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Kamen Rider Wizard
Haruto Soma
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Wizard
Motif: Modern Wizard
Western Dragon
Rider Type: Hero
Homeworld: Earth (Main Timeline Continuity)
First Appearance: Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Everyone, Space is Here!
Last Appearance: Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai
Number of Episode
1 (Fourze)
53 (Wizard)
5 (Movie)
Actor: Shunya Shiraishi
Kaito Nakashima (child)
Kamen Rider Wizard
"Now, it's showtime!"
―Haruto's pre-fight catchphrase[src]
"I promise: I will be your last hope."
―Haruto's words of hope[src]
―Haruto's expression after a victory in battle[src]

Haruto Soma (操真 晴人 Sōma Haruto?) is the main protagonist and the title character of the Kamen Rider Series installment Kamen Rider Wizard. Given the WizarDriver and the Wizard Rings by the White Wizard, he is able to transform into Kamen Rider Wizard (仮面ライダーウィザード Kamen Raidā Wizādo?), the titular hero. His first appearance was in Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Everyone, Space is Here!.

History (arranged chronologically)



If I can keep down Arby's, I can keep down you
Haruto holds in his inner Phantom during the Sabbath.

In his childhood, Haruto was forced to watch his parents die after they were badly wounded in a car crash. But the promise he made to his parents to keep hope alive in his heart saved Haruto's life years later when he was among the Gates sacrificed during a solar eclipse to create Phantoms. Dragon's Cry

As a Soccer player

Haruto was part of a soccer professional soccer team. He played alongside Kazuya, until one day... As Kazuya was about to score a goal, Haruto was trying to steal the ball, but ended up tripping Kazuya over, hospitalizing him.The Stolen Hope What was Forgotten on the Pitch

The Sabbath

Six months prior to the series, pro-soccer player Haruto Soma was subjected among many others in a ritualistic sacrifice that created the Phantoms on the day of a solar eclipse. While many died giving birth to their Phantoms, Haruto managed to keep his Phantom Dragon from emerging by facing despair head on and as a result he obtained magical powers. Coming to after the eclipse ended, Haruto was attacked by one of the newly-born Phantoms until he was saved by the mysterious White Wizard who presented him with Koyomi, the WizarDriver and the Flame Ring so that he can access his magic and track down the Phantoms as Kamen Rider Wizard. I Want to Be a Wizard Motivated to give hope and save people from despair so no Phantom could ever be born again, Haruto sought out Shigeru Wajima to be supplied with more Wizard Rings to fight the Phantoms with. Transform! Live Broadcast

Two new friends


Haruto is here
Haruto faces off against Minotauros for the first time.

Six months after the Sabbath, as Kamen Rider Wizard, Haruto got to work opposing the Phantoms and rescuing Gates. He confronted the Phantom Minotauros and his force of Ghouls who were attacking workers at a warehouse, along with a police squad set to assist. Minotauros was holding Rinko Daimon, a rookie detective, by the throat when Haruto arrived. Identified by Minotauros as a magician, Haruto transformed into Kamen Rider Wizard to swiftly dispatch the Ghouls and break one of Minotauros' horns, forcing the Phantom to retreat. After summoning his PlaMonsters to search for Minotauros, Haruto was confronted by Rinko. He explained to her that humans with magic potential, known as Gates, are being targeted by Phantoms, monsters that emerge from Gates who have given in to their own despair. Demanding more information from him and seeing him as a potential threat upon revealing that he has a Phantom inside him, she arrests him. At the Toriizaka Police Station, Rinko was informed by her superior, Amino, and the police chief that they were dropping the case due to their inability to handle the threat.

Koyomi went to the police station to free Haruto where she passed by both Rinko and Amino, detecting a strange aura within the latter. Koyomi planted the Blue Unicorn PlaMonster, which broke into Haruto's cell to deliver him a message from Koyomi, warning him that Amino is the Phantom they are after. After deducing that Rinko is the Gate, he promptly used the Small Magic Ring to shrink himself and ride on Blue Unicorn to break out of jail. Meanwhile, at a park, Rinko explained to Amino that she became a detective because her father was a policeman himself. Suddenly, Amino grabbed Rinko's locket and slapped her to the ground before revealing himself to be Minotauros and stomping on the locket, forcing her into despair. Haruto and Koyomi arrived to intervene; while Koyomi looked after Rinko, Haruto transformed into Kamen Rider Wizard to battle the Phantom. Kamen Rider Wizard used his Land Style and Hurricane Style attacks before finishing off Minotauros with Flame Style's Strike Wizard Rider Kick. When Rinko's body began to show signs of a Phantom about to emerge, Kamen Rider Wizard placed an Engage Ring on her right hand and entered her Underworld to neutralize her inner Phantom Jabberwock using his Winger WizarDragon and the WizarSwordGun. No longer a Gate, Rinko woke up on a park bench and looked at the Engage Ring on her hand as Haruto took Koyomi back home. The Ringed Magician


Sometime later, Haruto came to the assistance of a group of children and a young man named Shunpei Nara, who were being attacked by the Phantom Hellhound. After Hellhound retreated, Shunpei approached Haruto and, realizing he was a wizard, asked him to make him his apprentice. Haruto refused, but found himself being chased by Shunpei all over town. Shunpei finally cornered Haruto at the Donut Shop Hungry, and he told him he wanted to help people with magic, but Haruto explained that the world does not need any more wizards and told Shunpei to keep dreaming before he walked away. Meanwhile, after being questioned by Masanori Kizaki of National Security Agency's Section Zero for her involvement with Kamen Rider Wizard, Rinko went to the Antique Shop Omokagedo to look for Haruto. There, she met Koyomi and Mr. Wajima. Koyomi explained to Rinko that six months ago, on the day of a solar eclipse, she and Haruto were kidnapped along with many other Gates to be forced into despair during a sacrificial ritual. While nearly everyone was consumed by their Phantoms, Haruto fought to contain the Phantom within him. After the eclipse, a mysterious person wearing a red mask and a white robe laid an unconscious Koyomi next to Haruto and granted him the WizarDriver and the Wizard Rings. As a result of the incident, Koyomi lost her memories of her life from before the event while Haruto became a wizard, vowing never to let anyone become a Phantom.

Later, Shunpei picked up a children's book at a library when he was surrounded by Hellhound and a platoon of Ghouls. As a Ghoul cornered him against a tree, he closes his eyes and points his finger at it, suddenly casting a weak flame-throwing spell before Haruto arrived at the scene and faced the Phantoms as Kamen Rider Wizard. Haruto told Shunpei to run, but he is in shock from casting a spell, and Rinko jumped in to save him from another Ghoul. Haruto was surprised that Rinko had returned, she explained to Haruto that just like him she wanted to protect people, magic or no magic. Kamen Rider Wizard disposed of all the Ghouls before he chases Hellhound on motorcycle. During the chase, he blasted the Phantom into a warehouse with his WizarSwordGun. Minutes after running for safety, Shunpei came to the realization that he himself could wield magic. I Want to Be a Wizard

Excited over his newly discovered ability to create fire from his hands, Shunpei started showing off his magical power to the children at the park before he was invited by Kazuo Tajima of TV Yūhi for an interview on his Morning Island show. After doing a short demonstration in front of the camera, Shunpei was offered a spot on live TV before Haruto found him. At the Hungry stand, Shunpei tried to show off his power in front of Haruto, but to no avail. Upon remembering that Hellhound breathes fire, Haruto realized that the Phantom survived and is playing mind games on Shunpei. Though Haruto tried to explain it to him, Shunpei accused him of keeping him down before he walks away. Later that night, at Omokagedo, Haruto pondered on his argument with Shunpei before Wajima reminded him of how they met six months ago, when Haruto and Koyomi traced the origin of the Flame Ring to Wajima and asked him to craft more rings to battle the Phantoms. Given a new Wizard Ring and told that it might help light the way for him, Haruto's conviction is restored. The next morning, Haruto received a phone call from Rinko about Shunpei on TV. Realizing that Tajima was the Phantom orchestrating Shunpei for the fall, Haruto rushed to the TV station to save Shunpei as he was publicly humiliated on national TV when his "magic" fails on him. Delighting in his target's misery, Hellhound revealed himself before entering Shunpei's shadow to force him into incinerating the Forest Wizard book to completely send him to despair.

Kamen Rider Wizard battled Hellhound and used the Light Magic Ring to flush out the Phantom from the shadows before transforming to Water Style to counter the Phantom's flame attacks and destroy him with the Water Slash Strike. Giving Shunpei an Engage Ring, Kamen Rider Wizard entered his Underworld and managed to destroy the inner Phantom Cyclops while retrieving a mental copy of the Forest Wizard. Later, as Rinko arrived at Omokagedo to inform Haruto about the media blackout involving his fight with Hellhound, Shunpei was there too. Like Rinko, he vowed to help Haruto in any way he could even without magic. Transform! Live Broadcast

The Pianist and the Con artist

At the Antique Shop Omokagedo, Rinko walked in on Haruto using some sort of magical power on Koyomi, with the latter glowing brightly. Meanwhile, Medusa and Phoenix sent the Phantom Caitsith to hunt down a new Gate in the form of pianist Eisaku Takagi. Just as Caitsith attacked Eisaku at a conservatory, Haruto arrived to intervene while Rinko brought Eisaku to safety. After a lengthy battle, the Phantom retreated. Later, Haruto and Rinko explained to Eisaku about his situation as a Gate, but Eisaku was more concerned about his upcoming piano competition and couldn't care less about being attacked. It was revealed that Eisaku was a well renowned pianist who swept every contest he participated in, but has not won anything since joining the conservatory; thus, he hoped for the upcoming competition to be his big comeback. Koyomi and Shunpei arrived at the conservatory. Just as the four get into an argument, Caitsith in his human form shown up. Haruto and Rinko chased after the Phantom, but lose him past the Donut Shop Hungry. Meanwhile, Koyomi and Shunpei followed Eisaku toward a lake, concerned about his safety when Misa suddenly appeared. However, instead of Eisaku, Medusa targeted Koyomi, entangling her with her hair and siphoning off her mana before walking away. Haruto and Rinko rushed to the scene, where Haruto recharges Koyomi's mana through her Please Magic Ring. Caitsith once again targeted Eisaku with the intent to chop off his hands, but Eisaku offered him to finish the job - much to the Phantom's shock. Kamen Rider Wizard arrived to once again do battle with Caitsith. He trapped the Phantom with the Bind Magic Ring, but as he prepares to execute the Flame Style's Strike Wizard Rider Kick, the spell malfunctioned, as he was out of mana. The Doll and the Pianist

Wizard 05 07
Hurricane Style's Slash Strike.
Taking advantage of Haruto's sudden loss of mana during battle, Caitsith managed to escape. Haruto confronted Takagi as he realized the pianist wanted the Phantom to cripple him and take him out of the piano competition. Koyomi blamed herself for Haruto's loss as he had used all of his remaining mana to reanimate her. As she walked away, Haruto followed her, but he suddenly passed out. Back at the Antique Shop Omokagedo, as Koyomi watched over Haruto, Wajima explains to Rinko and Shunpei that Koyomi was actually a Gate whose body was somehow preserved after her Phantom was manifested. As the Phantom had taken her life and memories, she needed a regular supply of mana from Haruto in order to survive. When Haruto waked up, he explained to Koyomi that even a negative person such as Takagi needed hope. Later that night, Koyomi, Rinko and Shunpei payed Takagi a visit. Koyomi argued with Takagi over his fear of facing the present and moving on to the future, assuring him that Haruto will be there to protect him. The next day, as Takagi performed at the competition, Caitsith unleashed an army of Ghouls and prepared to crash the event, but is stopped by Kamen Rider Wizard, who used the Copy Magic Ring to duplicate himself and destroy the Ghouls before finishing off the Phantom with the Hurricane Style's Slash Strike. After the competition, Takagi told Haruto that he lost once again, but he decided to move on by moving overseas and starting over with his career. The Deciding Match of the Contest
Wizard underground
Wizard underground, having lost both Gnome and Manami.

While visiting Hungry for a sugar doughnut, Haruto learned the manager's normally silent worker has fallen in love with a beautiful girl and bought stone bracelets from her and feels envious to it. At the same time, at Omokagedo, Koyomi found Shunpei and Wajima have also found love themselves. Later, Haruto discovered the Phantom Gnome attacking a rich man named Yamagata and his girlfriend Manami. Overpowered by Kamen Rider Wizard in Hurricane Style, Gnome escaped into the ground with Wizard sending Blue Unicorn after him. Brought to Yamagata's manor, Haruto informed him and Manami of the Phantom's intent and called Rinko to help him keep an eye on them to find out which one is the Gate that Gnome is after. However, upon hearing that Rinko is a cop, Manami decided to go home with Haruto, accompanying him before she ditched him when she learns he can only use his magic to fight Phantoms and nothing more, nothing less. By the time Haruto found Manami, she was surrounded by Shunpei, Wajima, and the Donut Shop Worker who all claim to be dating her. Exposed to have been scamming money off her dates, not seeing anything wrong about it, Manami took her leave before she is dragged underground by Gnome. Alerted by Blue Unicorn and using his Land Style to reach Manami, Kamen Rider Wizard fought off the Ghouls before saving Manami as he explained that saving her is something he must do regardless of her profession. When Gnome caused a cave in to escape him, Haruto found that Manami had left during the fight. To a Beautiful Flower

Since Manami went off the grid, with Koyomi unable to find her or Gnome while he takes the Smell Ring from a heartbroken Wajima as he was about to smash it, Haruto returned to Yamagata's manor where he learned that Yamagata knew Manami was playing him but felt there was a very good reason for her needing his money. After getting a call from Rinko that she got Manami's address from the Renaissance Gym, Haruto joined her and they made their way to her house. As they draw near, they found Manami attacked by Gnome with Haruto driving the Phantom off and becoming Kamen Rider Wizard to fight him. However, Gnome escaped and Haruto returned to find Manami having run off as Rinko saw him ads for the house that appeared in a childhood photograph of Manami. Catching up to Manami to give her back her photo, Haruto learned her intent is to buy back her childhood home to preserve it. Haruto told her that he understands losing a family before he and Manami see her childhood home going up in flames as they found Gnome waiting inside for them. Using Water Style to take out the flames, Kamen Rider Wizard took Manami outside and told her to not to be consumed by her past and focus on the present before going after Gnome. As Manami realized he was right, Wizard found himself in a predicament with Gnome's burrowing fighting style before becoming Kamen Rider Wizard Land Style with the Big Ring to force the Phantom to the surface so he use the Smell Ring to overwhelm his senses. Wizard then finished Gnome off with a Drill Strike Wizard kick. Soon after Manami thanked Haruto with the intent to turn herself in, Rinko arrived with Yamagata who was revealed to be buying the property so Manami can buy it from him once she served. Elsewhere, with four Phantoms killed off since Wizard's appearance, Phoenix took Gnome's failure personal as he lost it. Buying Memories

Unleashing the Dragon

At Omokagedo, Shunpei looked at the Wizard Rings that Wajima made before finding a strange Magic Ring Haruto can not use, Shunpei suggested that it was a 'dud' ring. Soon after, a White Garuda arrived with a box as the gang attempt to capture the strange PlaMonster as it let itself out. Koyomi opened the box to find a red magic stone that reacts with the 'dud' Magic Ring as Wajima took it to make a new Wizard Ring. As he walked with Shunpei and Rinko, Haruto realized the White Garuda may belong to the White Wizard before discovering a young boy, Hiroki Itoh, being attacked by Ghouls. Transforming to fight, Kamen Rider Wizard destroyed the Ghouls while Rinko and Shunpei looked after the child. When Haruto asked where the boy lives, he finds himself kicked in the groin as Rinko founds herself arrested when she tried to keep Hiroki from running off. After clearing up things at the station, Hiroki's mother arrives as Haruto recognized her as Mikiko Itoh. As the others discussed their relation, Mikiko being the nurse who attempted to save his parents after being mortally wounded in a car crash, Haruto informed the woman of her son's endangerment while promising to look after him. However, Hiroki refused to go home as Mikiko entrusts her son to live at Omokagedo for a while. Later that night, Hiroki revealed to Haruto that ran away from home as his father never listens to him and Mikiko sides with him. But Haruto shown him that Mikiko was concerned, convincing Hiroki to talk with his mother tomorrow.

