This article is about a/an group of Lords in Kamen Rider Agito.

The Fish Lords (フィッシュロード Fisshu Rōdo) are using their method of killing is giving their victim a death that seems to look like Diver's Sickness.

Fish Lords

Piscis Arapaima

Main article: Piscis Arapaima

Piscis Arapaima (ピスキス・アラパイマ Pisukisu Arapaima, 29): Carries a trident named Neptune's Fork (海神の叉 Kaijin no Sa). His first victim was the Mirage Bar's owner, Minoru Sano also known as Isamu Takagi of the Phantom Thieve brothers. As a result, Arapaima was also after Isamu's younger brother/partner, Akira Takagi, who was three days away from taking advantage of the stature of limitations to get the loot he and his brother stole seven years ago. After Akira was finally arrested, Arapaima attacked, forced to fight Agito and G3-X, knocked in midair by Agito Ground Form's Rider Kick so he can be blown up by the GX Launcher. Voiced by Katsumi Shiono.

Piscis Serratus

Main article: Piscis Serratus

Piscis Serratus (ピスキス・セラトゥス Pisukisu Seratusu, 35-36): This piranha Unknown attempts to kill Majima, but was stopped by Gills. Serratus was able to overpower Gills, but fell to Another Agito's Assault Kick. Voiced by Hiroyuki Shibamoto.


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