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Genjirō Tani (谷源次郎 Tani Genjirō): A senior of Tsukuba's and a friend of Shido, Tani owns the Blanca Coffee Shop that serves as SkyRider's new base of operations. Having lost his family to Neo-Shocker in the past, Tani is eager to help Tsukuba take the organization down.

He later closes down his cafe and opens up a motorcycle rental/repair shop and meets Kazuya Oki who at this point happened to become Kamen Rider Super-1. This leads him to mentor Kazuya in his fight against Dogma and Jin Dogma.

Behind the scenes


Genjirō Tani was played by the late Nobuo Tsukamoto (塚本 信夫 Tsukamoto Nobuo).


Tani started growing a moustache by episode 47 of Skyrider, where its shadow first appeared and having fully grown three episodes later. Tani would sport this moustache for the remainder of his first series as well as the first half of Super-1 before shaving it after the destruction of the Dogma Kingdom, appearing clean shaven from episode 24 to the finale.