Soichi" has demonstrated numerous superhuman abilities since his return from Mars. Unbeknownst to everyone, including Soichi himself, these powers came from the Evolto.
    • Hazard Level 5+: Due to Evolto being an extraterrestrial being, he is able to achieve a Hazard Level of 5, thus allowing him to use the Evol-Driver.
    • Matter Reshaping: Evolto was able to manipulate a tablet computer into a rod shaped item that he used as a back scratcher.
    • Superhuman Agility: Evolto was shown to be able to leap at a scale far beyond human capacity after his battle with Build's RabbitTank Sparkling Form.
    • Isurugi switching face

      Evolto modifying a victim's face.

      Identity Manipulation: Using a cloud of steam from his hand, he can make anyone's face look like anyone else's; the process seems painful to those who are awake to feel its effects. While the permanence of the change is yet unclear, certain individuals have been shown to retain their new identities for more than a year. Initially thought to be an ability of the Blood Stalk system, this power has since been revealed to be Evolto's. However, it was shown that this power could be applied only if the copied person is dead or killed. This process also seems to have an effect on the subject's physiology as well, as seen when Juzaburo Namba discarded his walking stick and no longer needing glasses to see upon having his appearance changed into that of the dead Masakuni Mido. This process has also been demonstrated to be reversible at Evolto's discretion.
    • Isurugi memories wipe out

      Evolto erasing Takumi Katsuragi's past memories.

      Memory Manipulation: Evolto has shown the ability to erase the memories of others with nothing more than a touch of his hand. Unlike the amnesia induced by Nebula Gas, Evolto's memory manipulation is shown to be complete, causing a total wipe of the person's previous identity. However, with time, some victims have shown to be able to recover partial memories, skills, or even the entirety of their past given proper circumstances.
    • Pyrokinesis: Evolto could shoot a crimson flare from his hand or with his Transteam Gun at the enemy. Its power is enough to destroy Banjou's Dragon Sclashjelly and Sclash Driver. He is able to use this power in both his civilian form and as Blood Stalk, later also carried after he becomes Evol.
    • Pandora Box Control: Evolto could manipulate Pandora Box power to do his bidding, either to attack enemy with various phenomenons or to change Pandora Tower inner structure.
    • Superhuman Speed: Evolto is shown to be able to move at speeds faster than the human eye. He demonstrates this ability by escaping with the Box after defeating Build, and at the nascita where he knocks everyone out. He gains this ability after possessing Ryuga.
    • Instantaneous Transportation: Evolto is shown with the ability to teleport him (or either others he wishes) to different locations. He was able to bring everyone at nascita to the center of Pandora's Tower instantly.
  • Dagger Proficiency: Although a very subtle example, Evolto is capable of throwing knives at a high precision rate. The Weaponry Hero


Main article: Blood Stalk

Blood Stalk
KRBu-Blood Stark

Blood Stalk

Stalk Cobra attack

Stalk's cobra head attack

BS Snakes

Two giant Cobra projection.

"Cobra! Mistmatch! Co-Cobra... Cobra... Fire!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 201.5 cm
  • Weight: 102.0 kg

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 19.0 t
  • Kicking power: 22.7 t
  • Maximum jump height: 40.0 m
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 4.7 sec.

Similar to Night Rogue, Blood Stalk accesses his main form with the Transteam Gun and the Cobra Fullbottle. Unlike Riders and other Transteam/Kaiser system users, Evolto is almost always seen transformed into Blood Stalk after his identity has been revealed to Sento and the others at nascita.

His stats are not only stronger than most of Build's forms, but also surpass Night Rogue's with only speed being slightly lower than his. Stalk also possesses numerous abilities built into his suit. On each wrist, he has extendable venomous tendrils that can shoot out and stab victims, injecting them with venom capable of either paralyzing, killing, or even disintegrating them. He can also create an energy cobra projection through his suit to attack or capture targets. It has been proven that Evolto is extremely proficient with the Blood Stalk arsenal and its abilities granted to him; his skill with the Transteam System, coupled with his enhanced durability, has allowed him to survive multiple skirmishes with Build and Cross-Z, and defeat Night Rogue in a duel.