Elsewhere, when refused by Medusa into letting him go after Wizard when her Ghouls failed to get the boy, Phoenix asks for Wiseman's permission to put an end to the magician's meddling in their affairs. Wiseman allowed it and gave Phoenix an idea to place the young Gate in despair. The next day, Haruto and Hiroki arrived to find that Phoenix had beaten Mikiko to an inch of her life. Haruto transformed into Wizard to fight Phoenix as Shunpei and a concerned Hiroki took the latter's mother to the hospital. As the others got away, Haruto found that Phoenix was far more powerful than the four Phantoms. He used a wide array of tactics from his arsenal only to find out that his magic was no match for the Phantom as he threw him over the bridge into the water below. A New Magic Stone

As Mikiko was hospitalized, Rinko rescued Haruto from the river and brought him back to Omokagedo. Though confused that he was saved by WizarDragon while told that Mikiko is unconscious, Haruto realized that Phoenix's objective is to kill Hiroki's parents to throw him into despair. Reaching Hiroki's father in time in Hurricane Style, yet too weak to fight, Kamen Rider Wizard spirited Hiroki's father to the hospital instead, collapsing due to his low levels of mana. After having a nightmare about Phoenix killing Hiroki's parents and the boy's Phantom manifesting, Haruto awakened to find the former alive and well while Hiroki blames himself for their condition. With the scene reminding him of his own parents, Haruto told Hiroki that this is not his fault and that he must not give up on hope. Knowing that killing Phoenix was the only way to save Hiroki's parents, Haruto confined to Rinko that he was scared of standing by and let them die but had no idea how to deal with the Phantom. However, Koyomi arrived with the ring Wajima made from the stone brought by the White Garuda. As Haruto took it, he sensed WizarDragon reacting to the ring and realizes it will let him use his inner Phantom's power.

Haruto with his Phantom
Haruto makes contact with WizarDragon
By then, Phoenix arrived with Haruto telling a concerned Rinko that seeking his inner Phantom's aid was the only way to stop the Phantom. Being beaten senselessly by Phoenix, Wizard attempted to use the Flame Dragon Ring before he managed to contact WizarDragon within his Underworld. WizarDragon warned him that although the Flame Dragon Ring can indeed channel his power, its use may eventually consume Haruto in despair.
Wizard Flame Dragon asks who's first to die
Wizard unlocks Flame Dragon.
But once hearing Haruto's retort that the dragon's power is his hope, an amused WizarDragon decided to give Wizard the power he desires. With WizarDragon's powers, Wizard transformed into Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Dragon. With the tables turned, Wizard destroyed Phoenix with his Dragon Breath attack. As a few days pass, Haruto told the others that both Hiroki's parents are recovering and Hiroki is reconnecting with them. Elsewhere, Medusa mockingly mused Haruto's power to a revived Phoenix. Dragon's Cry

Section Zero and the Promise to Defend

Haruto confronts Kizaki
Haruto confronts Kizaki.

Despite urging to get back at Haruto, Phoenix was warned by Medusa to not confront him yet, as he had not fully recovered already. Soon after Haruto left the shop on patrol, operatives of National Security Bureau Section Zero barged in and took Wajima into custody. As Kizaki shown Wajima a magic stone, demanding him to make a Wizard Ring with it, Haruto saved a boy called Naoki from being attacked by the Phantom Gargoyle and learned from him that he traveled to from Akita to Tokyo, and he refused to return home until accomplishing what he came to do. Haruto then escorted him to the NSB where he found Rinko questioning Kizaki about Wajima. Coincidentally, it was with Kizaki that Naoki wanted to speak with, asking him to reveal all he knew regarding his father's death, but he refused to cooperate. Back at the shop, Naoki revealed to the others that Kizaki was his father's partner at the NSB and a close friend of his family, but he started avoiding him after his death. In the following day, Haruto confronted Kizaki questioning him if he always knew that Naoki was a Gate and asking the officer to let him take care of the Phantoms by himself but he did not listen to him. When both were informed that Naoki had went missing, they got to the place where his father died, where he was attacked again by Gargoyle. After Haruto driven away the Phantom, Naoki confronted Kizaki, accusing him of abandoning his father to die in order to save himself. National Security Agency's Section Zero

Haruto holding a green magic stone
Haruto gains Kizaki's trust, and a new power.

Asking Kizaki to let him talk to Naoki for a bit, Haruto learned the youth's reasons before Kizaki told him that he would look after Naoki from now on. Later, after checking up on Wajima and learning that only one with magic like Haruto can use a Magic Ring, Kizaki set up a decoy operation to keep the Phantoms' attention on him. However, fighting a losing battle against the Ghouls, Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Style arrived to wipe out the monsters. Suddenly, Phoenix arrived and overpowered Wizard in Hurricane and Water Styles before "Naoki" was unmasked as Kizaki's aide. Confronting him about it, Haruto learned that Kizaki made a promise to Katayama to keep his son safe as he attempted to kill Gargoyle after the Phantom received order to create a Phantom from Naoki. However, Medusa expected Kizaki's plan as she had Gargoyle wait long enough for her suspicion to be correct when Naoki was about to be taken. Using the Plamonsters to hold Gargoyle at bay, Rinko took Naoki to safety before the Phantom catched up to them. Once knocking Rinko out, Gargoyle reveals that he killed Naoki's father when he attempted to stop him. This caused Naoki to blame himself as he began to fall into despair as Haruto arrived with Kizaki, transforming into Wizard while Kizaki tended to Naoki and told him not to give up. But as Naoki began to crack, Wizard became Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Dragon to destroy Gargoyle before entering Naoki's Underworld to exterminate the youth's inner Phantom, Jörmungandr. Later, Kizaki sent Wajima back to Omokagedo with the magic stone as his way of affirming Haruto as an ally. The Promise to Defend

The Candy of Hope

With the Magic Stone from Kizaki, Wajima created two new WizarDragon-related Wizard Rings for Haruto. Wanting to reach a new level like him, Shunpei decided to accompany Haruto in his search for Phantoms, but ended up just getting himself in trouble. After being sent home, Shunpei came across one of his old upperclassmen from high school named Tetsuya Inagaki, who is an apprentice under the Wagashi shop Matsukian keep named Shozo Matsuki. Leaving Shunpei to make his delivery to a regular, Tetsuya was attacked by the Phantom Valkyrie before Haruto arrived and became Kamen Rider Wizard to fight Valkyrie before the Phantom fell back. However, the manjū that Tetsuya was delivering was destroyed and the shop ended up losing a restaurant owner as their important costumer, which worsened their situation as Matsuki was on the verge of bankruptcy. Refusing to stand by and do nothing, Shunpei ran about the city selling manjū to help the shop before a man named Katsuya Kiritani offered to buy a six month supply from Matsuki for five hundred yen a day. Accepting the offer, Matsuki baked manjū and branded them Hope (希望 "Kibō"?). As morning broke, still feeling something was off, Haruto had Yellow Kraken follow Shunpei and Matsuki to the Narushimaya department store where they were to bring the manjū to. But when Shunpei learned that he tricked them into wasting most of their supplies, Kiritani revealed himself to be Valkyrie and that his true target was Matsuki. Shunpei and Matsuki attempted to outrun Valkyrie before Haruto arrived and became Kamen Rider Wizard to fight the Phantom and his Ghouls with the Copy Ring before assuming Hurricane Style. Kamen Rider Wizard proceeded to use the Hurricane Dragon Ring to become Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Dragon and wipe out the Ghouls with the Thunder Ring. However, Valkyrie escaped the attack and took Shunpei hostage. The Wagashi of Hope

Using Shunpei as a shield before throwing him away, Valkyrie escaped as Kamen Rider Wizard saved his friend. Taking Matsuki and Tetsuya to Omokagedo, Haruto revealed how he knew Matsuki was the Phantom's true target with the monster succeeding in putting him in a spot to close business. The next day, Shunpei began to question how he could truly help Haruto as Rinko convinced him that he just needed to make himself useful by just supporting him. With a renewed outlook, Shunpei headed to Matsukian as he gave Tetsuya a similar speech before attempting to convince the restaurant owner to buy Wagashi from Matsuki again. Elsewhere, knowing he would be attacked again, Matsuki left Omokagedo the next day with Haruto and Koyomi accompanying him as he asked an old friend of his to take Tetsuya as an apprentice at Bairindo. But on the way back, learning that Matsuki's hope was for Tetsuya's success, Haruto was alerted by Koyomi to Medusa as the Phantom overheard everything. Confronting Medusa, Haruto became Kamen Rider Wizard with his Land and Water Styles ineffective against her as the Phantom defeated him. With Medusa leaving to give Valkyrie his new method of attack, Haruto and company ran to the shop and found Tetsuya creating a new batch of manjū after Shunpei talked him into continuing his mentor's legacy. By then, Valkyrie arrived to kill Tetsuya and destroy the manjū as Haruto became Wizard to fight him before becoming Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Style to give chase as the Phantom caught up to Tetsuya. Once Shunpei arrived and saved the last manjū from being destroyed, leaving him to look after Tetsuya, Wizard became Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Dragon to force Valkyrie into an aerial dogfight before destroying him. Later, though Matsukian closed, Matsuki and Tetsuya had a renewed sense of hope while Shunpei was unaware that he helped. Heir to the Dream


Wizard defends Poitrine
Muhammad AmirAdded by Muhammad Amir

Arriving at Infinite Monster Plant, along with Shunpei, Rinko, and Koyomi, Koyomi notice that the monsters appeared from the plant were not Phantoms, so Haruto transforms and fight them. After the fight, they enter the plant where they meet Phoenix and Medusa, along with the Akumaizer, which they tell them about their plan of using the Gates. As they hear their plan, Akumaizer offers Wizard to join them, but he refuse as they fought Wizard. Shown to be too powerful, the Akumazier enters one of the Gates' Underworld as they are wondering what will they be planning to do. Phoenix tell Wizard that they have no interest working with the Akumaizer as the Phantoms leave. Wizard decided to enter the Gates' Underworld as he tried to wake them up along with Rinko and Shunpei, however leaving Koyomi behind.

In the Underworld, Haruto wakes up in the shop and notice something strange happening to Koyomi and Wajima, which they say it is Yu Kamimura/Poitrine's birthday. As he wondering who is Yu Kamimura, the monster appears attack the children. Haruto as Wizard arrives where they are and let Rinko and Shunpei getting the children to safety. However before they can escape, they notice that people are acting like zombies, which makes them wondering what is happening. As they manage to escape, Wizard fight some monster, until a woman named Yu Kamimura arrived and changed into Poitrine. After she transform, the people started to cheer for Poitrine and the monsters started to attack which made Wizard curious. After the fight, Wizard noticed some monsters escaping, but Poitrine stops him and tells Wizard that they will disappear, which they did. Haruto takes Yu to the shop which they celebrate her birthday, until Haruto started to feel sleepy. As he wakes up, Haruto notices that the next day is also Poitrine's birthday, which he realizes that this is the Gates' Underworld. After realizing that, Haruto decided to look for Shunpei and Rinko to see if it is really them. Haruto found them being attacked by the worker and chief, so he uses the Sleep Ring on them. They decide to wander about the Underworld which made Haruto thinks that it is a special one. Also Haruto realize that the monsters that escaped when he fought them earlier, was actually exiting out the Underworld to the real world.

As Haruto knowing that the day is repeated, he knew that the monsters are attacking the children. He arrive where the monsters are as Wizard Hurricane Style as they manage get the children to safety. Wizard finishes off the monsters before Yu arrive, however people started booing at Wizard and after the monsters are defeated, they started to act like zombies again. After the monsters are defeated, Yu appeared and tell Haruto that people are waiting form Poitrine. Haruto tells her that she is actually waiting for them. He wants her to go back to reality, but she thinks that reality is boring. Gahra appears as he tell Yu that she can do anything in the Underworld, which she decide to make Haruto into her puppet. Haruto tries to stop her, however Yu teleports him to a wedding. As Haruto trying to get her to return to reality, Rinko and Shunpei arrive, along with the children where they are. The children trying to get Yu back into her normal self. Haruto tells her that there is someone that needed her, which she manage to get herself free from the magic that the Akumaizer use. After freeing herself, they return back to the city, which made Gahra wondering why the magic didn't work. Haruto and Yu transform and fight Gahra. After Gahra is defeated, he changes into Gahratcho. Wizard summons WizarDragon and finishes off the Gahratcho with the Strike End Rider Kick. After the fight, Potirine thanks Wizard as they are about to return to reality. However, Xatan and Eel appear taking Poitrine away from Wizard, which he has to rescue.

