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Frank Taylor is Kit Taylor's widowed father who mysteriously disappeared more than a year ago without reason or clues as to where he went to Kit. Kit believes his dad left him the Advent Deck for him since he found it in his apartment. Thanks to Maya Young, Kit finds out that his father was abducted by Xaviax's army. They later find him in a hospital, in a near coma, being sucked of all of his energy. Kit later finds out that Xaviax impersonated Frank to get him on his side and was behind him being how he is. Xaviax offered to save Frank, as long as Kit followed him and stand idly by as Earthlings get turned into prisoners on Xaviax's home planet. After Xaviax is defeated, Frank is healed by Eubulon and reunited with his son.



Frank Taylor is portrayed by Jeff Davis.

In Japanese dub of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, he is voiced by Rikiya Koyama (小山 力也 Koyama Rikiya), who portrayed Joe the Haze in Kamen Rider Black RX.