The true purpose of the Blood Stalk system is to encourage the rise of Hazard Levels in Riders. Thus, he is shown capable of accepting far greater punishments than either Build or Cross-Z. Instead of showing pain or discomfort, Stalk is otherwise enjoying the beatings so long that his opponent's Hazard Level rises. In order to facilitate this, Blood Stalk can measure the current hazard level of Kamen Riders/Smash by simply touching them.

Stalk states that this form is merely temporary, as he uses powers acquired from Mars to stay toe to toe with enemies that are supposed to be stronger than what the Transteam System can put out. This is is shown when Stalk was able to fight on par with Build's RabbitTank Sparkling form while Night Rogue was easily defeated by it.

Blood Stalk also has several non-combat abilities. As mentioned by Takumi himself, Stalk's equipment has the ability to change its user's voice tone freely to hide his identity. It is later revealed that the alternate voice is that of Evolto. The Truth of the Pandora Box. Stalk is also able to activate the Guardians’ true programming as sleeper agents of Faust by snapping his fingers. When in need of a quick escape, he can escape any situation by becoming a cloud of red smoke and flowing away.

With the Steam Blade or the Steam Rifle, he can use the following attacks:

  • Elek Steam (エレキスチーム Ereki Suchīmu): Blood Stalk shoots electricity at the enemy.
  • Ice Steam (アイススチーム Aisu Suchīmu): Blood Stalk performs an icy slash at the enemy causing them to freeze.
  • Devil Steam (デビルスチーム Debiru Suchīmu): Blood Stalk fires a "steam" bullet which will home in on the target and inject them with a dose of Nebula Gas. When used on a human, the person will turn into a Smash; when used on a Smash, the Smash will grow to gigantic proportions and their host will lose all memories once freed.

Blood Stalk has 4 finishers:

  • Transtream Gun finishers:
    • Steam Break (スチームブレイク Suchīmu Bureiku): Blood Stalk channels the powers of a Faust Fullbottle and performs a powerful blast attack.
      • Cobra: Blood Stalk shoot a purple energy ball that detonates upon impact.
    • Steam Attack (スチームアタック Suchīmu Atakku): Blood Stalk channels the powers of a normal Fullbottle and performs a powerful blast attack.
  • Steam Rifle finishers:
    • Steam Shot (スチームショット Suchīmu Shotto): Blood Stalk channels the powers of a Faust Fullbottle and performs a powerful steam blast attack.
      • Cobra: Blood Stalk shoot a purple cobra energy blast that detonates upon impact.
    • Steam Attack (スチームアタック Suchīmu Atakku): Blood Stalk channels the powers of a normal Fullbottle and performs a powerful steam blast attack.
      • Rocket: Blood Stalk shoots a powerful blast attack that takes the form of a rocket. The rocket flies around the enemy before coming to the ground for an explosion.

Appearances: Build Episodes 3-14, 16-17, 19-21, ROGUE Episode 2, Raising the Hazard Level ~7 Best Matches~ ("Next Chapter", "Final Chapter"), Build 22-24, 28-33

Red Guardian Union (damaged)

Guardian (Union State), red version

When multiple Guardians are combining into their larger battle robot form, the Guardian (Union State) (ガーディアン(合体状態) Gādian (Gattai Jōtai)), Blood Stalk can merge with it to become a red variant that he can control.

Appearances: Build Episode 10

Main article: Kamen Rider Evol

Cobra Form (Phase 1)
KRBu-Evolcobra Phase1

Cobra Form

"Cobra! Rider System! Evolution! Are you ready? Cobra! Cobra! Evol Cobra! Fuhahahahahahahaha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 195.0 cm
  • Weight: 108.0 kg

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 58.0 t
  • Kicking power: 63.0 t
  • Maximum jump height: 76.7 m
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 1.1 sec.

Cobra Form (コブラフォーム Kobura Fōmu) is Evol's primary and default form accessed with the Cobra and Rider Evolbottles. Evolto labels this form as "Phase 1" (フェーズ1 Fēzu Wan).

As Evol, Soichi/Evolto possesses tremendous power, as the Evol Driver allows him to tap on the full power of the Pandora Box. His perimeters blow far past Grease, Rogue, and even Cross-Z Magma by a small margin. He also surpasses Build's RabbitRabbit and TankTank forms, though he loses to RabbitRabbit by maximum jump height and running speed, and TankTank by maximum kicking power.