As Wizard is in a pinch, Fourze arrive along with Meteor and Nadeshiko helping him taking out the monsters. After the fight, they arrive where the Monster Army are and fight them in civilian form. While Haruto is fighting the monsters, the children use the Rider Rings on him, which summons Kamen Riders Double, Accel, OOO, and Birth. After the summoned Riders taking out the monsters, they transform and chases the armored car. After the other Riders manage to take out the monsters from the vehicle, Wizard and Fourze enter the armored car, fighting the Akumaizer. As they finish off Eel and Gahra, Fourze and Wizard, along with Poitrine evacuate the vehicle as the other Riders destroy the armored car. As the summoned Riders disappear, they were happy the battle is over. However, Xatan jumped out of the vehicle retrieving back the Zeber from Fourze and the armored car transform into Zaiderbeck. Fourze then changes into Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion States as Poitrine uses the last of her magic to create a ring for Wizard which changes him into Special Rush. As the Riders change into their new form, they started to attack the Zaiderbeck before it land on the Ocean of Magic. After the Zaiderbeck is heavily damaged, Wizard and Fourze use their Rider Kicks to destroy Xatan and the Zeber. After the battle is over, they return to reality. Gentaro asks Haruto to return the Fourze Driver to his past self as he uses the Time Ring to return Gentaro and his friends to their time. The children wake up having no memory in the Underworld, however Yu wakes up and still remembering the events. As she removes the mask, it reveals that the manager is Yu Kamimura. Haruto is horrified as he tells him that they already met before. Sometimes later, Haruto returns the Fourze Driver to the present Gentaro. Gentaro was then surprise and curious who he us as Haruto reply to him that he was the Rider that saved him early, which made Gentaro confused. Haruto then gives him the friendship handshake and the Fourze Engage Ring, also telling him good luck in 5 years. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum

Fourze's appearances

Everyone, Space is Here!

Wizard's First Appearance
Wizard comes to Fourze and Meteor's aid.
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He was first seen assisting Kamen Riders Fourze and Meteor against the remaining four duplicate Horoscopes (Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini and Pisces), allowing the two Riders to enter space with the Kamen Rider Club. He makes quick work of the Horoscopes. This was the first time that Haruto learned of the Kamen Riders, and met other Kamen Riders. He introduced himself as a Wizard to Fourze, who explained to him that Kamen Riders are heroes that fight for justice, thus Haruto gave himself the title "Kamen Rider Wizard". Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Everyone, Space is Here!

Everyone, Class is Here!

Wizard and Fourze in net movie
Wizard and Fourze.

Wizard also appears with Fourze in Kamen Rider Fourze the Net Edition: Everyone, Class is Here!. In the Net Movie, Gentaro mistakens Wizard as his senior when Tomoko reveals to him that Wizard is actually his junior. Gentaro was surprised to hear this, still he decides to befriend him. Appearing out of nowhere, Tomoko starts to be interested about Wizard's gear, which made him feel uncomfortable, so Gentaro uses the Hand Module to stop her.

Youthful Galaxy

Haruto in Fourze finale
Haruto appears in the Fourze finale.

He later appeared out of his Rider form some time after Fourze defeated Mitsuaki Gamou, his last battle against the Zodiarts. Haruto walked past Miu Kazashiro and Shun Daimonji while adjusting his Flame Ring, unknowingly and unintentionally catching Miu's eye and interrupting Shun's proposal to her. Finale: Youthful Galaxy

Return of Lizardman

Haruto was taking Koyomi clothes shopping, he had made it a routine that every now and then he would take Koyomi out to give her more of a normal life. Koyomi wasn't really sure about what outfits suited her, Haruto got her a beret so she wouldn't come home empty-handed. While walking, Haruto and Koyomi spotted a strange PlaMonster, Black Cerberus, following it. But while following Black Cerberus, Haruto had to leave Koyomi to follow the PlaMonster on her own as he encountered Medusa as she attacked a youth. Assuming Hurricane Dragon, Kamen Rider Wizard seemingly defeated Medusa as he turned to the youth as he offered to protect him for a while. Arriving to Omokagedo with the youth, a woman named Chizuru Manaka came by the shop, she was an old friend of the youth who reveals his name to be Satoshi Ishi, an aspiring movie director who went missing six months ago. Elsewhere, ending up in the middle of the forest, Koyomi ventures into a cave where she found a blue magic stone. As Koyomi returned to Omokagedo to give the stone to Wajima, Haruto and the others gone to the campus where Satoshi lived to help him finish editing his movie. However, while Chizuru told the others how he got her into acting, they found Satoshi gone. Fearing the worst, Haruto found Satoshi before finding himself evading numerous attempts on his life. Haruto learned that "Satoshi" is actually the Phantom Lizardman, the first Phantom that Haruto encountered six months ago. Battling Wizard so he can escape his execution, Lizardman held Chizuru hostage before being attacked by Medusa who revealed the girl to be a Gate. The Film Director Came Back

Haruto with Chizuru and Satoshi
Haruto with Chizuru and Satoshi.
Haruto driven away Lizardman and Medusa but Chizuru was more worried about Satoshi's safety and ran away. Haruto revealed the truth to the others and while Wajima started working on the new magic stone brought by Koyomi, Haruto received a call from Chizuru, to meet her along Satoshi in her apartment. With Chizuru still unaware that Satoshi was actually Lizardman, Haruto managed to meet her before he attacked her, but the Phantom fled after realizing how important the movie she was making with Satoshi is important to her. Lizardman stole the film and set about to destroy it in front of her to drive her into despair when Haruto realized that her hope does not come from the film, but from her feelings for Satoshi. He puts Chizuru into unconsciousness with his "Sleep Ring" and confronted Lizardman with his two new rings. Transforming himself into Kamen Rider Wizard Water Dragon and finishing him with the Special and Blizzard Rings.
Chizuru departs
Haruto, with Rinko and Shunpei by his side, watches as Chizuru leaves to move on with her life, knowing that he will one day have to tell her the truth. concerning Satoshi's fate.
After Chizuru awakened, Haruto lied to her, claiming that Satoshi left to America to flee from the Phantoms and study there. Chizuru left to move on with her life, as Haruto was remembered by Rinko that despite having made the right choice, he must eventually tell her the truth someday. Meanwhile, Wiseman returned to his dwelling to discover that the magic stone he produced is missing, but does not seem surprised at all, as he was already expecting it to happen.After the Last Scene is...

A Christmas Miracle

Wizard and Santa
Wizard, in Tatsuro's Underworld, meets Claus, who gives him the Merry Christmas Ring.
With Koyomi taking him to where she found the blue Magic Stone, Haruto felt an evil presence watching them from afar before they return to the city and found Rinko in a Santa outfit as part of a mandatory police program. Alerted to a Phantom attack and coming to the aid of blond-haired man chased by Ghouls, Haruto transformed into Kamen Rider Wizard to take out the grunts. Despite being informed about his situation at Omokagedo, the blonde-haired man named Tatsuro ignored their warnings and left while claiming that he has something to do by Christmas Eve. Haruto kept watching Tatsuro close as he engaged in several part-time jobs before stopping to rest as he watched over an orphanage. Haruto questioned Tatsuro about his connection with the orphanage, but he refrained from answering and left. The owner recognized Tatsuro as he left and revealed to Haruto that he was one of the orphans raised there, but he fled after involving himself in trouble some years ago. As Haruto heard about the mysterious gifts left at the orphanage in previous Christmases and realized that they were Tatsuro's doing, he went after him, just to find him with several gifts he bought with all the money he got. Realizing that it was the gifts that he brought to the children that bring him hope, Phoenix appeared before them and destroyed the gifts, driving Tatsuro in despair as he fights Haruto. In the end, Haruto defeated Phoenix once more by combining Kamen Rider Wizard Water Dragon's Blizzard magic with a Slash Strike which froze him before being shattered into pieces.
Wizard 16 07
Haruto surprised to see a Santa Claus.
After Haruto dived into Tatsuro's Underworld to defeat his inner Phantom Hekatonkheir, he met a Santa Claus inside there and received a present from him. Back to the outside world, after a reborn Phoenix took his leave, Haruto found that the present was the Merry Christmas Ring and used it to restore the destroyed gifts before the item faded away. As Tatsuro was caught delivering the presents to the orphanage by the owner, the two reconciled as Haruto wondered if the one who gave him the ring was the real Santa Claus himself. The Miracle of Christmas

A New Magician

Haruto came to the aid of a strange new Gate who was being attacked by the Phantom Manticore and a group of Ghouls when he was about to eat. With the youth forcefully dragged off by Rinko and Shunpei, Kamen Rider Wizard proceeded to defeat the Ghouls before turning his attention to Manticore in Land Style.

Haruto, you're gonna die mate
Having just poisoned him, Manticore predicts certain death for Haruto.

However, faking a retreat, Manticore poisoned Kamen Rider Wizard with his stinger before assuming his human form, a fortune teller, predicting the magician's slow and antagonizing death.

Shunpei and Rinko as the two learned of Haruto's condition and returned to Omokagedo, while losing the youth they were tasked to keep an eye on. With Red Garuda watching him from afar, the youth encountered Manticore as he gave him a free fortune to find his despair. But the youth's upbeat personality and ideals confused Manticore before Haruto and company arrived with the Phantom forced to assume his true form. With the youth enjoying the turn of events, and Haruto unable to transform due to the poison draining his mana.

The assumed Gate introduced himself as Kosuke Nitoh while revealing himself to be the "ancient wizard" known as Kamen Rider Beast, upon revealing a Magic Ring on his person. Once transformed, Kamen Rider Beast defeats the Ghouls and devours them for their magical power before donning the Chameleo Mantle to fight Manticore. Though inflicted with Manticore's poison, Kamen Rider Beast used the Dolphi Mantle to wash the poison off of himself and Haruto before donning the Falco Mantle to finish the Phantom off and eats him.

With Haruto wanting to confirm his Phantom consumption, Kamen Rider Beast instead assumed Kamen Rider Wizard also hunted Phantoms for their magical power and warned him not to meddle with his meals, again, before taking his leave. Another Magician

Magical Food

Beast confronts Wizard
Beast confronts Wizard for interferring in his feeding.

Haurto arrived on the scene when a new Gate, Hiroshi Oikawa, was being attacked by the Phantom Hydra, only to find that Kosuke, delighting in a pitch chance, had already confronted the Phnatom, giving Oikawa time to escape. Kosuke was annoyed when Haruto arrives. As Kosuke found himself grabbed by a furious Hydra, Haruto transformed into Kamen Rider Wizard to save Kosuke before he followed suit and became Kamen Rider Beast. The Phantom fled with Beast upset that Wizard once again meddled in his feeding affairs. Later, while treated to Mayonasse Donuts, Kosuke learned of the Gates and that Haruto does not need to feed on Phantoms. When Haruto asked how he became a magician, Kosuke revealed that he was in college when he found a secret chamber in old ruins where he found a seal. Removing a ring and buckle from the seal, it caused the seal to break as Ghouls emerged. Compelled by the voice, Kosuke uses it and met the Phantom Chimera who told him that they were in a pact. However, the pact required Kosuke to provide Beast Chimera with the magical energies of Phantoms to prolong his life. Then Kosuke learned that Haruto's reason to fight Phantoms but stopped him from revealing what becomes of the Gates if he failed to protect them. The next day, with Medusa formulating a plan to rectify the new turn of events, Hydra resurfaced to find Oikawa.

While Haruto and Koyomi split up to cover ground in their search, Koyomi encountered a strange man she identified as a Phantom who gave her a yellow Magic Stone meant for Haruto. Elsewhere, Kosuke was approached by Medusa who claimed that Haruto lied about not being after the Phantoms for their energy. Revealing that the despairing Gates are needed to procreate her kind, Medusa talked Kosuke into killing Haruto in return for a new supply of Phantoms to prolong his life. Not knowing who to believe, Kamen Rider Beast jumped into Kamen Rider Wizard's fight with Hydra and turned it into a three-way battle as he intended to give Oikawa to the highest bidder. The Magic of Food

Today first, Tomorrow second

Kosuke refuses Engage Ring
Kosuke declines Haruto's offer to use the Engage Ring to enter his Underworld and destroy Beast Chimera for him.

When the three-way battle between Kamen Rider Wizard, Kamen Rider Beast, and the Phantom Hydra reached a stalemate, Nitoh grabbed Oikawa and flees away with him. Back at the Omokagedo, Haruto explained the situation to the others while Wajima started working on the magic stone brought by Koyomi. Unable to draw the Phantom from Oikawa by himself, Nitoh accompanied him to his home and noticed a woman's painting in the wall. Nitoh learned from him that it is a portrait of his late wife he painted and it was the only thing that keeps him going in life. They were joined by Haruto, Shunpei and Rinko, and Nitoh got desolated when he learned from Haruto that a Phantom is born at the expense of the Gate's existence, as despite his will to keep living, he did not want to do so by taking the lives of others. In the following day, Haruto and his friends decided to take the painting to Omokagedo for safe keeping but they were attacked on the way by Hydra and while Haruto is distracted fighting him, his Ghouls destroyed the portrait, driving Oikawa into despair. Nitoh joined the fight and to make amends for all the trouble he caused, he dived into Oikawa's Underworld to destroy his inner Phantom, while Koyomi brought two new rings crafted by Wajima for Haruto. Watched from afar by the same Phantom who gave Koyomi the magic stone, Haruto used the rings to transform into Kamen Rider Wizard Land Dragon and restrained Hydra with the Gravity Ring's magic before finishing him with the Special Ring as Nitoh mounted in the Beast Chimera to hunt down the inner Phantom. Despite being saved, Oikawa grieved over the lost portrait until Haruto shown him a letter from his wife he found at the back of the frame addressed to him. Knowing that her final wish was for him to keep painting, Oikawa found the will to move on with his life. Haruto offered himself to destroy Nitoh's inner Phantom and save him from dying by mana depletion, but he refused and took his leave, saying that they will meet again in the future. Today's Life, the Life of Tomorrow

Learning The Truth

A young housewife called Shiho Arai was attacked by the Phantom Beelzebub, Haruto arrived on the scene and fought his Ghouls as Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Style while Shunpei took the housewife to safety. Finding that protecting the Gate is tougher than they thought, Haruto used his new Dress Up Ring to accompany her to her formal luncheon. However, both there and then at a dance class, Haruto found Shiho being completely ignored to her dismay. Even Shunpei shoved her aside in an occasion after offering to be her friend, with Haruto realizing that everyone she has ties with was under Beelzebub's control. Confronting Beelzebub as he had Shiho's husband abandon her, Haruto transformed to fight the Phantom's Ghouls using the new Excite Ring as Kamen Rider Beast joined the fray. However, Beelzebub revealed his ability to bend time-space and proceeded to overpower Wizard. Learning The Truth

New Power and The Dragons' Wild Dance

Haruto witnesses the Drago Timer
Haruto is presented with the Drago Timer by the White Wizard.

