This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider (Skyrider).

Gokiburijin (ゴキブリジン Gokiburijin, 16): A cockroach Neo-Shocker monster created by Professor Doc.


Neoshocker made an incognito proposal with a local enterprise to give away money to individuals exchanging any cockroaches found in their house. Gokiburijin oversees their transportation and reconstructs them into living explosives that he can control at will. Destroyed by Skyrider's Sky Kick.


Gokiburijin was later revived as part of the Second Generation Cyborg Corps (改造人間二世部隊 Kaizō Ningen Nisei Butai, movie). They were destroyed by the 7 Riders. He was also resurrected as part of Kaijin the Second Generation Corps (怪人二世部隊 Kaijin Nisei Butai, 27 & 28). They wore yellow scarves and were destroyed by the 7 Riders.


Boasted to be the strongest kaijin created yet, he can move at super speed, and the cape he is garbed in nullifies a bazooka shot and even Skyrider's signature Sky Kick. Unfortunately it turns out to be his weakness as well as removing it and hitting exposed parts of his body cause huge amounts of pain.

Behind the scenes


Gokiburijin was voiced by Osamu Ichikawa (市川 治 Ichikawa Osamu) and portrayed by an unidentified suit actor.