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Para-DX with Poppy

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GGD Another

Gashat Gear Dual Another

KREA-Gashat Gear Dual Another Knock Out Fighter

Gashat Gear Dual Another (Knock Out Fighter side)

KREA-Gashat Gear Dual Another Perfect Puzzle

Gashat Gear Dual Another (Perfect Puzzle side)

"Gashat Gear Dual!"
―DX toy activation announcement[src]

"Perfect Puzzle!"
―Activation announcement (Perfect Puzzle variant)[src]

"What's the next stage? (Looping upbeat techno, hip-hop music)"
―Looping standby announcement (Perfect Puzzle variant)[src]

"Dual Up! Get the glory in the chain, Perfect Puzzle! (Upbeat techno, hip-hop music)"
―Puzzle Gamer Level 50 transformation announcement[src]

"Knock Out Fighter!"
―Activation announcement (Knock Out Fighter variant)[src]

"The Strongest Fist! "Round 1" Rock & Fire! (Looping upbeat heavy metal music)"
―Looping standby announcement (Knock Out Fighter variant)[src]

"Dual Up! Explosion Hit! Knock Out Fighter! (Upbeat heavy metal music)"
―Fighter Gamer Level 50 transformation announcement[src]

"Urawaza! Dual Gashat! Perfect Critical Combo!"
―Finisher announcement (Perfect Puzzle variant)[src]

"Urawaza! Dual Gashat! Knock Out Critical Smash!"
―Finisher announcement (Knock Out Fighter variant)[src]

"Dual Gashat!"
―Insertion announcement in the Gamer Driver[src]

"The Strongest Fist! What's the next stage? (Looping upbeat heavy metal to upbeat techno, hip-hop music)"
―Looping standby in the Gamer Driver[src]

"Gachan! Mazaru Up! Aku no kobushi tsuyosa! Yami no puzzle rensa! Ashiki yami no ouza! Perfect Knock Out! (Upbeat heavy metal mixed with upbeat techno, hip-hop music)"
Perfect Knock Out Level 99 Transformation announcement in the Gamer Driver[src]

"Gachon! Urawaza! Gachan! Perfect Critical Combo!"
Gamer Driver Finsher announcement (Perfect Puzzle variant)[src]

"Gachon! Urawaza! Gachan! Knock Out Critical Smash!"
Gamer Driver Finsher announcement (Knock Out Fighter variant)[src]

"Gachon! Urawaza! Gachan! Perfect Knock Out Critical Bomber!"
Gamer Driver Finsher announcement (Perfect Knock Out variant)[src]

"Dual Gashat! Kimewaza! Perfect Critical Finish!"
Gashacon Parabragun Finisher announcement (in the Gun Mode)[src]

"Dual Gashat! Kimewaza! Knock Out Critical Finish!"
Gashacon Parabragun finisher announcement (in the Axe Mode)[src]

"All Clear!"
―Post-finisher announcement (Perfect Puzzle variant)[src]

―Post-finisher announcement (Knock Out Fighter variant)[src]

"K.O.! Perfect!"
―Post-finisher announcement (Perfect Knock Out variant)[src]

"Dual Gashat! Kimewaza! Puzzle Fighter Critical Finish!"
Gashacon Key Slasher Finisher announcement[src]

―Gashat removal announcement[src]

The Transformation Game Gashat Gear Dual Another (変身ゲームガシャットギアデュアルアナザー Henshin Gēmu Gashatto Gia Dyuaru Anazā) is the transformation Rider Gashat of Kamen Rider Another Para-DX. It is a black variation of the Gashat Gear Dual and is exclusive to Kamen Rider Para-DX with Poppy.


Similar to the regular Gashat Gear Dual, the Gashat Gear Dual Another contains dark variations of Perfect Puzzle and Knock Out Fighter, presumably prototype versions of the two games. Using the Gashat in the Gamer Driver combines both games into a dark variation of Perfect Knock Out.



Four blank Gashats

The unfinished Gashat Gear Dual (far right).

A variant of the original Gashat Gear Dual, the template for the Gashat Gear Duel Another was one of four blank Gashats created by Kuroto Dan in his attempts to counter Cronus. Ultimately, he finished Doctor Mighty XX for this purpose. Reset Game!

Black Parado

Kamen Rider Para-DX with Poppy




  • Perfect Knock Out Critical Bomber (パーフェクトノックアウトクリティカルボンバ Pāfekuto Nokkuauto Kuritikaru Bonbā): Has two variations:
    • Another Para-DX performs a Jumping Roundhouse Kick covered in violet and black energy.
    • Another Para-DX jumps up in the air and performs a powerful Drop Kick covered in violet and black energy.


  • Using the Gashat Gear Dual Another on its own may presumably allow Another Para-DX to transform into grayscale versions of Para-DX's two Level 50 forms, though this possibility has not been explored.


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