Realizing that Beelzebub's time-space bending has him at a disadvantage, Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Dragon was defeated. Luckily, he was saved by the White Wizard who took him to a strange altar. Coming to, Haruto was told of a ritual to become stronger by drawing the full potential of his inner Phantom and he accepted to do it after being warned of the risks. Enduring the pain, Haruto's gained a manifestation of his mana: The Drago Timer. Rinko returned, revealing Beelzebub's method of control was through his familiars, having been informed of this by Phoenix, unbeknownst to Haruto. Rinko, Koyomi, Shunpei, and Nitoh managed to hunt down and neutralize all of Beelzebub's familiars. Elsewhere, revealing that the familiars where nothing more than receivers for his energy, Beelzebub latched an attack with his controlled victims with Koyomi attempting to get Shiho to safety as Kamen Rider Beast was beaten by Phantom. Luckily, Haruto arrived and transformed to battle Beelzebub before assuming Flame Dragon form to summon the Drago Timer. Using the Drago Timer, Kamen Rider Wizard created three manifestations of his Water Dragon, Hurricane Dragon, and Land Dragon forms. With his time-space ineffective, the Wizards finished Beelzebub off with their Dragon Four-Mation followed by a quadruplet Slash Strike with his victims restored to normal. The Dragons' Wild Dance

Phoenix's Rampage

Haruto explains his newly acquired Drago Timer to everyone in Omokagedo. Haruto and Shunpei decide to call Rinko for a lunch but they oddly can't contact her. Haruto decidesthey should buy some groceries without her, despite his suspicions. Haruto and Shunpei soon run in to Kosuke in his new home. Kosuke then invites (or rather, gathers) the two for a lunch using their groceries. Haruto then goes to Don't Shop Hungry, while Shunpei buys more food. After a while, Haruto finds a panicked Shunpei, who gives him Rinko's bloodied ID. Haruto, after questioning his assistant about where he got it, decides to split up. After contacting Kizaki, Haruto meets Sora for the first time. Haruto then fights Sora, who coyly commented that it was a bad introduction. Sora then tells Haruto to save Rinko, laughing as he vanishes. Arriving in an abandoned warehouse, Haruto meets Phoenix once again, who revels at the mage's arrival. Haruto transforms into Kamen Rider Wizard and begins the battle. Wizard changes to Water Dragon, since he had defeated Phoenix with Water Dragon. However, Dragon Freeze is useless, much to Wizard's shock; Phoenix reminds him that "the same trick won't work on me twice!". Wizard decides to try Hurricane Dragon and uses Hurricane Dragon Strike Wizard then Hurricane Dragon Slash Strike, which successfully defeat Phoenix. However, Haruto had another surprise coming, much to his horror; Phoenix could now resurrect with no delay. Wizard then tries to use Dragon Levitate in Land Dragon, hoping it would delay the Greater Phantom enough to allow him to get to Rinko. However, Phoenix is strong enough to break free from the stronger gravity of Dragon Levitate. Tired from the extended duel, Wizard could only watch Phoenix attack with blazing wings. The Phoenix's Rampage

The Final Battle Against Phoenix

Haruto in hospital with Rinko
Haruto by Rinko's bedside as she recovers in hospital after being brutalised by Phoenix.

With Haruto is completely exhausted from the fight, Phoenix continue to beating him up without mercy, overpower the Wizard Land Dragon. When Phoenix was about to deliver the final blow to Haruto, Nitoh was arrived to take on Phoenix, thanks to a distraction in the form of Kamen Rider Beast, Kamen Rider Wizard had change into Hurricane Dragon, takes Rinko and escapes, leaving Beast to keep Phoenix busy.

After Haruto makes sure that Rinko is okay, he runs into Kizaki at the hospital, who reminds him that he was the one who got Rinko into the fight with Phantoms in the first place. His resolve shaken, Haruto returns home. However, Koyomi quickly reminds him that he kept her from throwing her life away, and that he is everyone's final hope. He catches Kyosuke and prevents him from fighting Phoenix, and heads off to the final battle.

There will be no finale for you
Having just kicked the immortal Phoenix into the Sun in All Dragon, Haruto declares there is no finale for him.

Meeting his long-time foe at the place they first fought, Haruto assumes Flame Dragon immediately. At first at a disadvantage, Haruto takes the fight away from the city and uses the DragoTimer to start gaining the upper hand. However, Phoenix is far too powerful, and the four Wizards only even the fight out, at best. But Haruto, resolved, decides to unlock the Drago Timer's true potential, and assumes All Dragon for the first time. After an impressive elemental display, Haruto lands a fatal blow with his claws. Phoenix reminds him that he'll simply resurrect, but Haruto coldly tells Phoenix that immortality has a price before tossing him into the Stratosphere and using the Strike Dragon to send him hurtling into the sun. As Phoenix begins his eternity of death and rebirth, Haruto ends the fight with a cold truth; "There will be no Finale for you." The Decisive Battle

Beast's Grandmother

Both Haruto and Shunpei noted that Nitoh was being oddly giddy, he revealed that Rinko called him to meet her, mistaking it for an invitation for a date just to later realize that she had actually came with his grandmother Toshie Nitoh who intended to take him back to Fukui. Not wanting his grandmother to know about his predicament, Nitoh ran off with Haruto and Rinko in pursuit. As Shunpei gave a saddened Toshie a tour of the city to cheer her up, they were attacked by the Phantom Weretiger who recognized Toshie her as a Gate, and Shunpei fled with her while calling Haruto and the others. Arriving, Haruto transformed into Kamen Rider Wizard with Nitoh eventually becoming Kamen Rider Beast at a secluded location. Assuming a made-up persona, "The Magical Girl, Beast.", in order to deceive his grandma, Kamen Rider Beast fought Weretiger before he retreated as Wizard joined the fray. Later, while Toshie spent the night at Omokagedō while giving Shunpei her side of the story while being assured that that he cares for her, Nitoh revealed to Haruto how his grandmother always hounded him for his safety before he left for his exploration and asked him to take his grandmother home in his place.

The next day, after being paid a visit by Gremlin, Weretiger poses as a bus driver to capture Toshie while leaving Haruto in the dust. However, Nitoh was following his grandmother in disguise and is forced to reveal his identity as Kamen Rider Beast to her when he transformed. Luckily, Kamen Rider Wizard intercepted the bus with the Machine Winger, assuming Water Style to fight as Beast uses the Chameleo Mantle. During the course of the fight, Weretiger had them end up with the other's ring, resulting in Wizard successfully using the Dolphi Ring to perform a new power to Beast's dismay as Haruto's rings wouldn't fit in his Beast Driver, using the Buffa Mantle instead. Upon hearing that her grandson needs to eat Phantoms to survive and that Phantoms are born from Gates thrown into despair, Toshie decided to offer herself to Weretiger without resistance before Shunpei took a hit meant for her. But before Kamen Rider Wizard can reach him, Gremlin arrived and worsened matters by taking Shunpei as a hostage while telling the Kamen Riders he will later inform them of a location where they can exchange their friend with Toshie. The Magician's Grandmother

The Choosing of the Lives

Back at the Omokagedō, Toshie revealed to them that her intention to become a Phantom was so that Nitoh would consume her, as he needs the mana of Phantoms and Ghouls to survive. As he reprimanded his grandmother for her drive to sacrifice herself for him, he remembered that he had hidden the Green Griffon in Shunpei's bag to follow him. Haruto and Rinko then traced the Green Griffon to an abandoned bowling alley, but instead of Shunpei, they met Medusa, and they realized that Gremlin had seen through Nitoh's plan and led them away from the place where Shunpei was being held by Weretiger and took the opportunity to reveal the location for the exchange before fleeing. Meanwhile, Nitoh finally realized that despite her strictness, Toshie always cared for him and finally reconciled with her. The time for the meeting came, and just as asked, Nitoh brought Toshie and exchanged her for Shunpei after also surrendering the Beast Driver to Gremlin and Weretiger. Gremlin then attacked Nitoh, realizing that Toshie's grandson is the source of her hope and destroying him would certainly drive her into despair. However, they soon found that Nitoh was being protected by magic Haruto cast on him with the Falco Ring and Haruto took the opportunity to rescue Toshie and return the Beast Driver for him. Now having to confront both Kamen Riders, Gremlin and Weretiger found themselves in a disadvantage and Gremlin fled away after Haruto weakened Weretiger with the Drago Timer and Nitoh destroyed him with a Kick Strike to consume it. Some time later, Nitoh saw away his grandmother as she left to return home. Choosing the Life

Academy Infiltration & the Bond of Sisters

Haruto Shocked
Haruto shocked when he witnesses Shunpei in his schoolgirl outfit.
Muhammad AmirAdded by Muhammad Amir

As Haruto obtained a new Plamonster, the shy Violet Golem, Nitoh saw a schoolgirl who resembled Medusa. In his search for the girl, Nitoh had a run-in with Medusa, later catching the schoolgirl and ending up getting arrested. Haruto and Shunpei posed as high school students to follow the girl and learned her name to be Mayu Inamori from the three girls Medusa attacked earlier. But as Rinko found a startling fact during her research on the girl, Haruto felt there was something amiss with Mayu before Medusa appeared and gone after Mayu's friend Takako. Seeing Mayu, Medusa assumes her human form which Mayu recognizes as her older twin sister Misa Inamori. Delighting in the events of seeing her original self's twin, Medusa attacked Haruto as he became Kamen Rider Wizard while Shunpei got Takako to safety. Assuming Flame Dragon so his Drago Timer clones can hold off the Ghouls, Wizard battled Medusa as Kamen Rider Beast arrives, Kosuke having been released from jail by Rinko, and consumed the grunts. As the Kamen Riders then battled Medusa, Gremlin delighted in the new turn of events as Mayu watched in disbelief that her sister has become a monster. Academy Infiltration

Overpowering Kamen Riders Wizard and Beast, Medusa turned her attention to Mayu and assumed her original self's form before taking her leave with Rinko holding Mayu from following her. Later, as Nitoh and Shunpei took Takako to her home to keep an eye on her, Mayu was taken to Omokagedō to cope with the new turn of events. The next day, as Mayu receives a text message and left in secret, Haruto was informed that Gremlin had appeared to attack Takako. By the time Kamen Rider Wizard arrived to put the Phantom at a disadvantage with Kamen Rider Beast, Gremlin revealed that Mayu was a Gate and that Medusa had lured her to the house her family lived in. As Wizard Hurricane Dragon and Rinko flew off towards them, Mayu was fooled into believing that Medusa was Misa as the Phantom tricked her into giving her the keepsake and revealing that seeing their family again gave her hope. Having now what she needs, Medusa explained that the real Misa has long died and that she murdered Mayu's parents before smashing the keepsake to begin the birth of Mayu's Phantom just as Wizard and Rinko arrived too late. With Medusa keeping Haruto from interfering by completely siphoning his magic so he can watch, it seemed that Mayu's Phantom was about to manifest as Medusa watched on. However, remembering Misa's words that only she decides how it starts and ends, Mayu suppressed her Phantom to Medusa's shock as the White Wizard appeared and drove her off. The White Wizard then turned his attention to Mayu to offer her the chance take revenge for her family as his apprentice, the girl choosing her new beginning as a witch. Big Sister and Little Sister

The Stolen Belt & The Evolving Wild Beast

Archeologist Osamu Nakamoto discovers in some ancient ruins a Wizard Ring similar to those used by Kamen Rider Beast and a strange rock.

At the Omokagedō, Haruto and the others learned that Takako was sent to her family overseas for her safety while there was still no news from Mayu since she disappeared with the White Wizard. Violet Golem was still refusing to leave the shop and rather wants to stay with Wajima, helping with his work instead. Meanwhile Nitoh, in anguish for not having consumed a Phantom recently, learned about a discovery by archeologist Osamu Nakamoto of a Wizard Ring similar to those used by him as well as a strange rock. He left to meet Nakamoto, finding him under attack by the Phantom Spriggan. Spriggan was driven away by Haruto and Nitoh and both Nitoh and Nakamoto found themselves mesmerized with each other's relics. In the end, Nakamoto agreed to let Nitoh examine the ring he found once he researched his Beast Driver. Haruto then returned to the shop, sure that Nakamoto shall be safe in Nitoh's company, just to find that Violet Golem helped Wajima craft a storage box for the Wizard Rings, which he also uses to hide himself. Rinko informed him that Nakamoto is not held in esteem by his peers, always assigned to menial tasks, and that he may have found in Nitoh's relics the chance he was waiting for to make a breakthrough in his career. The next day, Nitoh awakened just to find that his Beast Driver and Wizard Rings were missing, just as Spriggan and Gremlin launched an attack on them. Unable to transform into Kamen Rider Beast, Nitoh found himself powerless while Haruto had his hands full trying to protect Nakamoto from two Phantoms at once. The Stolen Belt

Haruto considers the Please Ring
Haruto considers using the Please Ring to give Kosuke mana to spare him from the wrath of Beast Chimera.

