This article is about a/an crossover character who appeared in movie in the Kamen Rider Series.
Gender: Male
Series: [[w:c:{{{interwiki}}}:|]]
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. The Monster Army
Last Appearance: Hanuman and the Five Riders (unauthorized production)
Number of Episode
2 movie
"Now die! King Dark!!"
―Hanuman is prepare to kill King Dark[src]

Hanuman (หนุมาน) is a hero that appeared in the movie Hanuman and the Five Riders, a Thai movie made from the Kamen Rider Series film, Five Riders vs. King Dark, without authorization from Toei. He is based on the Thai monkey god.

Hanuman previously appeared in The 6 Ultra Brothers Vs. the Monster ArmyIcon-crosswiki which included the Ultraman. Hanuman and the Five Riders sees him team up with the first five Kamen Riders: #1, #2, V3, Riderman, and X, against King Dark.

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