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God Maximum Mighty X Start Screen

God Maximum Mighty X Start Screen

"God Maximum Mighty X! (Dramatic choral music)"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Maximum Gashat!"
―Insertion announcement[src]

"Gachan! Fu~met~su~"
Level 1000000000 activation announcement[src]

"Saijoukyuu no Kami no Sainou! Kuroto Dan! Kuroto Dan!"
―Level 1000000000 looping standby announcement[src]

"God Maximum X!"
―Level 1000000000 transformation announcement[src]

"Gachon! Kamiwaza! Gachan! God Maximum Critical Blessing!"
―Gamer Driver finisher announcement[src]

"Maximum Gashat! Kamiwaza! God Maximum Mighty Critical Finish!"
―Gashacon Key Slasher finisher announcement[src]

"Kami no Ichigeki!"
―Post-finisher announcement[src]

"Maximum Gashat! God Maximum Critical Blessing!"
―Gear Holder finisher announcement[src]

""(Kuroto humming Muteki Jingle) Zettai Fumetsu Dan Ku-ro-to~! Kami da!""
―Transformation announcement in conjunction with Hyper Muteki Gashat[src]

God Maximum Mighty X (ゴッドマキシマムマイティX Goddo Makishimamu Maiti Ekkusu) is a superior mech fighting video game created by God Kuroto Dan, serving as the basis for the God Maximum Mighty X Gashat. Based off the Level 99 Maximum Mighty X created by Emu Hojo, God Maximum Mighty X is quite possibly the most powerful Gashat in existence at an immense Level 1000000000.

Game Description

A game that allows you to create other games.



Four blank Gashats

The unfinished Rider Gashat (second to left).

A Gashat derived from Maximum Mighty X, the template that would become God Maximum Mighty X was one of four blank Gashats created by Kuroto Dan in his attempts to counter Cronus. Ultimately, he finished Doctor Mighty XX for this purpose. Reset Game!

Zombie Chronicle

Kamen Rider Para-DX with Poppy

The Gashat's ability to use the God Maximum Gamer was destroyed by Lazer Level X with the help of Masamune Dan's Bugster virus and left at Kuroto's grave, along with his Gamer Driver. Though the Gashat would later be taken to save Kiriya's life in conjunction with the Bugster raising game's mechanics. Kamen Rider Genm vs. Lazer

Maximum Gamer

God Maximum Mighty X Gashat

God Maximum Mighty X

God Maximum Mighty X Gashat

This Gashat, unlike the original Maximum Mighty X Gashat, was created by Kuroto Dan. It is a recolor of the original Maximum Mighty X Gashat, with one notable difference being the miniature of Kamen Rider Genm popping out of the Gashat's lid.

When activated, the Gashat reformats the battlefield into a Game Area. It doesn't seem to spawn any Energy Item containers, but instead summons the God Maximum Gamer. Also, unlike the original Maximum Mighty X's Level 99, the form accessed by this Gashat is Level 1000000000 (レベルビリオン Reberu Birion, "Level Billion") [1], a far greater level than the original. Its finisher is the God Maximum Critical Blessing.

Additionally, this form is immune to Cronus' Pause ability, previously something only the Hyper Muteki form could do.

Games Created

In addition to all the abilities of the original Maximum Gamer, Genm can create any game with his thoughts and use the game to attack his opponent. The only games he created with this gashast are Zombie Chronicle and CoSmIC Chronicle.

Zombie Chronicle

Zombie Chronicle (ゾンビクロニクル Zonbi Kuronikuru) is a dangerous zombie apocalypse war game that makes all residents transform into mutated Bugster-like creatures by Zombie Gamers that feed on humanity and the only way to revert its effect is by destroying the God Maximum Mighty X gashat.

CoSmIC Chronicle

CoSmIC Chronicle (コズミッククロニクル Kozumikku Kuronikuru) is a game were the user can summon meteorites, use solar rays as a lazer and even move the earth's moon.


God Maximum Critical Blessing (ゴッドマキシマムクリティカルブレッシング Goddo Makishimamu Kuritikaru Buresshingu) : Genm powers energy to his right foot, jumps and extends his foot, covered in black and purple energy, and performs a powerful flying kick.