Outnumbered by the enemies, Wizard used the Drago Timer to overwhelm the Phantoms while getting Nakamoto to safety. At Omokagedō, Nitoh fretted over losing his belt as it was the only way to feed Beast Chimera. After Haruto's attempt to use the Please Ring to give him the mana he needs failed, Rinko talked Nakamoto into letting her investigate his study for clues of the belt's whereabouts. With Rinko and Haruto getting suspicious of Nakamoto running them around, and remembering his need for acknowledgement, they revealed to Nitoh that Nakamoto was the one who stole the Beast Driver from Nitoh. When Nitoh confronted Nakamoto about it, he denied having it and drove everyone away from his room. Sending Shunpei to get him a replica of the Beast Driver that the Violet Golem created, the gang tricked Nakamoto into exposing where he had hidden it. Nakamoto then confessed that he was just tired of being forced to have the merits of his findings stolen by his superior and wanted to be recognized by any means. Suddenly, while calming Rinko down, Nitoh collapsed as he realized Beast Chimera was beginning to eat his spiritual essence away. Refusing to accept Haruto's help, Nitoh explained that he wants to know everything about the Phantom they are fighting and his abilities, even if it kills him. By then, having been told by Gremlin that Nakamoto's findings are his hope, Spriggan arrived with Haruto grabbing the false driver to draw the Phantom away. As Haruto used the Fall Ring before transforming to fight Spriggan, Nitoh reclaimed his arsenal with Nakamoto giving him the relics.

Arriving just as Spriggan got the upper hand against Wizard, Nitoh transformed into Beast, but was still too weak to fight until he used the Hyper Ring which took him to his Underworld where Beast Chimera gave him his power just as Haruto gained his Dragon Style thanks to WizarDragon, resulting in Beast's evolution into Kamen Rider Beast Hyper, while the other relic transforms into the Mirage Magnum gun. After easily consuming the Ghouls, Beast Hyper overwhelmed Spriggan before eventually using the Mirage Magnum to finish the Phantom off with the Shooting Mirage finisher, consuming the Phantom's magical essence while Gremlin watches from afar. Later, Nitoh, Haruto, and the others saw Nakamoto off as he left the country, finally realizing that finding what mysteries the world holds was more important than the fame they give him. The Evolving Wild Beast

The Day Magic Vanished

A tear in Haruto's soul
Legion rips open a tear to Haruto's Underworld.

The next day at the doughnut shop, with Rinko being run ragged by a series of coma victims, Haruto and Shunpei noticed a youth named Kenta trying to cheer his younger sister Shiori. Wanting to help, Haruto used his magic to perform tricks. They were forced to depart when Rinko alerted them to a new Phantom, Legion, who Nitoh found attacking not a Gate but a normal human, briefly fighting him as Beast before he took his leave as he was not interested in him, revealing that the Phantom was behind the coma attacks. Later, finding Kenta from before buying a flower bouquet, Haruto and Shunpei encountered Legion as he deemed Kenta of interest. Fighting Legion while Shunpei took Kenta to safety, Haruto transformed into Kamen Rider Wizard as the Phantom, who sought not Gates but people with pure hearts, deemed him a more worthy target. Even with Beast joining the fray, Legion was too powerful for the Kamen Riders as the Phantom forcibly entered Haruto's Underworld. Inside Haruto's body, Legion proceeded to destroy him from the inside as Kamen Rider Beast was forced to use his Engage Ring to stop the Phantom with Beast Chimera. But when WizarDragon joined the fray, Legion destroyed the inner Phantom with Haruto now rendered powerless. The Day Magic Vanished

Tears and Infinity Style

Haruto and revived WizarDragon
Haruto faces the revived WizarDragon.

With WizarDragon destroyed, Haruto lost his magical powers and Legion fled. With Shunpei's help, Nitoh took him back to the Omokagedō to rest and after explaining the situation to the others, he left to confront Legion by himself. Legion kept attacking innocents, but did not finds satisfaction on it anymore, as he failed to destroy Haruto's mind completely and decided to look for him. After Nitoh asked him to leave Legion to his care, Haruto was approached by Kenta and Shiori who asked him to perform magic for them again, but he revealed to them that he lost his powers. Kenta then revealed that he was learning magic tricks to cheer up his sister who was about to undergo a surgery, and claimed that to them, Haruto's kindness was more important than his magic. Back at the shop, Haruto found Koyomi's Please Ring abandoned and realizes that she was missing. Knowing that without his magic, Koyomi will soon run out of mana and perish, Haruto looked for her, while Nitoh found and confronted Legion, but even after transforming into Kamen Rider Beast Hyper he ended up restrained by the Phantom. Legion then resumed his search for Haruto, who found Koyomi where they first met after the night of the eclipse. Koyomi also mentioned how he encouraged her at that time, and thanked him for giving her a reason to keep living to the end. When Legion found them, Haruto was beaten up by the Phantom until Koyomi ran out of mana and collapsed. As Haruto started crying for her, he asserted that he will never give up and his powers returned, creating the Infinity Ring with his tears. When Haruto equipped the WizarDriver, WizarDragon appeared before him, revealing that his determination is what brought him back to life and offered his help once more. Haruto then used the ring to transform into Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style and summoned WizarDragon in the form of his new weapon, the Axcalibur. Legion tried to enter into Haruto's mind again with no success and after weakening the enemy, the Kamen Rider finished him with the Axcalibur's Shining Strike. Watched by the White Wizard from afar, Haruto brought Koyomi back to life and rejoiced with Nitoh and the others. Weeks later, Haruto caught up with Kenta and Shiori, where it was revealed that her surgery was successful. He performed magic tricks for them again only this time using some of Shunpei's rather than his true magic. Tears

Magic Land

When Koyomi is kidnapped by the golden magician, Kamen Rider Sorcerer, Haruto arrive to save her, but Sorcerer was too powerful as he uses the Create Ring to make a new world where people can use magic. After he uses the Create Ring, the world started to vanish as Wizard grabs onto Koyomi's hand. As Haruto and Koyomi woke up, they notice that their world have change and the citizens can use magic, even their friends. When he buys a donut from Donut Shop Hungry, the Manager started to get angry as Shunpei tells Haruto that the currency in Magic Land is also their mana which have him surprise. Before he could eat, the Phantom Khepri attacks as Haruto is about to transform. However, Rinko arrives and transform into Kamen Rider Mage, which shocked Haruto and Koyomi as Shunpei, Ryu and Manger also transform along with other citizens to fight Khepri and his Ghouls. He also transform, but Wizard was interfering in their battle. The Mages defeated the Phantom as Haruto approaches Rinko that he tells her that he and Koyomi were from a different world, which have Rinko thinking something is strange as she arrests them both. She then sent Haruto and Koyomi to meet Emperor Maya, as he started to question about the emperor. After hearing what Haruto said to him, Maya use his magic to attack him. Koyomi then revealed to Maya that she can't use magic, which shocked the citizens. Later, Haruto was wondering what was the golden magician's plan, which made Rinko and Shunpei think about the identity of the magician. However, it leads them to Kosuke, but to their surprise, he was a professor and learned that he created the Beast Driver and doesn't consume the Phantoms' mana. After meeting Kosuke, Haruto tells Koyomi that he thinks he doesn't need to fight the Phantoms in Magic Land after seeing the citizens could fight the Phantoms. Surprisingly, they manage to find the shop, which it had become a shop for magic rings. In the shop, Wajima appears and demonstrate one of the rings, but his customers left the store after seeing its ability. They then meet him as Wajima introduced Shiina to them and tell Haruto and Koyomi about Shiina's past.

Later that night, after Shiina stormed off, Wajima tells Haruto about his deceased mother and Shiina telling Wajima about something strange about what Maya told him. As he search for Shiina, Haruto finds Kosuke fishing for mayonnaise, which he finds it strange. When Haruto hears a scream, they went where Shiina is and find him falling into despair. They transform and fought the Phantoms Phoenix, Gremlin, and Medusa. After Wizard and Beast manage to defeat the Phantoms, they enter Shiina's Underworld and finishes off his inner Phantom. After Shiina's inner Phantom was destroyed, they sent him back to the shop as Shiina woke up and tells them that he saw Sorcerer, also thinking that Maya is the culprit. Haruto believes what he said and sneaks in the tower along with Kosuke. As they made it in, they then disguised themselves as guards, so they could enter Maya's room. As they made it to Maya's room, Kosuke finds something strange about the chess board. After Kosuke moves the Knight piece, a secret passage opens, which leads them to a stairway. At the end of the stairway, a door appears, but before Kosuke could open it, it talks. The door gives them a question before they could enter as Haruto says the answer. After that, they discover a pile of skeletons (including Shiina's mother) and Kosuke tells Haruto that it is a forbidden machine that is where the mana transfers to. As they hear footsteps, they witness Maya meeting Auma. The meeting ends, but Kosuke accidentally talks, which results in them having to escape after they learn that Maya will use the machine to drain all magic in Magic Land. While running, Kosuke tells Haruto that Maya will die alone as it is impossible to drain all magic until Sorcerer attacks them as they transform. Beast lets Wizard escape as he fights Sorcerer alone. Haruto then tells his friends about Maya's plan, but they don't believe him. Maya then appears in a broadcast to tell the citizens to capture Haruto. The guards arrive to capture him, but he manages to escape them by riding his Machine Winger. Even he rides his bike, they still chase him but, Wizard manages to outsmart them.

After that, he shoots the Hand Authors, but Wizard was stopped by the Captain of the Imperial Guards. He tries telling the citizens of Maya's plan, but they started to hate Wizard, until Koyomi arrives to stop them. Koyomi then tells Haruto that she met Maya before and he is suffering alone. The Captain tells his guards to capture Haruto, but Shiina stops them along with Rinko and Shunpei saying that they believe what Haruto said. They transform to fight the guards as Haruto goes to the tower. Haruto enters Maya's chamber and tries to stop him, but he pushes the lever down and reveals to Haruto that he is not a magician. Maya then tell him that no one will accept him. As Haruto and the citizens (less Koyomi and Shiina) are falling into despair, Maya was confused as Sorcerer appears and tells Maya that he planned to get all the citizens into falling into despair by using the forbidden machine and reveals his true form as the Phantom Drake, also thanking Maya for doing his plan. As all the citizens are turning into Phantoms, Haruto manages to save himself from despair and tells Maya that he will destroy Magic Land as he takes out the Common Ring from Maya and shatters it. Haruto and Auma transform as Wizard uses 4 standard Styles to fight Sorcerer, before changing into Flame Dragon. Even though Wizard uses Flame Dragon, Sorcerer still overpowers him, until he uses the Flower Ringer to distracted the Golden Magician before changing into Infinity Style. As they are about to finish each other, Wizard uses the Finish Strike Ring and defeats Sorcerer. After Sorcerer is defeated, Magic Land started to vanish as Wizard grabs onto Koyomi. As they woke up, they see that they are back in their home world and tells his friends about their adventure. Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land

Super Hero Taisen Z

SHTZ - Wizard & Kyoryugers
Kamen Rider Wizard and Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger piloting Kyoryuzin.
Greg CassellaAdded by Greg Cassella

Haruto and Koyomi witness two people in a teacup ride who got transported by an unknown dark purple magic circle then he is confronted by Geki Jumonji, the new Space Sheriff Gavan. Gavan claims that in order to protect the peace of outer space, he needs to defeat Kamen Rider Wizard due to him thinking that Wizard is the leader of Space Shocker, however when Wizard saved Koyomi and the kid with Hurricane Style, Gavan G soon realized that Space Shocker framed Wizard and used him as a bait. Wizard later appears to saved kids from the Space Shocker, who framed him on causing a havoc in entire universe, he is later transported to the stadium where a still non-hero formed KyoryugersIcon-crosswiki is. Thought Wizard is one of the Debo Monsters, Wizard speaks the truth that he is a Kamen Rider to them as he cancels his transformation and Daigo Kiryu, Kyoryu Red challenge him for a duel without transforming to determine how brave Haruto is, until Gai Ikari, Gokai Silver appears to stop their sparring as Gai wants to meet Wizard for a private meeting. During the meeting, Haruto and Gai are joined by Gavan Type G's Geki whom later apologized about what happened back in their first meeting because Geki didn't bring evidence to his chief, Retsu Ichijouji (the original retired Gavan) that they are innocent, until Geki's friend the new Space Sheriff Sharivan appears to attack Haruto and Nitoh under a similar order of their chief prepares to attack Haruto and Nitoh. When Geki tries harder to convince Sharivan, but was useless, Haruto and Nitoh, also accompanied by Gai, transformed into their forms to fight Sharivan and convince him that both of he and Nitoh are innocent, but still failed. The trio also finds out that Geki cannot transform into Gavan anymore due to his argument with his chief. To make Sharivan understand both Wizard and Beast are innocent, Geki convinced Wizard not to fight Sharivan and agreed, as the Garuda Pla Monster appears to get Geki, Wizard, Beast and Gokai Silver away from Sharivan, until they were ambushed by Space Shocker and luckily dodge Sharivan's shots then hide in a train as they watch Sharivan battle the Space Shocker. When Geki enters the dark puple magic portal where Space Shocker escaped, in order to get evidence about the mastermind behind framing Wizard and Beast as their decoy to destroy the universe (also somehow Gai goes along with him, unknown to Haruto, Nitoh and Geki), Haruto goes find other Riders and Sentai warriors to assist against the threat. During a final battle against, Wizard goes and helps Kyoryugers with additional Super Sentai Ring, resulting of a Miracle Combination (ミラクル合体 Mirakuru Gattai?) between KyoryuzinIcon-crosswiki and a titanic WizarDragon, who was summoned from Wizard's Underworld through the use of the Miracle Ring to transform into his Strike Phase form to become Kyoryuzin's right foot and is able to perform the Zyuden Brave Strike End (獣電ブレイブストライクエンド Jūden Bureibu Sutoraiku Endo?) Rider Kick. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Z

Super Hero Taisen Otsu

Wizard appears sleeping with Amy, which made the male members of the Kyoryuger wonder. Ian explains that Wizard enters her Underworld because she felt desperate about Ian not ordering anything. Amy then slaps him that it isn't true as Ian started to fall into despair. When Ian woke up, he notices Wizard is next to him and tries to stop him from "entering" his Underworld. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen Otsu: Heroo! Answers

The Dangerous Part-Time and Money Shouldn't Buy

Haruto and Kosuke investigate
Haruto and Kosuke trying to discover the Phantom plot.

