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This article is about a/an rider in Kamen Rider Amazons.
Haruka Mizusawa
Haruka Mizusawa
Amazon Omega
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Amazons
Motif: Monitor Lizard
Kamen Rider Amazon
Omega Symbol
Rider Type: Protagonist (1st season)
Leader (1st season, former)
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: AMAZONZ
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
TBA (Amazons)
1 movie
Full list of appearances
Actor: Tom Fujita
Kamen Rider Amazon Omega
Amazon Omega

Haruka Mizusawa (水澤 悠 Mizusawa Haruka) is one of the main protagonists of the 2016 net series Kamen Rider Amazons. He uses the Amazons Driver to become Kamen Rider Amazon Omega (仮面ライダーアマゾンオメガ Kamen Raidā Amazon Omega) who also is called Cultivation Type (養殖タイプ Yōshoku Taipu) by Nanaha Izumi. [1]


Amazons (1st season)

Haruka, was the third-generation Amazon created by Reika Mizusawa from the Nozama Pharmacy. By genetically modifying Amazon Cells to include human DNA, in this case DNA from Reika herself, a new type of organism was created, which is neither just pure human nor Amazon, and that organism was Haruka. M

Two years ago during the accident at the Pharmacy where 4000 experiment Amazonz escaped from the facility. Haruka's Amazon self began to manifest before his human nature emerged. He was soon taken in by Reika who adopted him as her son, while being told that he had been bedridden for the past two years as well as suffering from amnesia. Haruka was given drugs regularly to control his Amazon Cells. During this time, he got to know Reika's daughter, Mizuki, and they began treating each other as brother and sister.

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In the present time, Haruka begins receiving flashbacks from two years ago whenever he takes the drugs, causing him to feel terrified. One night, he decides to skip taking the drugs before going to sleep. His Amazon Cells begin to awaken. The next day, he finds himself walking towards the woods where the Spider Amazon and the Bat Amazon were being hunted down by the Nozama Peston Service. As Amazon Alpha appears and kills the Spider Amazon, Haruka loses control of himself and transforms into his Amazon form for the first time in two years. AMAZONZ

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Amazons (2nd season)

5 years after later and still taking the lead of the benign Amazon, he appeared and attacked Iyu but was interrupted by Mizuki and Chihiro. He was also revealed to be the one who was responsible for killing Professor Hoshino, Iyu's father when he turned into an Amazon.

Haruka helped Mizuki get rid of the contaminated water source, halting the creation of new Amazon. Explaining that Amazons have been overly and indiscriminately hunted, he decides to hunt the new Amazons but insists on protecting the originals.

It is revealed in pre-5 years of the current event, Haruka and Jin clashed on certain times. But leaving Jin alive made Mamoru and his gangs to stay away from Haruka, leaving him to settle things on Amazon alone. He sniffed on Jin's agenda to always prepare himself protecting the innocent Amazon in need and later discovered that Nanaha pregnant in a night. Feeling sympathy on Nanaha's child, he soon working together with Hajime Hoshino. Initially asked Hajime on where Nanaha had gone with her born child. Hajime made a ruse on Haruka so he would face Jin as both noticed that Jin would come to kill his son. They clashed with Haruka's win, making Jin to blind for preventing him to meet Chihiro later. After the last fight with Jin, Haruka and Hajime later found out a horrible truth when they examined Chihiro's sample DNA before he was brought. Chihiro's blood would eventually growth and evolving him into a more powerful Amazon, something that Prof.Hoshino and Haruka had regret from protecting him of Jin's harm. Haruka asked if Hajime regretted his action, with the reply that he both regret and glad as he knew the feeling of having family. He also asked Haruka to take care of him as he had his DNA mixed with Chihiro's DNA when Jin mad at him, leading Haruka later to choose for killing him when he became Amazon.

