This article is about a/an vehicle in Kamen Rider W.

Gunner A

The Gunner A (ガンナーA Gannā Ē) is a robotic tank that serves as Kamen Rider Accel's support droid. Its AI allows it to operate on its own from Accel. The technology is similar to Kamen Rider Double's HardBoilder and the front unit can also combine with the Gunner A to become the HardGunner.[1]



Accel Gunner

Kamen Rider Accel Bike Form can combine with the Gunner A to become the AccelGunner (アクセルガンナー Akuseru Gannā). The Accel Memory links with the Gaia Cannon (ガイアキャノン Gaia Kyanon) to release energy similar to a Maximum Drive called the Gunner Full Break (ガンナーフルブレイク Gannā Furu Bureiku). It is also armed with the Gatling Wheel (ガトリングホイール Gatoringu Hoīru), Bike Form's back wheel turned into a machine gun.[2]



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