This article is about a/an movie-exclusive rider in Kamen Rider Hibiki.

Kamen Rider Habataki (仮面ライダー羽撃鬼 Kamen Raidā Habataki, lit. "Masked Rider Feathered Demon") is a hawk-themed Oni Kamen Rider in the movie, Kamen Rider Hibiki & The Seven Senki.

Character history

Kamen Rider Habataki is one of the older Oni. He fought in a war years ago and has since given up the Oni life to settle down as a farmer together with his family. Despite this, he has continued his daily training. His wife later convinces him to join with the others to fight against Orochi.


  • Henshin Onsa - Onkaku (変身音叉・音角 Transformation Tuning Fork: Sound Angle): A Gold turning fork transformation device.
    • Meitō - Onsaken (鳴刀・音叉剣 Echo Sword: Tuning Fork Sword): The Onkaku's sword form.
  • Ongekifue - Reppū (音撃吹道・烈空 Sound Attack Flute: Gale): A giant golden flute that can also be used as a spear
  • Ongekimei (音撃鳴 Sound Attack Echo): A trumpet buckle


  • Ongeki Sō - Senpū Issen (音撃奏・旋風一閃 Sound Attack Play: Whirlwind Flash): Habataki charges his Flute and blow darts the enemy with Oniishi and starts to play a tune with his Ongeki Flute Reppu the bullets reacting to the tune and weakens the enemy. This finisher is noticeably weaker then Ibuki's Shippu Issen.



  • Despite being a wind-type Oni like Ibuki, Habataki uses a Tuning Fork for a transformation device.