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Friend or Foe is the seventh episode of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.


Drew begins to win Kit's allegiance with promises to find a cure for his father. After a monster battle, Len and Kit part separate ways when Len insists there is no cure. Len finds Drew and challenges him to a fight, and Drew's true motives are revealed.


While Kit and Drew are talking, Maya appears and tells Kit that she and Trent found his father. Len deals with his anger about Kit being tricked by fighting a pair of monsters without transforming. Maya takes Kit and Drew to the hospital where Kit is reunited with his father. Drew explains that Xaviax drained Kit's father of his life energy and that there is a cure. After fighting mirror monsters with Len, Kit confronts him about what happened to his father. Len explains that there is no cure but Kit still doesn't trust him. Len confronts Drew and they battle with Torque using his Final Vent on Wing Knight. Drew goes to Kit's apartment and Kit decides to join him fight against Xaviax and Wing Knight.


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