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Finale: The Inheritors of Kiva (フィナーレ・キバを継ぐ者 Fināre: Kiba o Tsugu Mono) is the forty-eighth and final episode of Kamen Rider Kiva. It features the debut of Masao Kurenai, Kamen Rider New Kiva.


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After Wataru has proclaimed himself the new King of the Fangires, Taiga confronts him and claims to have killed their mother to acquire the powers of Dark Kiva. This drives Wataru to attack his half-brother, only to be interrupted by the Bishop and his new army of revived Fangires. With the Arms Monsters' aid, the Kivas dispatch the Fangires before resuming their fight as the Bishop is stopped from meddling by Nago, who trained with Megumi to perfect their teamwork. As Rising Ixa, Nago initially is disadvantaged against the Swallowtail Fangire until his drive to succeed allows him to mortally wound the Fangire while regaining his vision.

Though dying, the Bishop uses his own soul to complete the Bat Fangire's rebirth. While this occurred, Shima arrives and reveals to Taiga that Wataru took the title of King in order to save him from being a target. But the Bat Fangire uses this moment to attack, easily beating the two Kivas single-handily before throwing Wataru off a cliff. However, Wataru is saved by Otoya's spirit, telling his son that he lives on within him and not to give up. This encourages Wataru to muster the strength as he and Taiga combine their signature attacks to destroy the former King once and for all.

Though the battle ended, Wataru and Taiga get a surprise visit by Maya, who revealed she was only knocked unconscious by Taiga. The reunion ends with the two brothers resuming their fight to determine who will be the new King.

A few days later, as Taiga returns to D&P to begin a new venture to find an alternate means for the Fangire race to survive, Wataru attends Megumi's wedding to Nago. Just as Wataru prepares to play his violin for the newly weds, a young man resembling Otoya bursts into the reception.

Calling himself Masao, he claims to be Wataru's son from 22 years in the future. He has come to get Wataru to help him fight the Neo-Fangire menace who have started to appear in 2009, showing up as a vortex in the sky above the church as Taiga arrives to the wedding late. The Kamen Riders and Arm Monsters transformed to face this new threat.


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