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Golden Jaguar (黄金ジャガー Ōgon Jagā, 31 & 32): A melanistic-themed jaguar Neo-Shocker monster hailing from the African Sahara.


His joint mission with Torikabutron is to assist Admiral Majin in the construction of a sacrificial temple complex dedicated to the Great Leader. He was brought over to Japan as a special assassin to kill Skyrider in a duel before overseeing the sacrificial ceremonies. Destroyed by Skyrider's Sky Kick.

Dogma Revenge Corps

Golden Jaguar of Dogma Revenge Corps

Golden Jaguar of the Dogma Revenge Corps.

He was later revived as part of the Dogma Revenge Corps (ドグマ復讐兵団 Doguma Fukushū Heidan, movie). He wielded Jaguar Van's shield and was destroyed by Kamen Rider #1.


He wields a spear/lance in battle being able to perform his signature Windmill Spin Attack. Skyrider manages to dodge in and literally stand on his spear before disarming him. He also can effectively fight on a horse. Ari Commandos in his command use spears.

Behind the scenes


Golden Jaguar was voiced by Tesshō Genda (玄田 哲章 Genda Tesshō).