Despite these small disadvantages, he still possesses abilities that are almost impossible to counteract, including teleportation and generating energy in his hand to perform an energy blast. He is also able to attack in extremely high speeds and block attacks quite easily, as shown during his first fight with Rogue.

His Evol Cobra Head (EVO-コブラヘッド Ebo Kobura Heddo) contains the Xeno Head Armor (ゼノヘッドアーマー Zeno Heddo Āmā) which strengthens its durability within each Phase. Between his EVO Twin Eye Cobra (EVOツインアイコブラ Ebo Ai Kobura) lies the Master Planisphere (マスタープラニスフィア Masutā Puranisufia), a device that allows him to determine which celestial body is his next target and formulate the suitable method of destroying it.[1]

In this form, Evol's armor parts are:

  • EVO Cobra Shoulder (EVOコブラショルダー Ebo Kobura Shorudā): A pair of shoulder armor that allows him to improve attack accuracy. Each has a built-in miniature plant that secretes toxic gases as enhancers of the user's ability.[2]
  • Menace Rush Arms (メナスラッシュアーム Menasu Rasshu Āmu): Evol's arms. Through an unknown substance that filled his suit, Evol's strength and speed are enhanced. By himself, Evol can manipulate a special aura that can move objects at will or detain his opponents.[3]
  • EVO Xeno Vader Gloves (EVOゼノベイダーグローブ Ebo Zeno Beidā Gurōbu): Enhanced combat gloves that allows him to create strong punches by manipulating nearby space.[4]
  • Menace Rush Legs (メナスラッシュレッグ Menasu Rasshu Reggu): Evol's leg units. Through an unknown substance that filled his suit, Evol's strength and speed are enhanced. By himself, Evol can manipulate a special aura that allows him to move objects or run at a tremendous speed.[5]
  • EVO Xeno Vader Shoes (EVOゼノベイダーシューズ Ebo Zeno Beidā Shūzu): Evol's combat shoes. Each can perform kick attacks by manipulating nearby space.[6]
  • Xeno Chest Armor (ゼノチェストアーマー Zeno Chesuto Āmā): Chhest armor which compresses and produces unknown substances within the Evolbottles. Said armor is stronger than any material on Earth and its durability increases within each Phase.[7]
  • Armilla Reactor (アーミラリアクター Āmira Riakutā): An Armillary sphere-themed conversion furnace which converts the unknown substance within Evolbottles into strong destructive energy. By completing all Phases, it can demonstrate its true ability.[8]
  • EVO Omniverse Suit (EVOオムニバーススーツ Ebo Omunibāsu Sūtsu): An enhanced battle suit that can emit blocking energy field, allowing Evol to protect himself from enemy attacks or carry out planetary destruction safely. It can also draw out the user's hidden ability and strengthen them based on the Phase.[9]
  • EVO Material (EVOマテリアル Ebo Materiaru): Golden armor parts on Evol's body. They can amplify Evolto's special abilities, empower wave attacks, generate annihilation poisons and allow warp teleportation.[10]

Carried over from from Blood Stalk, Evol wields the Transteam Gun and Steam Blade in this form. He is also able to wield any of Build's weapons if he inserts the corresponding Fullbottle into the Evol-Driver along with Rider Evolbottle.

This form has three finishers:

  • Evol Driver Finishers:
    • Evoltic Finish (エボルテックフィニッシュ Eborutekku Finisshu) This finisher has two variations:
      • Rider Kick: Evol generates an energy star map beneath his feet that then transforms into a dark red and dark blue energy galaxy that flows into his right foot before delivering an explosive kick.
      • Rider Punch: Evol delivers a flaming punch.
  • Steam Rifle Finishers:
    • Steam Shot (スチームショット Suchīmu Shotto): Evol channels the powers of a Evolbottle/Fullbottle and performs a powerful steam blast attack.
      • Cobra Evolbottle
        • Elek Steam: Evol shoots a red and blue homing shot coated in electricity
  • Evol Driver + Hawk Gatlinger Finisher:
    • Kikanhou Finish/Full Bullet: Evol inserts the Gatling Fullbottle into the Evol Driver and turns the crank, summoning the Hawk Gatlinger. He then spins the Revol-Magazine of the Hawk Gatling and fires a stream of large energy hawks.

