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Gashacon Magnum Handgun

Gashacon Magnum

"Gashacon Magnum!"
―Gashacon Magnum's summon announcement[src]

"Zu Kyūn!"
―Rifle mode's change announcement[src]

"Ba Kyūn!"
―Handgun Mode's change announcement[src]

"Gashat! Kimewaza! (Gashat name) Critical Finish!"
―Gashacon Magnum's finisher activation announcement[src]

"Kaishin no Ippatsu!"
―Gashacon Magnum's announcement after finisher[src]

―Rider Gashat deactivation announcement[src]

The Rapid-Homing Target-Hitting Gashacon Magnum (乱弾必中ガシャコンマグナム Ran-Dan Hitchū Gashakon Magunamu) is the personal Gashacon Weapon of Kamen Rider Snipe, it is a hand gun that can configure into an alternate rifle mode.



The Gashacon Magnum consists of the following parts:

  • Hand Gun Eliminator (ハンドガンエリミネーター Hando Gan Eriminētā) - The green part of the Magnum that shoots when in Handgun Mode. It can emit light bullets that emit bullets that explode inside of the target. Demonstrates high combat ability in narrow and tight spaces.
  • Rifle Eliminator (ライフルエリミネーター Raifuru Eriminētā) - The orange part of the Magnum that shoots in Rifle Mode. Although it cannot be shot continuously, its range and firepower are vastly superior compared to the Hand Gun Eliminator.
  • Side Scope Lens (サイドスコープレンズ Saido Sukōpu Renzu) - The scope that unfolds in Rifle Mode. Its role is to provide more accurate firing data to the Rider. It also automatically adjusts scope magnification according to the distance of the target.
  • Mode Transer (モードトランサー Mōdo Toransā) - The mode change control panel that transfers the Magnum between Handgun and Rifle modes.
  • Gashacon Trigger (ガシャコントリガー Gashakon Torigā) - The trigger of the Gashacon Magnum. When casting a finisher, first insert a Rider Gashat in the Gashat Slot. After that, by pulling the trigger, a reinforcement program built in the Gashat starts, and a powerful weapon finisher with its characteristics is activated.
  • EXP Grip (EXPグリップ EXP Gurippu) - The grip of the Gashacon Magnum. It has a function to automatically adjust the gravity of the Magnum to increase stability when in combat. Also, it has a function to update the system data according to the fighting ability of the user, and to improve weapon performance.
  • Kimewaza Slot (キメワザスロット Kimewaza Surotto) - The slot of Rider Gashat that is used when casting a finisher. It can instantly read the data of the inserted Gashat and send instructions to the whole body so that the Rider can activate the finisher at any time.


Assuming the form of Kamen Rider Cronus, Taiga wielded the Gashacon Weapons Breaker, Sword and Sparrow as well as his own Gashacon Magnum as he fought Gamedeus Cronus. White Coat License


The Gashacon Magnum has two basic modes. Snipe can switch between its Handgun Mode (ハンドガンモード Handogan Mōdo) and Rifle Mode (ライフルモード Raifuru Mōdo) by pressing the A-Button.

Special Attack

By pressing the B button, Snipe can perform one of two special attacks depending on which mode the Magnum is in.

  • Handgun B Blast: A rapid fire burst for Handgun Mode
  • Rifle B Blast: A homing shot while in Rifle Mode.
    • Rifle B Blast (Jet Combat): A enhanced homing shot while in Rifle Mode.


The Gashacon Magnum's finisher is the Critical Finish (クリティカルフィニッシュ Kuritikaru Finisshu). To activate it, Snipe must plug a Rider Gashat into the back of the weapon.

  • Bang Bang Critical Finish (バンバンクリティカルフィニッシュ Ban Ban Kuritikaru Finisshu)
    • Handgun:
    • Rifle: Snipe delivers a powerful energy blast to the enemy. This attack is also capable of attacking an invisible enemy.
  • Bang Bang Critical Finish (バンバンクリティカルフィニッシュ Ban Ban Kuritikaru Finisshu)
    • Handgun: A large holographic projection of a tank appears behind him as Snipe pinpoints the opponent's location for the tank to fire.
    • Rifle:
  • Jet Critical Finish (ジェットクリティカルフィニッシュ Jetto Kuritikaru Finisshu)
    • Handgun: Snipe deliver a bullet that resembles a target for shooting that impales the enemy at jet-like speed.
    • Rifle: Snipe delivers a powerful energy blast to the enemy.
  • Gekitotsu Critical Finish (ゲキトツクリティカルフィニッシュ Gekitotsu Kuritikaru Finisshu, Clash Critical Finish)
    • Handgun: Snipe delivers a powerful energy blast that takes the form of the Gekitotsu Smasher.
    • Rifle:
  • DoReMiFa Jet Giri Giri Critical Finish (ドレミファジェットギリギリクリティカルフィニッシュ Doremifa Jetto Giri Giri Kuritikaru Finisshu):
    • Handgun: Brave, Snipe and Lazer, in their Level 3 forms, perform a combination of their finishers with their weapons (Gashacon Sword in Fire Mode, Gashacon Magnum in Rifle Mode and Gashacon Sparrow in Arrow Mode).
  • DoReMiFa Jet Critical Finish (ドレミファジェットクリティカルフィニッシュ Doremifa Jetto Kuritikaru Finisshu):
    • Handgun: Brave and Snipe, in their Level 2 forms, perform a combination of their finishers with their weapons (Gashacon Sword in Fire Mode, Gashacon Magnum in Handgun Mode), firing a volley of fiery treble clefs and missiles at multiple enemies.
  • Rider Critical Finish (ライダークリティカルフィニッシュ Raidā Kuritikaru Finisshu):
    • Handgun: Ride-Player Nico shoots a powerful blast of purple energy at the enemy.


  • In keeping with the video game motif, the Gashacon Magnum being able to swap between a handgun mode and a rifle mode is a reference to how in first person shooters players can swap weapons instantly to change their style of combat from stealth sniper to barraging an enemy target with gunfire in a fire fight.
Gashacon Magnum Control

The remote control used

  • A remote control of same shape of Gashacon Magnum is used in the gameplay of Bang Bang Shooting. The control can also switch into rifle mode.