Haruto defeated a group of Ghouls who were attacking some people, but failed to figure out which of them could be a Gate, as Nitoh had an encounter with his high school friend Masataka Tsuchiya who is now living in Tokyo in a run down shack, as he spends all the money he earns to expand his collection of guitars. Tsuchiya learned of a job offer that promised to pay ¥1 million for each day of work and Nitoh joined him on the interview. However, upon learning about it from Shunpei, Haruto and Koyomi become suspicious. At the job interview, which was held by a gloomy man all dressed in black, Tsuchiya and Nitoh, among other candidates, were watched by Medusa and Gremlin from another room and some time later, Tsuchiya was informed that he passed. In the following day, Tsuchiya, along with two other newly hired colleagues, spent their first day of work with nothing to do, but they got paid as promised. Some time later, three other co-workers joined them, but Haruto, who had been watching from afar with Nitoh and Rinko, recognized one of them among he saved from the Ghouls the other day, and upon suspecting about the Phantoms' involvement, Haruto and Nitoh infiltrated the building with the Small and Chameleo Rings respectively, but the Gates were nowhere to found.

When the two confronted Misa, she let it slip that the people were taken somewhere else. Nitoh then remembered that Tsuchiya had told him that they would soon be sent to Yokohama to take part in a special training exercise with the promise of having their salary increased tenfold. Haruto and Nitoh arrived in Yokohama just when the interviewer, who revealed himself to be the Phantom Bogy, was attacking the prospective Gates. To protect Tsuchiya and the others, Kamen Riders Wizard and Beast Hyper fought Bogy, whose ghostly body prevented him from being harmed, until Kamen Rider Wizard donned the Infinity Style and apparently finished Bogy with the Axcalibur's Shining Strike, unaware that some of the Phantom's essence had been transferred to the Gates' bodies, with Gremlin claiming that Bogy's job has just started. Tsuchiya then decided to leave Tokyo for his own safety, presenting Nitoh with a charm before departing with instructions to stay away from the city. Dangerous Part-Time Job

Four Strike Wizards
Using the Drago Timer, Wizard finishes off the four remaining Bogy ghosts.

While Haruto and the others believed that the Gates were now safe from danger, Tsuchiya, while leaving Tokyo, found a free gas ticket that could only be used in the city, drawing him back. While seeing that one of the other Gates was on TV and learning that he still has not left, Haruto and Shunpei went to find him. Nitoh discovered that Tsuchiya had returned and insisted that he must leave, but Tsuchiya found himself having one fortunate event after another that kept delaying his departure, with the same happening to the Gate being watched by Haruto and Shunpei. After managing to gather a huge sum of money just by luck, the Gate was soon robbed of all his money and his luck started turning to worse. Haruto then realized that something was wrong and used the Light Ring to reveal that he was being haunted by Bogy's ghost all this time. Having a hard time dealing with the ghost due to its ability to manipulate luck, Haruto finished it off, just to be later teased by Gremlin, who revealed his plan to have the haunted Gates to fall into despair by giving them a lucky streak, just to have them lose it all soon after.

Haruto then contacted Nitoh about Gremlin's revelation, and left Tsuchiya to his care while he used the Drago Timer to reach all of the other four Gates at once. Nitoh revealed the truth to Tsuchiya, but he refused to believe that it was all the Phantom's work, and instead of listening to him, paid some men to beat him up before leaving him behind, claiming that he does not consider Nitoh as a friend anymore. Some time later, Tsuchiya took the men to a ride in an expensive car, just to get into an accident and be abandoned by them, finding himself trapped inside the car as it was about to explode. However, Nitoh arrived in the nick of time to save him and Tsuchiya finally came to his senses and asked Nitoh to get rid of the ghost haunting him. Nitoh then confronted Bogy and finished it off for good with Kamen Rider Beast Hyper's Shooting Mirage, while Kamen Rider Wizard did the same to the other ghosts with the Flame, Water, Hurricane, and Land Dragons' Rider Kicks. Once reconciled with Nitoh, Tsuchiya vowed to never forget about their friendship again. Things Money Cannot Buy

Protecting the Model

During Chiaki's protection from the Argus Phantom, Gremlin, who insists on being called by Sora Takigawa starts to protect Chiaki, which drives Argus mad and Sora is knocked down into the waters. Haruto finally rescues him and interrogates him. Gremlin reveals that during the Sabbath, when Gremlin was born, Sora still had some humanity intact, which was why Gremlin calls Phantoms by their Gate's names. He then tells Haruto that they both are the same, which Haruto disagrees.

Rinko calls Haruto to the station. She reveals that before becoming Gremlin, Sora Takigawa was a killer, targeting long haired girls. Chiaki had fit that description. Haruto realizes that Sora only protected Chiaki earlier so that he could make her go into despair himself. Haruto goes to Sora's hair salon and foils his plans. Haruto transforms into Infinity Style and fights Gremlin. Realizing he's no match, Gremlin escapes. Later that day, Haruto thinks about what Sora had said to him.

Investigating Sora's Actions

Haruto and Sora
Sora tells Haruto about the Sabbath.

Haruto and Rinko were called by Kizaki, who shared with them some pictures of the man who gave him the green Magic Stone that was in his possession, and the pair recognized that the man in question was Gremlin. Nitoh and Shunpei witnessed a young woman being attacked by the Phantom Argus and while Shunpei took her to safety, Nitoh confronted the enemy, which ended up being forced to flee. They later discovered that the woman they helped on was none other than their favorite fashion model Chiaki Shimizu. With Chiaki being targeted by the Phantoms, Shunpei and Nitoh offered themselves as bodyguards to protect Chiaki who insisted to keep working despite the risks. Meanwhile, Haruto and Rinko questioned a hairdresser about Gremlin and learned that his original name was Sora Takigawa and he was working under him until the night of the eclipse, disappearing soon after along his clients as well. Haruto then realized that for some reason, Gremlin is different from the other Phantoms as he behaves just like his former self. While watching over Chiaki, Nitoh and Shunpei found that she was not the lovely lady they believed her to be, as she was only focused on her work, with no consideration for anything else and a photographer sent to take pictures of her was attacked by Argus, and soon after, Chiaki was approached by a man who took his place.

Rinko and Haruto continued with their search until Gremlin himself appeared before them, claiming that despite being turned into a Phantom, he was still the same person inside, and insisted to be called by his human name Sora, before leaving. Soon after, Haruto was called by Nitoh who found that Chiaki is missing. After taking some pictures of her in a separate location, the photographer revealed himself as Argus and prepares to destroy her appearance to drive her into despair until Nitoh appeared in the nick of time to rescue her, with Haruto appearing soon after to assist him. However, Argus sent some Ghouls to keep the two Kamen Riders busy while he attacked Chiaki, until Gremlin, who was watching the situation from afar, stood between them to protect her. Argus then fought Gremlin instead and sent him to a huge fall into the water and decided to flee. Leaving Chiaki under Nitoh's care, Haruto assumed Kamen Rider Wizard's Water Style and jumped into the water to rescue Gremlin. The Reverse Side of a Popular Model

Haruto finds the truth about Sora
Haruto discovers that Sora is a serial killer.

Haruto rescued Gremlin who asked him to help look for his lost hat. During the search, Gremlin revealed that the Phantoms' objective was to increase their numbers in order to hold the Sabbath once more during the next solar eclipse. Despite Gremlin's claims that Haruto is not a human anymore, just like him, the Kamen Rider insists that both he and Koyomi are not like the Phantoms, and learned from Sora that there is more about Koyomi than he knows, as there was no way for a human to remain in one piece after spawning a Phantom before he fled. Meanwhile, Chiaki insisted to move on with her work, despite her manager's worries. Both Shunpei and Nitoh arrived in the nick of time to protect her from another attack by Argus. However, while Kamen Rider Beast fought the Phantom, Gremlin appeared and took Chiaki away, promising to keep her safe while treating her hair. As Kamen Rider Beast sent Green Griffon to look for her, he and Shunpei learned that Chiaki's reason for her to keep working is to reunite with her father, who was missing since her mother died, as she believed he may eventually contact her upon learning about her success. As Haruto investigated Sora's apartment, he was called back by Rinko to Section Zero, where she informed him that several of Sora's former clients which had long black hair have disappeared in the past, with some of these cases occurring before the night of the Sabbath. Haruto then realized that even before becoming a Phantom, Sora was a serial killer.

Elsewhere, Gremlin started ruining Chiaki's hair and reveals that his first victim was a woman who rejected him, whose appearance was similar to the other women he murdered and he intended to also dispose of Chiaki while driving her into despair and converting her into a Phantom. However, Haruto and Nitoh appeared to stop him and Nitoh fled with her while Haruto confronted Gremlin. While running away with Chiaki, Nitoh came across Argus and fought him, finishing the enemy with Kamen Rider Beast Hyper's Shooting Mirage while Haruto assumed Kamen Rider Wizard's Infinity Style to overpower Gremlin, who runs away just as he was about to finish him with Axcalibur's Shining Strike. Before leaving, Gremlin claimed that he would return to fight him again once he obtained the Philosopher's Stone. Some time later, Chiaki, who assumed a short haircut after her hair was partially ruined by Gremlin, finally received a letter from her father, and decided to keep working, waiting for the day when he appeared to meet her in person, while Haruto kept thinking about Gremlin's words regarding Koyomi. The Other Side of Sora

Meeting Wiseman and the Myna Bird Phantom

While discussing with Wajima about Sora's words regarding Koyomi, the Sabbath and the Philosopher's Stone, Haruto realized that he still knew too little about the Phantoms or their intentions and remembered the day he got lost in a forest with her, deciding to return there and look for clues. While searching through the forest, Haruto realized that he was walking in circles by the effects of a magic barrier, and assumed Kamen Rider Wizard's Infinity Style to break it and find Wiseman's hideout. Haruto confronted Wiseman, but instead of answering his questions, he drained all of his mana and used it to restore the barrier, driving him away. Meanwhile, Rinko and Shunpei were arguing while looking for an arsonist suspect who was seen at the site of arsons with a myna bird. Shunpei met with Haruto and shown him his crudely drawn sketch of the suspect, soon before he found the man once more and ran after him. Rinko also appeared in pursuit of the suspect, and Haruto restrained him with the Bind Ring. However, a Phantom appeared and broke the fugitive free, fighting Haruto as he fled again, leaving his caged myna bird behind, and it was revealed that the runaway was actually a Gate. Rinko and Shunpei argued about the next course of action, with Rinko intending to arrest the man, and Shunpei claiming that they must protect him from the Phantoms instead. Haruto left the two discussing to look for the Gate by himself, meeting Nitoh on the way and asking for his assistance while the myna bird, that usually only utters the word "despair", surprised Rinko and Shunpei when it started repeating an address, leading them to the Gate's apartment, and learning that his name was Kazuyoshi Nemoto, but he was nowhere to be found. The bird then told about other places where Nemoto could be until they find him. Instead of answering their questions, Nemoto was happy to meet his bird again. They were later found by Haruto and Nitoh, but the bird revealed itself as the Phantom Raum and attacked them. Gremlin appeared to them and said that Raum had the ability of transforming itself into a bird, and now branded as a suspect of arson, the unstable Nemoto might fall into despair upon being arrested. Haruto wanted to question Gremlin further, but he refused, sending some Ghouls to assist Raum instead. As some policemen appear to arrest Nemoto, both Raum and Gremlin flee and Haruto decided to use the Drago Timer to help him, but he found himself running out of mana and collapsed. While Nitoh finished the Ghouls to protect Haruto, Shunpei stole a police car to help Nemoto escape. Rinko tried to stop him, just to be taken along and the policemen report that both Rinko and Shunpei are escaping with the suspect. The Myna Speaks

While Haruto took rest at Omokagedō to recover his mana, Shunpei fled, taking Nemoto and Rinko in a police car, and an arrest warrant was issued for all three of them. Rinko tried to warn the police, but Shunpei threw her cellphone away, and with his own phone forgotten at the shop, the others could not contact them. Taking shelter in a junkyard, Nemoto insisted that he was not an arsonist, but he was too scared to confront the police despite being innocent. Rinko started believing in his story while Gremlin reminded Raum about the consequences should he fail his mission, and the Phantom drew the police to Nemoto's location. As Shunpei and the others escaped through the sewers, Haruto's Red Garuda and Nitoh's Green Griffon found Raum and combined themselves to fight him, Giving enough time for Haruto and Nitoh to reach the enemy, that flown away upon finding itself in a disadvantage. Rinko confronted Nemoto, reminding him that there were some things that only he could do for himself, and Shunpei agreed with her. Nemoto then remembered that there was a second security camera at the scene of the arson, and Rinko managed to obtain the data from it, while Raum, disguised as the myna bird, reunited with Nemoto.