Game World


An iteration of Amazon Omega from the Game World ambushed Emu Hojo, Naga ReiIcon-crosswiki and Poppy Pipopapo with Amazon Alpha and Amazon Neo. Transforming into Ex-Aid Double Action Gamer Level X, Emu held off the three Amazon Riders, allowing Poppy and Naga to get away, only to be left at a disadvantage as he was unable to split into Level XX due to his Rider Gauge running low. However, by eluding the Amazons long enough, Ex-Aid was able to reach a Reverse Energy Item which had the effect of revitalizing Ex-Aid while weakening the Amazon Riders, allowing the Double Action Gamer to quickly defeat the trio by stomping on them. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen


Haruka is meek, shy, friendly and kind. As someone who dislikes fighting and not wishing to hurt anyone, he has a hard time coming to terms with himself as an Amazon, as well as his inner blood-lust and violent tendencies when transformed. He desperately clings to his humanity and has a serious identity crisis. As such, his performance in the battlefield is unstable and unreliable, leading the Amazon hunters initially to refuse having him in their fold.

However, after hearing about the origins of Amazon cells and Jin's goal of killing every Amazon out there, including benign ones, which he strongly disagrees, he resolves to instead make use of his powers to protect others and hunt whoever he has to hunt, Amazon or otherwise. Despite finally gaining acceptance by the Amazon hunters for making his basic motives clear, it is not as clear-cut as that of Jin's nor the hunters, shown when he is incapable of landing killing blows on hostile Amazonz who have powered down, as well as being on the verge of killing a human serial killer personally.

Later, after meeting a few yet-to-awaken Amazonz who are being hunted despite not having done anything cruel and wishing to live a peaceful life (although they have consumed humans nonetheless), Haruka sympathizes with them and ends up clashing with the rest of his team over the difference in ideals.

After Operation Tlaloc, Haruka finally embraces his Amazon side and accepting the fact that there can never be a truly peaceful coexistence between humans and Amazonz. He is now playing the role of a protector, by protecting surviving benign Amazonz and humans in extension; as well as an executioner, by killing awakened Amazonz who turn hostile against humans. He has also made himself an archenemy of Jin's, by protecting the surviving community of benign Amazonz that Jin was trying to wipe out.

Five years later, Haruka seems to have become more mature. Though he wishes to protect the remaining surviving Amazonz, he does not agree with their actions of converting humans into new type Amazonz, and thus resolves to end it all. This shared sentiment with the former members of the Peston Service allows them to come together once more.

Powers and Abilities

Being 'born' only two years ago, technically under house arrest since and never got any chance to learn much of anything, Haruka, in his human form, has been unable to develop noteworthy skills of any kind. His latent abilities are expressed in his transformed Amazon state.

As a one-of-a-kind Amazon designed and created to be superior to others, Haruka's combat potential in his transformed state supposedly vastly exceeds all other Amazons. However, these abilities are hampered by a lot of factors, including his identity crisis, reluctance to fight, and lack of honed fighting skills. As such, his performance on the battlefield is highly unstable and unreliable, being so weak that he gets overpowered by low class Amazons easily at times; while sporting unexpected abilities, such as having more than a dozen massive spikes protruding out of his body to impale everything nearby, or becoming a killing machine capable of killing multiple Amazons quickly in a frenzy, at other times. His heightened, frenzied combat abilities usually comes at the cost of being unable to distinguish friend from foe, leading him to easily hurt anyone near him.

Due to severe lack of training in human fighting arts and control of his inner blood lust and violent tendencies, his moves are initially raw, bestial and crude, overpowering his opponents solely by sheer brute force and endurance. Despite so, he has shown proficiency in use of weapons provided by his Amazons Driver. He also has shown that he has a very strong ability to detect other Amazons, beyond what the sensors used by the Nozoma Peston Service or Mamoru's own senses can detect.

After spending time with the Amazon hunters and gradually accepting himself for what he is, his abilities as an Amazon has grown to be more reliable and stable, being increasingly capable of advanced fighting techniques and strategies without going berzerk. After fully accepting his nature as an Amazon and fully willing to be a brutal killing machine when needed, he becomes capable of taking on and executing more than a dozen Amazonz of various ranks in one fight with minimal effort.

By the second season, Haruka's fighting abilities have reached the point where he could force Kamen Rider Amazon Neo back in a one on one fight, even with the original version of the Amazons Driver.