Appearances: Build Episodes 33-36

Dragon Form (Phase 2)
KRBu-Evoldragonform Phase2

Dragon Form (Phase 2)

"Dragon! Rider System! Evolution! Are you ready? Dragon! Dragon! Evol Dragon! Fuhahahahahahahaha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 197.0 cm
  • Weight: 106.8 kg

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 60.9 t
  • Kicking power: 65.8 t
  • Maximum jump height: 83.2 m
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 1.2 sec.

Dragon Form (ドラゴンフォーム Doragon Fōmu)[11] is Evol's Cross-Z-based form accessed with the Dragon and Rider Evolbottles. Evolto assumes this form while he is in possession of Ryuga Banjou and labels it as "Phase 2" (フェーズ2 Fēzu Tsū).

This form grants higher punching, kicking, and jumping power than Cobra Form, although it is slower by a very small margin. As Ryuga also possesses the ability to use the Pandora Box, Evolto is still able to access the entirety of Evol's power.

Evol's weapon in this form is the Beat Closer.

This form has two finishers:

  • Evol-Driver Finishers:
    • Evoltic Finish (エボルテックフィニッシュ Eborutekku Finisshu): Evol coats his hand in dark blue flames before delivering a punch that projects an energy Chinese Dragon upon impact.
  • Beat Closer Finishers
    • Smash Slash (スマッシュスラッシュ Sumasshu Surasshu)
      • Dragon Evolbottle: Evol delivers a powerful slash covered in red and blue flames.

Appearances: Build Episodes 34-36

Rabbit Form (Phase 3)
KRBu-Evolrabbitform Phase3

Rabbit Form

"Rabbit! Rider System! Evolution! Are you ready? Rabbit! Rabbit! Evol Rabbit! Fuhahahahahahahaha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 196.0 cm
  • Weight: 105.5 kg

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 55.9 t
  • Kicking power: 64.1 t
  • Maximum jump height: 89.0 m
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 1.0 sec.

Rabbit Form (ラビットフォーム Rabitto Fōmu)[11] is Evol's Build-based form accessed with the Rabbit and Rider Evolbottles. Evolto assumes this form when possessing Sento Kiryu and labels it as "Phase 3" (フェーズ3 Fēzu Surī).

In this form Evolto has weaker punching power than Cobra and Dragon Form and his kicking power is slightly better than Cobra Form, but still weaker than Dragon Form. However, his maximum jumping height and running speed have increased dramatically, surpassing both of his previous forms.

Evol's weapon in this form is the Drill Crusher.

Appearances: Build Episodes 36-37

Black Hole Form

Black Hole Form

"Cobra! Rider System! Revolution! Are you ready? Black Hole! Black Hole! Black Hole! Revolution! Fuhahahahahahahaha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Black Hole Form (ブラックホールフォーム Burakku Hōru Fōmu) is Evol's super form accessed by upgrading Cobra Form with the Evol Trigger[12].

Appearances: Build Episode 36 (silhouette only), 37



  • Transteam Gun - Blood Stalk's transformation device and personal weapon. Evol inherits it as his personal weapon
  • Fullbottles - Blood Stalk's transformation trinkets. Used by Evol to summon weapons and perform finishers.
  • Evol-Driver - Evol's transformation device
  • Evolbottles - Evol's transformation trinkets
  • Evol Trigger - Evol's upgrade device for Black Hole form


  • Steam Blade - Blood Stalk's standard sidearm weapon. Can combine with the Transteam Gun to form the Steam Rifle. Continued to be used by Evol.
  • Drill Crusher - Evol's personal weapon in Rabbit Form
  • Beat Closer - Evol's personal weapon in Dragon Form
  • Hawk Gatlinger - Evol's weapon granted by the Gatling Fullbottle

Behind the Scenes


Evolto is voiced by Tetsuo Kanao (金尾 哲夫 Kanao Tetsuo), who previously voiced Namakelder in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. While possessing Soichi Isurugi, the character is portrayed by Yasuyuki Maekawa (前川 泰之 Maekawa Yasuyuki). While possessing Ryuga Banjou, the character is portrayed by Eiji Akaso (赤楚 衛二 Akaso Eiji). When possessing Sento Kiryu, the character is portrayed by Atsuhiro Inukai (犬飼 貴丈 Inukai Atsuhiro).