Wizard 37 07
Haruto realizes that the Myna Bird is a Phantom.
The next day, both Rinko and Shunpei brought Nemoto to the police, claiming that they had the criminal into their custody. Haruto and Nitoh arrived, trying to dissuade them, and Nemoto believed for an instant that he was betrayed, until Rinko revealed that the data they obtained shown that the real culprit was Raum. Raum then reveals his true form and fled, but Haruto and Nitoh catch up to him, and the Phantom threw some Ghouls at them. With Kamen Rider Beast's help, Kamen Rider Wizard transformed into Infinity Style and used the Shining Strike to defeat both Raum and the Ghouls. Rinko and Shunpei apologized to Nemoto for not revealing their plan to him, as they could not have Raum become suspicious of them, but instead of getting relieved upon being cleared of the charges against him, Nemoto fell into despair with the loss of his bird and started turning into a Phantom. Wanted: Despair

Haruto's Past and His Hope

Haruto's old friend Kazuya Shinozaki, an aspiring soccer player is training with his girlfriend Naomi to participate in an upcoming selection, but he was forced to stop upon feeling pain on his knee, and they were attacked by the Phantom Bahamut. Haruto and Shunpei appeared to assist them, but despite the Phantom managing to repel all of Haruto's attacks, it decided to retreat. Haruto then recognized Kazuya and it was revealed that he was his friend and was a soccer player just like him. However, Kazuya rejected Haruto's offer to protect him and Nitoh agreed to do so in his place. Kazuya ended up confessing to Nitoh and Rinko that during a selection one year before, an accident involving him and Haruto ended up with Kazuya's knee injured, and he couldn't forgive Haruto not for his injury, but for quitting soccer as he at least wanted his friend to move forward in his place. Haruto, watching over them from afar, confessed to Rinko that he quit because he could not forgive himself for what happened with Kazuya and that it happened way before the night of the Sabbath. Kazuya decided to keep training despite the risks and while overhearing his talk with Naomi, Bahamut appeared and was about to take him out for good in order to drive him into despair, but Nitoh stepped in to protect him. However, Bahamut overpowered Nitoh, who bought enough time for Haruto to join the battle, but once again Bahamut proved his strength when Haruto failed to take him down with the Drago Timer. Bahamut started beating Haruto until Kazuya kicked some balls at it to make him stop, and the Phantom in response launched a powerful attack at him and Haruto stepped between them to protect his friend. The Stolen Hope

Assisted by Nitoh, Haruto managed to hold back Bahamut long enough to escape with everyone. With his arm injured, Kazuya was hospitalized again and Naomi blamed Haruto for it, as he was risking himself to protect him, and Haruto asked for another chance to properly help him this time. Later that night, Bahamut broke into Kazuya's room just to find Haruto waiting there for him, while Kazuya was somewhere else. By combining their efforts, Haruto and Nitoh managed to drive Bahamut away. Meanwhile, Kazuya was missing, and after Nitoh shown Haruto a photo of himself and Kazuya, Haruto figured out where he is. Haruto found Kazuya at the local stadium and while being questioned by him if he will ever play soccer again, Haruto replied that his dream now was to protect everyone's hopes as a wizard. At Kazuya's request, Haruto played with him one last time and they finally reconciled, just as Bahamut appeared before them. Dragging the Phantom away from the stadium, Haruto finished it off for good with Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style's Shining Strike. Soon after, Violet Golem found Haruto and gave him the a new ring, the Eclipse Ring, but much to his surprise, it did not work with his Wizardriver. Black Cerberus snatched the ring and gave it to a man called Sou Fueki, who claimed that the ring was made for him and revealed himself as the White Wizard. Before leaving, Fueki warned Haruto to prepare himself, as the "day of reckoning" was about to come. What was Forgotten on the Pitch

Wizard's Fate

Wajima apologized to Haruto and Koyomi for keeping Fueki secret from them. To learn more about Fueki's intentions, Haruto asked Rinko's help to look for him. Meanwhile, Nitoh met Shunpei just as a child was attacked by the Phantom Sylphi and borrowed his bike to reach him. The boy watched in awe as Kamen Rider Beast made use of his bike skills to defeat the Ghouls and after Haruto joined the fray, Sylphi retreated. Introducing himself as Yuzuru Iijima, he asked Nitoh to teach him how to ride a bike, revealing that he intended to so to make amends with his friend Akari Kurata. He started avoiding her after getting into trouble while riding her bike despite being unable to, but as Akari would move to another city in the next week, thus he must learn before that. Nitoh agreed and started a long training session to teach Yuzuru while Haruto and Rinko asked for Kizaki's help to look for Fueki. However, Sylphi heard the entire conversation from afar with his wind powers and made use of his winds to assist with Yuzuru's training.

After spending all the night assembling a composite picture of Fueki with Rinko, Haruto decided to check up on Nitoh while Yuzuru made a demonstration of his bike skills to Akari while apologizing to her. However, Sylphi used his powers to create an accident, throwing Yuzuru's bike at Akari and knocking her unconscious. While keeping Nitoh busy, Sylphi revealed to a griefstruck Yuzuru that he used his winds to assist him and blamed the boy for what happened as he lost all hope and started turning into a Phantom. Meanwhile, Haruto's way to them was blocked by Medusa who drained all his mana and gained the upper hand until Mayu appeared to help him out, transforming herself into a Kamen Rider to confront the creature that her sister became. I Want to Ride a Bike

After transforming into Kamen Rider Mage, Mayu helped Haruto against Medusa and she was forced to flee. Meanwhile, Yuzuru was about to transform into a Phantom when he listened the unconscious Akari calling his name, and he managed to keep his inner Phantom at bay just like Haruto and Mayu once did. Sylphi tried to flee, taking Akari and Yuzuru with him, but Kamen Rider Beast interfered and he ends up escaping only with Akari at his custody. Yuzuru was then brought to the Omokagedō where Mayu asked him if he would like to become a wizard as well, but both Haruto and Nitoh said he should not. Soon after, Sylphi sent a message to them, telling them where he was holding Akari hostage. Haruto, Nitoh, and Yuzuru met Sylphi and Akari at a construction site, and the Phantom dropped some steel bars on her with the intention of killing her and driving Yuzuru into despair. However, Mayu who was in hiding used her Gravity Ring to save Akari and Shunpei stepped in to rescue her. Medusa tried to intervene, but for some reason Gremlin stopped her. Sylphi tried to flee, just to be stopped by Haruto and Nitoh who finished him with Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style's Shining Strike and Kamen Rider Beast Hyper's Shooting Mirage. Some time later, Yuzuru rejected Mayu's offer to become a wizard and after she left, Haruto is called by a distraught Rinko. Meanwhile, Nitoh was about to use his Engage Ring to destroy Yuzuru's inner Phantom when the White Wizard appeared to stop him, and despite Nitoh's efforts to protect the boy, he was kidnapped by Fueki who claimed that becoming a wizard was a fate Yuzuru cannot avoid, with Gremlin watching the whole scene from afar. Meanwhile, Haruto met Rinko at Section Zero just to find Kizaki's office destroyed and learned that he was missing. A Magician's Fate

Koyomi's Past

Haruto Wizard sees White Wizard Fueki Sou with Koyomi when she was younger maybe he's her father
Haruto sees Koyomi with her dad.
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While protecting Masafumi Saionji from the Phantom Sphinx, the Gate reveals to Haruto and his friends that he knew Koyomi 10 years ago. Haruto and the others felt relieve that she is a human, which made Masafumi wonders what happen to her. So the Gate decides to get Koyomi's memories back, but she still doesn't remember anything. While Masafumi tries to regain Koyomi's memories, Haruto got a call from Rinko that Kizaki is seriously injured. Haruto arrive at the hospital as the nurse tells him that Kizaki is in a coma and may never wake up again. Rinko then questions if the White Wizard is really an ally. While Shunpei is shopping for food, he saw Koyomi and Masafumi walking being unprotected, so he called Haruto. As Haruto, Kosuke, and Shunpei arrive where they are, Masafumi already fall into despair, so Wizard enters his Underworld, while Beast fights Sphinx. After the Phantoms are defeated, in the Underworld, Wizard saw a young Koyomi running to her father, who was revealed to be Fueki. After learning her past, he exit out Masafumi's Underworld as he keeps this as a secret. The White Wizard's Secret

Reunion with his teacher

As Haruto wonders why Fueki gave Koyomi to him, a man surprises him as he is Haruto's former teacher, Yoshikazu Kumagai. In the Donut Shop Hungry, Yoshikazu tells Haruto that he is looking for a toy plane that belongs to his late son. As Koyomi arrived at the Donut Shop Hungry, she sense a Phantom is nearby, which is disguised as a woman. The woman reveals herself as the Phantom Siren, also the Gate is revealed to be his teacher. Haruto transforms and fights Siren until she flee off. Haruto decides to find the toy plane, along with his teacher before Siren does. While searching for the toy, Shunpei called Haruto that a strange woman arrived in the shop as she got the location of the owner with the toy plane. They rush to the house of Tamotsu Sakai, however Siren arrives before them. As she is about to destroy the toy, Haruto stops her. As Siren drops the toy on the ground, Kosuke arrives in time using the Green Griffin to catch. Siren summon some Ghouls as they transform. While fighting, White Wizard's familiar appears as Wizard chase the familiar before he lost sight. The Son's Keepsake

After chasing White Wizard's familiar, he goes to Tamotsu's house. Yoshikazu asks Tamotsu to give him the toy plane, but Tamotsu refuses. Tamotsu reveals to them that he is a toy collector as he doesn't want to sell the plane. Wajima called Haruto about Koyomi's condition. He returns to the shop as he notices there is a huge crack on her hand. Haruto decides to give her mana, but she stops him and wants him to protect the Gate. Haruto got a call from Shunpei that Tamotsu's son took away the toy plane. He arrive to stop the boy from handing the toy to Siren. As Siren is about to destroy the toy, he use the Bind Ring to stop her, however White Wizard's familiar appears. Haruto now had to deal with difficult decisions to make, so he let Siren go to destroy the item. However Shunpei stops her as he tells Haruto and Kosuke that they are straying from their mission to protect the Gates. Haruto then apologizes to Kumagai, who learns that the boy was not being controlled by the Phantom, but was acting by his own volition instead, as he was angry at his father for giving too much attention to his toy collection. As Tamotsu picked up the toy, Yoshikazu grabs the toy from him and destroys it. Yoshikazu reveals his true hope comes from his memories of his late son and his desire to help others. Haruto and Kosuke use all their Pla-monsters to track Siren. After they found Siren, they transform and finish her off along with the Ghouls. A Smile in the Chest

Facing Fueki's truth

Haruto and his friends arrive where the Phantom Arachne attack. They transform and as they about to finish the enemy off, it escaped. Haruto arrived at the Donut Shop Hungry and saw Gremlin. He tells him about Koyomi's condition and he demanded answers from Gremlin. However Gremlin doesn't believe him, so he decided to look for Koyomi to see if Haruto is right. He rushes back to the shop to see if Koyomi is alright. Wajima tells him that she is still in the shop. Haruto tells Wajima about Gremlin and while they are talking, Koyomi overheard them as she goes to look for Gremlin herself. After the talk, Mayu arrives at the shop as she wants something from Haruto. Haruto notices that Koyomi is missing as he thinks that she overheard the conversation. When he finds Koyomi, Gremlin holds her as a hostage and warns Haruto that he will do something bad to Koyomi if he transforms. As Haruto is beaten badly by Gremlin, White Wizard appears and fought Gremlin before the enemy flees. As he looks at Koyomi's hand, he noticed time is short as Haruto demanded answers from him. While White Wizard didn't answer Haruto, he thanked him for taking care of Koyomi before he teleported off with his daughter. Shattered Memory

Haruto returns to the shop as he tells them that Fueki is Koyomi's father and she is now under his custody. As Yamamoto couldn't call Aya, his wife, Haruto and Mayu went to his home to look for his wife. In Yamamoto's house, they couldn't find his wife, so he called him to find out what his wife was doing. Before they leave, Mayu tell Haruto that she needs his Infinity Ring so she can give the ring to White Wizard. Haruto gave her the Ring as he can trust Fueki. Just as Aya is about to get killed by Medusa, Wizard arrives just in time to save her, also having Yamamoto gaining hope. When Mayu arrives at the scene, Wizard and Beast let her fight Medusa while they fight Arachne. As Wizard and Beast finishes off Arachne, Mage uses the Holy Ring to finish off Medusa. After the attack, Medusa refuses to die, until Wiseman stabbed her in the back as he tells her that she did a good job finding the Gate and also having the fourth magician. He then turns into Fueki and then the White Wizard, which shocked Haruto. Medusa was shocked that Wiseman is also a magician before she dissolves into nothingness. Wiseman's Truth

Haruto confronts Fueki
Haruto confronts Fueki about all the death and suffering he has caused while trying to revive his daughter.

After Medusa's demise, White Wizard decides to take Yamamoto to become a magician, but he refuses the offer, so he uses the Chain Ring to trap him. Kosuke tries to stop him, however he teleported away with Yamamoto. Back at the shop, the gang wonders what Fueki is planning to do. Sometime later, the Ghouls started to attack Beast as Gremlin is planning to kidnap Mayu, however Wizard arrives to stop him. As Gremlin flees, Haruto follows him as he asks him about Fueki. After Gremlin gave Haruto enough information, he flees as Rinko arrives. Rinko tells Haruto that Kizaki has awakened from the coma. They went to the hospital as Kizaki gives them information about Fueki. After he gave the information, he gave Haruto the location where Fueki lives. As he arrives at Fueki's home, Fueki appears as he follows him. Haruto asks him what he is planning to do. Fueki reveals his plan that he needs four magicians to revive his deceased daughter. As he learns his plan, Fueki introduces Haruto to the fourth magician who is Yamamoto, albeit brainwashed. The Philosopher's Stone (episode)

The second Sabbath

Wizard pillar
Haruto is forcibly transformed into Flame Dragon to serve as one of the four pillars of the second Sabbath, powerless to resist.

After Fueki introduces Haruto to the fourth magician, the Green Mage forces Haruto to come with him, however he refuses and fought him. The Green Mage overpowered Wizard as Fueki kidnaps him and starts the Sabbath. Before starting, Haruto and Mayu wakes up in Fueki's altar and it is revealed that Yuzuru and Yamamoto are controlled by Fueki. He then explains that the first Sabbath was a failure that he used Ghouls to revive Koyomi. As he knew that she didn't gain enough mana that way, he gave her to Haruto as he knew that the magicians have great amount of mana. After he manages to find four magicians, he plans to use their mana to revive Koyomi. So he chained up the magicians on a pillar in four different locations to start the Sabbath. Before Fueki could start, he tells Haruto that he will have people in Tokyo get involved in the Sabbath, which made Haruto protest it after hearing that the people would become a Phantom or die during the Sabbath. As the Sabbath begins, Haruto and the other magicians are suffering from losing mana even being forced into transformation, until Beast Chimera arrives and consumes all the mana, which stops the Sabbath. Just when Kosuke is about to be finished off, Haruto arrives, ready to confront the White Wizard. The Beginning of the Sabbath

Haruto transforms into Flame Dragon to fight the White Wizard. He uses the Drago Timer to summon the other Dragon forms to save Koyomi. White Wizard uses the Dupe Ring to create copies of himself to stop the clones before finishing them off with the Thunder Ring. The White Wizard overpowers Wizard, and teleports away with his daughter. As Haruto searches for Koyomi, he finds her at the lake where she use to play as a child. Koyomi was relieved that Haruto was there as she returns the Infinity Ring to him. She tells Haruto that the Infinity Ring was the magic that he created on his own. Haruto notices that she has gotten weaker, so he decides to give her mana, but Koyomi refuses and she wants to be gone forever. The White Wizard arrives and Haruto transforms into Infinity Style, which made the White Wizard fear it's power. The two trade powerful blows to each other. Eventually they intercept their Kick Strikes, and causes a powerful explosion, severely weakening them. Haruto stands up as he walks to Koyomi, but Fueki pushes him as he wants to save her by himself. Out of nowhere, Gremlin attacks Fueki with the Hamel Cane which kills him. Gremlin slashes through Koyomi, and takes the Philosopher's Stone and goes off. Before Koyomi dies, she tells Haruto to take care of the Philosopher's Stone and be the final hope. As she dies, Haruto cries over her death. The Important Thing is...