AmazonOmega AMAZONS

Amazon Origin (アマゾン素体 Amazon Mototai) [2] is Amazon Omega's first and presumably incomplete form, indicated by the lack of the Amazon Driver on the waist. In this form, Haruka is not in full control of himself, causing Amazon Omega to act like a wild beast.

  • Height: 186.5 cm.
  • Weight: 88.1 kg.

Appearances: S1 Episodes 1-2

Amazon Omega
Amazon Omega Clear

Amazon Omega

"Omega: (Extreme techno music) Evolu-E-Evolution!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 188.0 cm.
  • Weight: 92.8 kg.

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 21.0 t.
  • Kicking power: 27.0 t

Using the Amazons Driver allows Amazon Omega to transform into this sleeker and more humanoid-like form. This form is Amazon Omega's default form and allows Haruka to be fully in control of himself.

In episode 13 of the first season, his Rider form gains battle scars similar to Amazon Alpha, presumably received from his battles. Unlike those on Amazon Alpha, these scars would heal by the time period of the second season.


  • Omega Header (オメガヘッダー Omega Heddā): Sensor Antenna. Able to detect noise and enemy presence in the surroundings. Omega's can amplify brain waves to summon Jungleder.
  • Amazon Eye (アマゾン・アイ Amazon Ai): Able to change focus at will and catch target 1k meter away even if they are in high speed.
  • Wilder Skin (ワイルダースキン Wairudā Sukin): Moderate tightening skin that wraps around the body with flexibility to enhance joints and muscles movements, and provides astounding physical abilities. It will also harden itself due to situations, to prevent damage from enemies.
  • Converter Lung (コンバーターラング Konbātā Rangu): Omega's chest. With Amazon Driver's influence, the Amazonz cells in Omega's body harden themselves to protect the core inside by cancelling out almost all damage inflicted. It can also absorb heat and wind from the surrounding area and convert them to stockpile energy.
  • Shellcut Glove (シェルカットグローブ Sherukatto Gurōbu): Arm cutters that can cut through everything. A punch can crack 70m thick bedrock.
  • Knee Hex (ニーヘクス Nī Hecusu): Knee protector that can observe the quake and strengthen the knee.
  • Shellcut Boot (シェルカットブーツ Sherukatto Būtsu): Boot cutters that can cut through everything. A single kick can crack 90m thick bedrock.


  • Violent Punish: Amazon Omega uses the blades on his arms to cut the enemy in half.
  • Violent Break: Omega uses the Battler Grip as a spear to impale his opponent. Alternatively, he can use the Battler Grip as a whip to pull the enemy towards him and cut them in half with his arm blades. He can also perform a downward slash with the Battler Grip in its sickle mode.
  • Violent Strike: Amazon Omega jumps up in the air and drop kicks the enemy

Appearances: S1 Episode 2-13, Chou Super Hero Taisen

Amazon New Omega
Amazon Neo-Omega

Amazon New Omega

"New Omega! (mechanical whirring)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Amazon New Omega (アマゾンニューオメガ Amazon Nyū Omega) is Amazon Omega's armored upgrade form accessed by using the Neo Amazons Driver.




Behind the scenes


Haruka Mizusawa is portrayed by Tom Fujita (藤田 富 Fujita Tomu). As Amazon Omega, his suit actor is Yugo Fujii (藤井 祐伍 Fujii Yūgo).


  • Amazon Omega's helmet design & color scheme is based on the original Kamen Rider Amazon's early design by Shotaro Ishinomori.
  • Amazon Omega's Amazon Origin suit was later modified and used for Amazon Sigma's suit.
  • Omega's Violent Punish could be considered a modern re-imagining of the original Kamen Rider Amazon's Dai Setsudan attack.
  • In the western release of Kamen Rider Amazons, Amazon Omega is known as Amazon Rider Omega.
  • Haruka is one of the youngest Kamen Riders to appear in the series, if one is to include Kamen Riders Kiva and Hibiki from their respective AR World counterparts.
    • He is also the youngest protagonist in Kamen Riders in his own series, as he is only two years old due to his accelerated growth.
      • He is followed by Chihiro in Season 2, who was born sometime after the events of Operation Tlaloc.



  2. Kamen Rider Amazons Data File

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