This article is about a/an army of grunts in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.


The Gelnewts, also called Minions, are Xaviax's Mirror Monster foot soldiers. They are armed with giant shurikens that are mounted on their backs when not in use. They are often either sent out on teams of their own or as support for other Mirror Monsters in their fights against the Kamen Riders. Though they are his minions, Xaviax is more than willing to use them as guinea pigs to recruit more Riders to his side. Near the final third of the series, they molted into Sheerghosts.


  • Though an army in Dragon Knight, they are adapted from a one-off monster in Ryuki, whose two appearances are presented as the lone Gelnewts fought in episodes 10 and 13 that seem slightly tougher to beat than their other appearances. In episode 13, the footage was edited to show the Gelnewt being defeated, but in Ryuki it had jumped over the attack and escaped.

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