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Game Scope

Game Scope

The Game Scope (ゲームスコープ Gēmu Sukōpu)[1] is a stethoscope-like device used by CR. It is mainly used to detect for the presence of the game illness, though it can also be used for communication with compatible devices (audio only or projecting a video chat), searching for Bugsters like a radar, or as a microscope (when inserted into a computer with a DNA analysis apparatus). The patient bed at CR can also scan for the game illness, and is sometimes used in place of a Game Scope if the patient is already at CR.

To check a patient, a doctor must simply put the Game Scope's earbuds in their ears like a normal stethoscope, then hold the probe end in front of the patient and trigger it (it is seen to work at a decent distance). This will project a holographic screen: a positive diagnosis will display as an icon bouncing around on the image of the patient, a negative diagnosis will show no icon; diagnosing at least the human form of a complete Bugster will register as if a regular person had that Bugster's infection. Each game's Bugster infection registers as a different icon; Bugsters' leveled up reappearances show similar but slightly different variations of their previous icons; Level 30 Bugsters have their full body appear on the display instead of an icon; after the start of Kamen Rider Chronicle, icons of the Bugsters' heads appear.


Infection Icons


  • Unless it was a production error, Bang Bang Shooting and Bakusou Bike appear to have the same infection icons as each other for both their Bugsters' initial and their leveled-up appearances.
    • Their icons of multiple trios of wavy lines are also the only times that multiple icons appeared for a single infection.