As Blood Stalk and Kamen Rider Evol, he is portrayed by suit actor Kazuya Okada (岡田 和也 Okada Kazuya) regardless of the body he possesses.


Evolto is short for "evolution".


  • "Soichi" has the habit of saying out "Objection!" (異議あり! Igiari!) before voicing his comments. The style and tone used as he delivers the phrase is reminiscent of the same iconic phrase from the Ace Attorney game series.
  • Being a proprietor of a café where the main hero works and/or frequents in their spare time brings to mind Tōbei Tachibana and Kiyojiro Bando.
  • Blood Stalk's cobra motif, along with Night Rogue's bat motif, is part of the recurring bat/cobra/spider trio in the Kamen Rider franchise, a tribute to the first two Shocker monsters as well as the first monster to be upgraded.
    • Stalk's personality is similar, if anything, to Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, another villain who is also based on Cobra Man.
    • In addition, as Soichi, he also serves a comic relief character similar to that of Naoya Kaido and DJ Sagara, who possess a Snake motif.
    • Same as Night Rogue, Blood Stalk's transformation catchphrase, "Jōketsu" (蒸血), is also a homage to Space Sheriff GavanIcon-crosswiki and Space Sheriff ShaiderIcon-crosswiki's catchphrase ("Jouchaku" and "Shouketsu")
  • His personality of playing around and unpredictability, as well as his special interest in the protagonist, is shared with Parado from the previous series. In addition, Stalk has a habit going against Rogue's orders just like Parado's defiance against Kuroto.
  • Evolto is the second double-agent character who possesses a monstrous identity and a secondary voice, the first being Kuniteru Emoto/Virgo/Tachibana from Kamen Rider Fourze.
  • He's similar to DJ Sagara from Kamen Rider Gaim, as he was initially a supporting character but is later revealed to be the mastermind behind everything, and is snake-themed.
    • An inversion of their backgrounds, while DJ Sagara wanted to encourage growth and improvement of all species across the universe, being a passive observer to the results, Evolto does so to improve the already powerful and only while they remain useful to him, becoming directly involved to make it happen.
      • A major difference between them is Sagara doesn't care about the lives that may be lost from Helheim consuming worlds, yet Evolto thoroughly enjoys completely destroying all life on countless worlds.
  • As a hint to Stalk's true identity as Soichi, the collar on Blood Stalk's suit was modeled after the collar of a space suit.[13]
  • The CGI model of Blood Stalk's Energy Cobra is a reuse of part of Kamen Rider Ouja's Venosnaker.
  • Evol bears an astronomy motif due to Evolto's alien origins and Soichi Isurugi's career as an astronaut, evoking the Galileo Damashii from Kamen Rider Ghost, with a chest reminiscent of Kamen Rider New Den-O.
  • Evolto's pose when transforming into Evol appears to be a reference to Cobra Man of the original Kamen Rider series. It also bears similarities to the salute used by the denizens of Wakanda, as seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Black Panther.
  • Evolto's ability to possess a human as his host to enact his plans brings to mind  Don Armage from Build's former Super Hero Time partner, Uchu Sentai KyurangerIcon-crosswiki. Being able to possess one of the heroes (Ryuga Banjou for Evolto and Tsurugi Ohtori for Armage) granted both of them a form based on their host's powers.
  • Evolto is also similar to Wicked Life God DezumozorlyaIcon-crosswiki from Bakuryuu Sentai AbarangerIcon-crosswiki as both have a hero as their Missing Half (Ryuga Banjou for Evolto and Mikoto NakadaiIcon-crosswiki for Dezumozorlya) and they want to merge with them in order to recover their true power.
    • However, while Mikoto dies after Desumozorilya was taken from him, Evolto actually succeeded in possessing Banjou and making him his new host.
  • Evolto's power as Kamen Rider Evol appears as a mix of Gold Drive and the intended utilization of Cronus, while possessing aspects that differ from the bases:
    • Hijacking the weapons of other Riders, but through either possession or using the assigned trinket with the Driver.
    • Near-godly power that outshines any form that came before it, yet it is the end result of all events leading up to its acquisition, only that it's powers are meant for evil intentions and cannot be accessed by just any human.