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This article is about a/an ally in Saban's Masked Rider.
Gender: Male
Ally Type:
Season: Masked Rider
Homeworld: Edenoi
First Appearance: Escape from Edenoi
Last Appearance: The Invasion of Leawood
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Paul Pistore
Maskedrider ferbus

Ferbus is a very special friend of Dex's from his home planet of Edenoi. Ferbus is a furry bipedal alien with a beak, a very small furry creature who means no harm to anyone but he has been known to get people into trouble. He wants nothing more than to be at Dex's side. Ferbus loves over eating until he is sick, his big appetite can get him into some trouble at times, but fortunately, Dex manages to bail him out at the right . When Ferbus first arrived, Molly and Albee had to hide him due to Hal's allergies, but Hal is not allergic anymore around Ferbus; once he revealed himself, Ferbus was accepted as part of the family. Ferbus sleeps in a small room underneath the Stewart's stairs.

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