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This article is about a/an corporation in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
Genm Corp.
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Genm Corp Logo 2
Led by: Kuroto Dan
and later by: Ren Amagasaki
Generals and other Notable Members: Masamune Dan (Founder, former 1st CEO)
Tsukuru Koboshi (Head of R&D)
Monster Types: Bugsters
Grunts/Footsoldiers: Bugster Virus
Battled: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Kamen Rider Brave
Kamen Rider Snipe
Kamen Rider Lazer
Kamen Rider Genm/Kuroto Dan
Kamen Rider Para-DX
Bugster Virus
Coexisted with: Bugsters
Kamen Rider Snipe
Other factions battled: Gamma, Next Genome Institute
Chronological/Production Order

Genm Corp. (幻夢コーポレーション Genmu Kōporēshon, lit. Fantasy Dream Corporation) is a game company which provides the technologies of producing the Gamer Driver and the Rider Gashats in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.


Under Masamune Dan


Genm Corp.

During the development of their newest video games back in 2011, the beta tests caused an unknown anomaly to occur which made the 10 glitched games open a portal from cyberspace and release an evolved computer virus which infected humans and killed some of them. This tragedy was called Zero Day and as a way to atone for this horrible mistake, Genm collaborated with the Ministry of Health to devise a means to fight the Bugster Virus.

Under Kuroto Dan

The company, however were completely unaware that their recent CEO played as a double agent with the Bugsters cooperating with their executives Parad and Graphite and collecting the data of the Kamen Riders. After Kuroto Dan went on the run (the conditions of which were unknown to the company), Genm Corp struggled from the lack of leadership and games in development. A Nonstandard BURGSTER?.

New Management by Ren Amagasaki, and Kuroto's death

Currently, a mysterious individual named Ren Amagasaki has taken the position of CEO The Truth Exposed, with Tsukuru Koboshi is promoted to be in charge of in-house development departments and Genm Corp. is working on recovery.

Genm under siege

A purple fog begins to blanket Genm Corp upon Kuroto's siege of his company.

Kuroto returned to Genm Corp. again with a pack of Bugster zombies summoned from Dangerous Zombie, resulting in Genm Corp being compromised again. Thankfully all of the Genm Corp. employees and developers managed to escape safely thanks to Brave Level 50 and Snipe, while Kuroto lays siege to the company with a dark purple fog beginning to surround the building.Engineered History!

As Ex-Aid uses his Level 99 to rendered Genm powerless, Parad kills Kuroto for good and took over the Kamen Rider Chronicles Gashat project in his own way.To The Max, Dead or Alive!

In reality, Ren is also evil like Kuroto was and actually a Bugster when he altered Asuna Karino's mind, the final component of the Kamen Rider Chronicle who originated from DoReMiFa Beat. Thus, the company had been compromised for a long-time in the day after Kuroto's escape from the authorities.

Despite this, the company did better financially, as its price on the global stock market went up higher due to investors taking an interest in Kamen Rider Chronicle, which baffled Taiga when first seeing the stock reports. Advertised as an advanced augmented reality game, the public quickly bought Genm Corp.'s latest game, unaware that it was actually a death trap devised by the Bugsters.Start the New Game!


  • Kuroto Dan - Second CEO (Deceased)
  • Poppy Pipopapo Kamen Rider Ex-Aid "Tricks": Virtual Operations - Former after Kuroto's revelation, until his death. Later has her mind being altered by Ren.
  • Masamune Dan - First CEO, Kuroto Dan's father (framed to be incarcerated by his own son 2011)
  • Parad - secretly involved in Kuroto's plans, later betrays Kuroto, then once Kuroto is powerless from being a Rider anymore, Parad kills him and took over his Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat project in his own way, who later gives it to the third CEO, Ren.
  • Tsukuru Koboshi - game programmer, prior to Kuroto's temporary return to re-compromising the company then shortly, Kuroto's death.
  • Ren Amagasaki - Third CEO replacing Kuroto Dan, until his return to the company temporarily until his death. Revealed to be evil as Kuroto was, and is actually a Bugster when he altered Asuna's mind. The Truth ExposedGo Together, Embracing Your Ambitions!



The Bandai logo.

  • Genm Corp.'s logo design appears to be a parody of the logo for Bandai.
  • The stock code of Genm Corporation is G5115z.
  • In the CEO's office, there is a ping pong table near the desk. While this seems like an odd thing to have in a corporate office, it may be an allusion to Pong, one of the world's first video games commercially available to the public.
  • Relating to Dangerous Zombie and Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashats, Dangerous Zombie's Bugsters and second Zero Day in Engineered History!, Genm Corp. infested with Bugsters is similar to the DBR Corp. building infested with full of zombies where the main villains are from Sega's The House of the Dead series.
  • In real life, the location used for the building of Genm Corp. is the NEC Tamagawa Renaissance City building.[1][2][3]



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