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"Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva!"
―Activation announcement for Decade's Complete Form[src]

"Hyper, Shining, Blaster, Armed, Survive, King, Rising, Emperor, Super Climax!"
―Activation announcement for Decade's Strongest Complete Form[src]

"G4, Ryuga, Orga, Glaive, Kabuki, Caucasus, Arc, Skull!"
―Activation announcement for Diend's Complete Form[src]

"Final Kamen Ride: Decade/Diend!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"(Rider) Kamen Ride: (corresponding Rider's final form)"
―Summoning announcement[src]

The Final Kamen Terminal K-Touch (ファイナルカメン端末ケータッチ Fainaru Kamen Tanmatsu Kētatchi) is a special touchscreen cell phone, which allows Decade or Diend to transform into their Complete Form.

Decade Version

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Decade's K-Touch

Originally from the World of Negatives in the possession of the Dark Riders, the K-Touch was designed to attach onto the Decadriver replacing the card slot, which is moved to his right hip, allowing Decade to transform into Complete Form.

In this form, Decade can still use his Rider Cards by inserting them in the card slot and touching its visor, allowing Decade to summon the powers and weapons of the ultimate form of any of the previous Kamen Riders. When a Rider is summoned, the cards on Complete Form's chest and shoulders change to match the Rider's specific Kamen Ride card and the summoned Rider copies Decade's motions. When activating the K-Touch's functions in Complete Form, any of the Nine Heisei Riders present will be transformed into their most powerful form.

As shown in SIC Hero Saga, World of Stronger, the K-Touch can be used in Decade's default form to allow himself to turn into one of the Rider's strongest forms.

Final Kamen Rides

In Kamen Rider Decade: The Last Story, Kuuga and Den-O's options are changed to Rising Ultimate (ライジングアルティメット Raijingu Arutimetto) and Super Climax (スーパークライマックス Sūpā Kuraimakkusu, written as "Chou Climax" on the card) respectively, including the cards on Decade Complete Form's chest armor.


Diend Version

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Diend's K-Touch

During the events of Episode Yellow: Treasure de End Pirates, Reiji Kurosaki gives Diend his own K-Touch which allows him to transform into Complete Form.

The Kamen Riders that power Diend's Complete Form are the main antagonist Kamen Riders from the films of the other Heisei Kamen Riders. However, there is no choice for any of the antagonists from the Kamen Rider Den-O films, and there was no Kamen Rider Kuuga film; in their place, the antagonist from the (as of then only) Kamen Rider W film is an option. In addition to that, there are only 8 choices (not including Diend himself), while Decade's K-Touch has 9 (not including Decade himself).

Unlike Decade's K-Touch, Diend is never seen using it to summon one of the movie Kamen Riders to perform an attack alongside him. Instead, he uses the Gekijouban Card to summon the eight movie Riders and initiate their finishing attacks, along with his own.

Final Kamen Rides


Behind the scenes


The voice of the K-Touch, as well as the Decadriver, Diendriver, and Rider Battle tournament announcer in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, is provided by Mark Okita (マーク・大喜多 Māku Ōkita).


  • The activation code for the K-Touch is the same as the broadcast order for the Heisei Riders.
  • The naming of the K-Touch is similar to the K-Taros from Kamen Rider Den-O, which allows Den-O to assume his Final Form, Climax Form.

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