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Haruka Miwa (三輪 春香 Miwa Haruka) is a young woman who resists Fourteen as Kamen Rider Larc (仮面ライダーラルク Kamen Raidā Raruku). She took part in the operation to overthrow Fourteen and ended up escaping with Shin when the operation was a failure. Since then, she has been on the run from Fourteen's minions. She helps fill Tsukasa in on what is currently happening in her world.

Haruka and Shin are good friends as well as fighting partners and they cannot trust anyone else. Junichi used to work with Haruka until he got controlled by Fourteen. Haruka is constantly running away from people controlled by Fourteen and the Roaches because she wants to break this world's rule. Haruka does not have anywhere to live so she travels around with Shin.

Character History


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Net movie

Kamen Rider Larc is cited as an example of a female Rider in the Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders Super Spin-off net movie, Petition! Kamen Rider Tackle!!, by Daiki Kaito when Natsumi claims all the Riders they've met are male, with Tsukasa noting that they met Larc.


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Kamen Rider Larc

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Larc Deck

  • Change Keroberos (Red): Henshin Card; unlike the other Change cards, it is artificial.
  • Mighty Ray: Her attack card, initiates Ray Bullet, which is the equivalent of Kamen Rider Garren's Category 2, Bullet Armadillo and the Chalice Arrow; but has the power of Garren's Burning Shot.

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Behind the scenes


  • Yoko Mitsuya (三津谷 葉子 Mitsuya Yōko) reprises Haruka Miwa. She previously portrayed a similar character Natsumi Miwa (三輪 夏美 Miwa Natsumi) in Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace.


  • Part of the name Natsumi is derived from the word for summer, whereas part of the name Haruka is derived from the word for spring.


  • It is not revealed how she, Junichi Kaito and Shin Magaki got their L'arc, Glaive and Lance buckle respectively.