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Gashacon Breaker

"Gashacon Breaker!"
―Gashacon Breaker's summon announcement[src]

"Ja Kīn!"
―Blade Mode's change announcement[src]

"Ba Kōn!"
―Hammer Mode's change announcement[src]

"Gashat! Kimewaza! (Gashat name) Critical Finish!"
―Gashacon Breaker's finisher activation announcement[src]

"Kaishin no Ippatsu!"
―Gashacon Breaker's announcement after finisher[src]

―Rider Gashat deactivation announcement[src]

The Smash-Slash Hitting Attack Gashacon Breaker (激打撃斬ガシャコンブレーカー Gekida Bekizan Gashakon Burēkā) is a hammer-like multiform Gashacon Weapon wielded by Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. It is also wielded by Kamen Rider Genm in his Level 0 and Level X-0 forms.



When Kamen Rider Chronicle commenced, the Gashacon Breaker was temporarily wielded by a Ride-Player who had stolen the Mighty Action X Gashat from Ex-Aid. It was returned when the Ride-Player was eliminated by Kamen Rider Para-DX. Start the New Game!

Stolen hammer

Cronus using the Gashacon Breaker against Genm.

Kamen Rider Genm also wielded this weapon in his Level 0 and Level X-0 form; it was taken from and used against him by Kamen Rider Cronus. Company Reform!

The Gashacon Breaker is among the Gashacon Weapons wielded by Taiga Hanaya when he becomes Kamen Rider Cronus in the fight against Gamedeus Cronus. White Coat License


The Gashacon Breaker consists of the following parts:

  • Blade Eliminator (ブレードエリミネーター Burēdo Eriminētā) is the blade of the blade mode. It can spread innumerable laser wires following a slash, that disassemble or even disable Bugster Virus in contact.
  • Hammer Eliminator (ハンマーエリミネーター Hanmā Eriminētā) is the striking parts of the hammer mode. Bugster Virus in contact with the hammer surface can be disassembled or even disabled with an ultra-high pressure shock wave.
  • Gashat Slot (ガシャットスロット Gashatto Surotto) is a slot of Rider Gashat used when casting finisher. It can instantly read the data of the inserted Gashat and send instructions to the whole body so that Riders can activate the finisher at any time.
  • Mode Transer (モードトランサー Mōdo Toransā) is a mode change device of Gashacon Breaker. Switch between hammer mode and blade mode according to button input of each part of weapon. Switching to hammer mode is executed by pressing a white button.
  • Attack Rush Pad (アタックラッシュパッド Atakku Rasshu Paddo) is the control panel of the Gashacon Breaker. Pressing the A button switch to blade mode. Also, if the trigger is pulled after hitting the B button repeatedly, consecutive attacks corresponding to the number of button presses will be activated.
  • Gashacon Trigger (ガシャコントリガー Gashakon Torigā) is a trigger used for triggering finisher. When casting a finisher, first insert a Rider Gashat in the Gashat Slot. After that, by pulling the trigger, a reinforcement program built in the Gashat starts, and a powerful weapon finisher with its characteristics is activated.
  • EXP Grip (EXPグリップ EXP Gurippu) is the grip of the Gashacon Breaker. It has a lightweight design that emphasizes attack speed. Also, it has a function to update the system data according to the fighting ability of the user, and to improve weapon performance.


A close combat melee weapon, the Gashacon Breaker has two modes; Hammer Mode (ハンマーモード Hanmā Mōdo) and Blade Mode (ブレードモード Burēdo Mōdo) which Ex-Aid switches between by pressing the A-Button.

Special Attack

Depending on how many times Ex-Aid presses the B-Button in either mode, the severity of the weapon's attacks are increased.

  • Hammer B Smash
  • Blade B Slash


The Gashacon Breaker's finisher is the Critical Finish (クリティカルフィニッシュ Kuritikaru Finisshu). To activate it, Ex-Aid (or Genm) must plug a Rider Gashat into the opposing flat side of the weapon.

  • Mighty Critical Finish (マイティクリティカルフィニッシュ Maiti Kuritikaru Finisshu)
    • Hammer: Ex-Aid/Genm delivers a powerful energy smash to the enemy.
      • Muscular Energy Item: Ex-Aid performs a stronger version of the finisher.
    • Blade: Ex-Aid/Genm delivers a powerful energy slash to the enemy.
  • Bakusou Critical Finish (爆走クリティカルフィニッシュ Bakusō Kuritikaru Finisshu, Roaring Critical Finish)
  • Ganbarizing Critical Finish (ガンバライジングクリティカルフィニッシュ Ganbaraijingu Kuritikaru Finisshu)
  • Toukenden Critical Finish (刀剣伝クリティカルフィニッシュ Tōken-den Kuritikaru Finisshu, lit. Swords Legend Critical Finish)
    • Hammer:
    • Blade: Ex-Aid traps the enemy with a giant energized orange and then slashes the enemy. The slashes represent orange slices. The attack is similar to Gaim's Naginata Musou Slicer. Part. I: Legend Rider Stage
  • Gashacon Breaker combination finishers:
    • Mighty Taddle Critical Finish (マイティタドルクリティカルフィニッシュ Maiti Tadoru Kuritikaru Finisshu)
      • Blade and Ice: Ex-Aid uses the Gashacon Sword to create an ice path toward his enemy, which also freezes the target. Then he slides on the path to charge at the target, and use both the Gashacon Breaker and Gashacon Sword to perform powerful slashes.
    • Maximum Mighty Critical Finish (マキシマムマイティクリティカルフィニッシュ Makishimamu Maiti Kuritikaru Finishhu): Ex-Aid and Genm repeatedly slash their enemy with their respective weapons (Ex-Aid's Gashacon Key Slasher in Blade Mode and Genm's Gashacon Breaker in Blade Mode) before performing a high and low Rider Kick combination to swap places and continue slashing, ending with a powerful slash from both sides.

Legend Rider Mode

DG BestMatch

Kamen Rider Build gains access to the Gashacon Breaker while in his Ex-Aid Form.


Genm RG

Genm's Rider Gauge

  • The Gashacon Breaker's Hammer Mode is modeled in a similar style to the hammer that Mario uses in Donkey Kong, the first game of his series.
  • The sound effect that plays when either the A or B-button on the Gashacon Breaker is pressed is similar to the iconic Spin Jump sound effect from the Sonic the Hedgehog game franchise.
  • The Gashacon Breaker is similar to the mallet used by KyuemonIcon-crosswiki from Shuriken Sentai NinningerIcon-crosswiki as both are hammers with an additional sword form.
  • Like Ex-Aid, Genm also has sword and hammer icons under his Rider Gauge. Although never shown using it in his early appearances, turns out that Genm is able to summon a Gashacon Breaker as well in his Level 0 form.
  • In the 3DS video game Mighty Action X, the character Mighty has his own miniature version of the Gashacon Breaker.