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Haejigokujin (ハエジゴクジン Haejigokujin, 14): A venus flytrap Neo-Shocker cyborg with knowledge on Skyrider's abilities.


Using an amusement park as a front, Haejigokujin engineered a scheme of placing his deadly Hell's Flora pollen, containing the deadly Dokuda enzyme, in balloons that would pop via remote control over Tokyo and cause an epidemic. However, with Tani's aid, Tsukuba foils the scheme while it is still in the testing phase. After disposing of SkyRider, Haejigokujin captures the Kamen Rider's friends to enact the final test of his poison. However, surviving the trap, SkyRider covers his friends' escape while destroying the underground lab. Once mortally wounded by SkyRider's Sky Kick, Haejiguokujin explodes while realizing SkyRider is stronger then he perceived. Haejigokujin, Kamen Rider Close Call

Among other Neo-Shocker cyborgs, Haejigokujin's destruction at the hands of Skyrider was reviewed by Neo-Shocker Scientist Professor Doc, in order to analyse the Rider's data. What is the Immortal Gokiburijin's G-Monster's True Identity?


Haejigokujin was armed with a whip. He could produce his own Hell's Flora pollen, containing the deadly Dokuda enzyme.

Behind the scenes


Haejigokujin was voiced by Ichiro Murakoshi and portrayed by an unidentified suit actor.