This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider Super-1.
Glasun Kid
Episode: A Friend of Children! Child X's Identity?
Season: Kamen Rider Super-1
Height: n/a cm
Weight: n/a kg
Actor: Shun Yashiro
Child X
Child X

Glasun Kid (グラサンキッド Gurasan Kiddo, 27): A sunglasses-themed monster under Princess Yōkai who took the alias of Child X (チャイルドX Chairudo Ekkusu). He can emit illusions and heat ray called the Bomb Ray from the eyes on his torso, has a key-like claw for the left hand, handcuffs on his waist, and can disguise himself as a human armed with a rapier. Destroyed by Super-1's Super Rider Moon Surface Kick.

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