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Fumi Fukushima (福嶋 フミ Fukushima Fumi) was an old lady who ran a takoyaki stand named Fumin (フーミン Fūmin) which Takeru, Akari, Makoto and Kanon often frequented during their childhood. The four of them still visited her in the present time until her death.

Character History

When Kanon visited her along with Alain, Fumi initially mistook Alain to be Kanon's "boyfriend". Despite Alain's off-putting personality at first, Fumi was not offended, but gave Alain advice on life. She treats Alain a takoyaki, which he initially mistook for an Eyecon but slowly became his favorite food, as well as giving him a new casual outfit. Once, Fumi mentioned to Alain that she once had a passion for drawing, but gave it up.

After a battle in the Deep Connect building, Alain decided to get some drawing materials for her to relive her passion. However, Fumi had already passed away peacefully in her sleep before Alain had the chance to see her again. Her funeral was attended by many people, who either had enjoyed her takoyaki or had been given advice on life by her.

She is survived by a granddaughter, Harumi Fukushima.


A second Fumin was built to stand in a recreation of the Daitenku Temple basement established in the Gamma World to teach the people there of humanity. Kamen Rider Ghost: Truth! The Secret of Heroes' Eyecons!

Behind the scenes


Fumi Fukushima was portrayed by Hisako Okata (大方 斐紗子 Ōkata Hisako). As a child, she was portrayed by Monone Shinokawa (篠川 桃音 Shinokawa Monone). Kaya Hioki (日置 かや Hioki Kaya) briefly portrays her as a young adult, apart from her role as Fumi's granddaughter Harumi Fukushima.


  • Her debut and swansong episodes are connected to Houdini Damashii in one way or another in terms of episode plot.