Becoming the Last Hope

Kamen Rider Wizard Finale
With the power of WizarDragon, Haruto reaches out to Koyomi's spirit.
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Wizard holding Philosopher's Stone
Wizard holding the Philosopher's Stone.

Back at the Omokagedō, Haruto informed the others about Koyomi's death and shut himself in his room. However, it did not take long for Gremlin, who had absorbed the Philosopher's Stone and transformed into an even stronger Phantom, to start a rampage, destroying the Donut Shop Hungry's van during his assault. Determined to fulfill Koyomi's last wish, Haruto joined the fight but even Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style failed to defeat Gremlin and he was forced to turn back to Flame Style. Refusing to give up, Kamen Rider Wizard managed to thrust his hand into Gremlin's body to reach for the Philosopher's Stone inside him. Reunited with Koyomi in spirit, Haruto retrieved the stone, which transformed itself into the Hope Ring, and finished Gremlin with an enhanced Kick Strike.

Some time later, Haruto has left on a journey to look for a place to hide the Philosopher's Stone and make sure that it will be never used again. The Final Hope

Meeting Kamen Rider Decade

Wizard 53 02
Haruto meet Tsukasa (as Decade) in the World of Monsters.

As his journey continues to hide the Hope Ring, Haruto finds a Magic Stone which he sees the children are in danger. The Magic Stone forms a portal which sucks him up into a parallel world. He wakes up as he notices something is different about his friends. Monsters appear out of nowhere as the children uses the Rider Rings for protection. After the summoned Riders defeats the monsters, Haruto notices that they are suffering. The children summon Decade and OOO to take them somewhere safe. Decade thinks that he arrived in the World of Wizard, but Haruto tells him that he is mistaken. As Haruto chases the children, he finds the shop in the middle of nowhere. He enters the shop as Wajima tells Haruto about the situation that the children have gotten themselves into. Beside that, Haruto also notices that one of the children's name is Koyomi meaning that the boy could be an alternate version of himself. On the next day, Haruto wonders what does Wajima, Rinko, and Shupei planning to do about the Rider Rings, however he is dragged out of nowhere. He then meets the man named Amadum, also surprised to see that Kosuke was also dragged into this world. After Amadum tells them of needing the Rider Rings, they head back to the shop, until Haruto sees a vision of Koyomi. Haruto and Kosuke return to the shop where they finds the others being trapped in the Mirror World. Haruto uses the Clear Ring to enter the Mirror World as Wajima tells them that the rings are with the children. As they manage to find the children, they are under attack by monsters, so Haruto and Kosuke transform. The children are surprised that they are Kamen Riders, but thinking that they are not on their side, so they summon Hibiki, Den-O, Kiva, Kuuga, Agito, and Blade to attack Wizard and Beast. While the other riders are fighting, an armored man arrives and finishes off the monsters. He then introduces himself as Gaim. The Kamen Rider Rings

Kamen Rider Wizard All Riders
Tsukasa and Haruto with the rest of the Heisei Riders.
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Gaim then returns to his world as the portal closes, but Amadum appears to retrieve the Rider Rings. As Amadum and his monsters start to attack Haruto, Kosuke and the children, Kosuke gives Haruto two of his rings, so he can escape along with the children, also stealing one of the Rider Rings. As Haruto wonders what can save the alternate Koyomi, Tsukasa appears to retrieve the Fourze Rider Ring. Before getting the ring back, Tsukasa asks Haruto some questions. While Rinko and Shunpei were watching the children, monsters appear and attacks them, also kidnapping the alternate Haruto as Tsukasa threatens Haruto to give him back the Fourze Rider Ring. He then follows Tsukasa into Amadum's lair as he summons the rest of the Riders to attack Haruto. However the Riders refuses as Tsukasa and Haruto transform to attack Amadam. After the Riders defeated Amadum's monsters, Amadum reveals his true form and overpowered the Riders. Gaim appears and easily beats up Amadum as the rest of the Riders changes into their final forms to finish off Amadum. After Amadum is defeated, the Rider Rings vanish as the Riders returns to their world. Before Haruto resumes his journey, he gives his alternate self the Infinity Ring as he exits out and continues his journey. Neverending Story

Sengoku Movie Battle

Movietaisen gaimwizard teamup
Beast, Wizard and the Armored Riders
Gaim, Wizard and other Bujin Rider
DS 02Added by DS 02

Haruto must face the Ogre Phantom, who created an illusion of Koyomi, armed with the White Wizard's powers. Haruto then inherits the Infinity Ring from Ieyasu which originally belonged to Bujin Wizard. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle

Kamen Rider Taisen

Haruto with Takumi and Keisuke
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Wizard and 6 other Heisei Riders
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Haruto joins the Heisei Riders in their war with the Showa Riders. He was seen with Takumi and Keisuke. As Faiz is being possessed, Wizard in Infinity Style and X fought Faiz to free him. Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai

Video Game appearances

All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2

Haruto appears as Wizard Flame Style only. He can only be unlocked by password.

Kamen Rider: Super Climax Heroes

Haruto appears as the main characters selection of this game. He has three modes for fight: using all his Styles (exclude Dragon), using Flame Dragon only, and Flame Style only with the unique move available. He only has Flame and Hurricane Dragon. Hurricane Dragon only can be accessed while teamed up with another rider.

Kamen Rider Battride War

Battride Wars Kamen Rider Wizard
Wizard (Battride Wars).
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Gold All Dragon Infinity Transparent
Kamen Rider Wizard in Infinity Dragon Gold.

Kamen Rider Wizard appears as a Main Rider in the video game Kamen Rider: Battride War, which unites the riders of the Heisei era from Kuuga to Wizard.

Wizard functions as the protagonist of the game, being the first Rider to escape imprisonment and thus the one to begin the process of freeing the others. In game, Wizard has access to his Flame, Water, Hurricane, and Land Styles, with the Dragon styles of each appearing only as a powerful finishing move unlocked after leveling up. His Super Mode is All Dragon, which uses the abilities of the four Dragon Styles in its attacks. Unlike the other gun type riders (including their forms), Wizard's gun attacks can hit any other bosses.

Wizard's special attacks are:

  • Flame Style: Big, Strike Wizard, Dragon Breath (as Flame Dragon)
  • Water Style: Bind, Light, Blizzard (as Water Dragon)
  • Hurricane Style: Extend, Slash Strike, Thunder (as Hurricane Dragon)
  • Land Style: Defend, Drill, Gravity (as Land Dragon)
  • All Dragon: All Dragon Wild, Dragon Dance, Blizzard, Thunder, Gravity
  • Infinity Style (separate DLC): Dragon Shining

Wizard's Infinity Style also appears in the game, available as DLC. However, he is treated as a separate character with no connection to the default Wizard. He is still voiced by Shunya Shiraishi.

His gameplay also similar to Devil May Cry's Dante, such as aerial attacks are rapid tap gun fire for original Wizard, and Million Slash (Million Stab like moves) for Wizard Infinity Style.

Kamen Rider Batton-Line

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Kamen Rider Travelers Record

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Haruto eating his plain sugar doughnut
BlitzWarpAdded by BlitzWarp
"Plain Sugar!"
―His answer when asked what doughnut he wants to order.[src]

Haruto hides his true self under a lighter, easily-amused persona. While not showing much emotion on his face, he is far from stoic. He is quick to make deadpan snarks, mostly at the expense of Kosuke. He can also be swayed by a pretty girl but that's less common.

His favorite food is plain sugar donuts and only eats them rather than other flavors, much to the manager's annoyance. He seems to take well to company as he doesn't have any complaints with Rinko and Shunpei joining them in their mission. Haruto believes stead-fastly that everyone deserves to be saved. He also refuses to give up hope no matter how dire the situation. This is most likely because of his parents last words to him to hold onto hope.

He's driven by near compulsion to stop the Phantoms and prevent anyone from falling into despair. He seems to be suffering from an acute case of survivor's guilt resulting from his parents car crash and his surviving the Sabbath. This further motivates his actions. Haruto doesn't seem to be able to forgive himself easily. He also prefers ignoring his past before becoming Wizard. Both are evident by his guilt over his friend's accident in soccer.

He however also shows a rather friendly side and will help out a fellow hero, Rider or not, as shown with the battle against Space Shocker he greatly admired the Kyoryugers and formed a strong friendship with their leader, Daigo Kiryu.


Kamen Rider Wizard's forms are called Styles (スタイル Sutairu?).

Flame Style
"Flame, Please! Hi-Hi! Hi-Hi-Hi!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Flame Style
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  • Height: 198 cm.
  • Weight: 90 kg.
  • Rider Stats
    • Punching Power: 4.5 tons
    • Kicking Power: 7.3 tons
    • Highest Jump: 35 m.
    • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 5 seconds

Flame Style (フレイムスタイル Fureimu Sutairu?) is Wizard's default red form that uses fire magic. Accessed through the ruby oval-cut Flame Ring.

This form is the most offensive-balanced of the four Styles, due to its combination of strength and agility.

By concentrating the power of the Flame Ring, Wizard can strike with flaming kicks, which are strong enough to clear a mob of Ghouls.

Flame Style's ending theme is entitled "Last Engage".

Appearances: Fourze movie, Episodes 1-13, Movie War Ultimatum, 14-22, 24-27, Super Hero Taisen Z, 28-30, 32, 34-40, 43-46, 48, 49, 51-53, Sengoku Movie Battle

Water Style
"Water, Please! Sui-Sui! Sui-Sui!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Water Style
OvidkidAdded by Ovidkid
  • Height: 198 cm.
  • Weight: 90 kg.
  • Rider Stats
    • Punching Power: 4.1 tons
    • Kicking Power: 6.5 tons
    • Highest Jump: 30 m.
    • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 4.7 seconds

Water Style (ウォータースタイル Wōtā Sutairu?) is Wizard's blue form that uses water magic. Accessed through the sapphire demimonde-cut Water Ring.

This form is essentially a weaker version of Flame Style, except with a slightly faster running speed. It also allows Wizard to move freely while underwater.

Water Style's ending theme is entitled "Mystic Liquid".

Appearances: Episodes 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 13, Movie War Ultimatum, 15, 18, 19, 24, Super Hero Taisen Z, 28, 34, 35, 38, 45, 52

Hurricane Style
"Hurricane, Please! Fu-Fu! Fu-Fu-Fu-Fu!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Hurricane Style
OvidkidAdded by Ovidkid
  • Height: 198 cm.
  • Weight: 90 kg.
  • Rider Stats
    • Punching Power: 3.7 tons
    • Kicking Power: 6.1 tons
    • Highest Jump: 40 m.
    • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 4.2 seconds

Hurricane Style (ハリケーンスタイル Harikēn Sutairu?) is Wizard's green form that uses wind magic. Accessed through the emerald triangle-cut Hurricane Ring.

While the weakest of Wizard's four initial forms, this form has the greatest jumping height and running speed. It also has the ability to hover around the battlefield for quick and sudden attacks.

Hurricane Style's ending theme is entitled "Blessed wind".

Appearances: Episodes 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 11-13, Movie War Ultimatum, 14, 20, 27, Super Hero Taisen Z, 28, 30, 32, 38, 41

Land Style
"Land, Please! Dododo, Dododon! Don, Dododon!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Land Style
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  • Height: 198 cm.
  • Weight: 90 kg.
  • Rider Stats
    • Punching Power: 4.9 tons
    • Kicking Power: 8.7 tons
    • Highest Jump: 28 m.
    • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 5.9 seconds

Land Style (ランドスタイル Rando Sutairu?) is Wizard's yellow form that uses earth magic. Accessed through the topaz cushion-cut Land Ring.

While the slowest form with the worst jumping height of any of the initial Styles, it's the strongest of the four and is often used against the heavy bruisers of the Phantoms.

Land Style's ending theme is entitled "Strength of the earth".

Appearances: Episodes 1, 6-10, 12, 13, Movie War Ultimatum, 15, 17, 19, 25, 30, 32, 33, 38, 40, 44, 47, 52

The Dragon Styles (ドラゴンスタイル Doragon Sutairu?) are evolved versions of Wizard's standard Styles that are augmented with WizarDragon's power. By scanning the Special Ring, Wizard can manifest a different part of WizarDragon's body onto his own body to use for combat.

Kamen Rider Wizard's Dragon Styles' ending theme is entitled "Just the Beginning".

Flame Dragon
"Flame, Dragon! Bou-Bou! Bou-Bou-Bou!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Flame Dragon
Sp0rnkAdded by Sp0rnk
  • Height: 205 cm.
  • Weight: 95 kg.
  • Rider Stats
    • Punching Power: 6.7 tons
    • Kicking Power: 10.9 tons
    • Highest Jump: 35 m.
    • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 5 seconds

Flame Dragon (フレイムドラゴン Fureimu Doragon?) is the evolved form of Flame Style that is augmented with WizarDragon's power. The only stats that have not been touched from the original Flame Style is the maximum jumping height and running speed.

If Wizard scans the Special Ring, he can manifest the Drago Skull (ドラゴスカル Dorago Sukaru?) on his chest to execute an attack called Dragon Breath (ドラゴンブレス Doragon Buresu?), where he shoots a stream of intense fire from the Drago Skull at the enemy.

If Wizard enters a Gate's Underworld while in this form, he can summon WizarDragon through concentration instead of using the Dragorise Ring. However, this will revert Wizard back to Flame Style.

Appearances: Episodes 9-11, Movie War Ultimatum, 16, 20, 21, 23, 25-27, Super Hero Taisen Z, 29, 33, 35, 36, 38-46, 48-50, 53, Sengoku Movie Battle

Water Dragon
"Water, Dragon! Jabajaba, Bashān! Zabun, Zabun!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Water Dragon
Sp0rnkAdded by Sp0rnk
  • Height: 205 cm.
  • Weight: 95 kg.
  • Rider Stats
    • Punching Power: 5.7 tons
    • Kicking Power: 8.4 tons
    • Highest Jump: 30 m.
    • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 4.7 seconds

Water Dragon (ウォータードラゴン Wōtā Doragon?) is the evolved form of Water Style that is augmented with WizarDragon's power. The only stats that have not been touched from the original Water Style is the maximum jumping height and running speed.

If Wizard scans the Special Ring, he can manifest the Drago Tail (ドラゴテイル Dorago Teiru?) on his lower back to give him the ability to slice through water. He can also use it to execute two different Rider Slash attacks.

  • Dragon Tail (ドラゴンテイル Doragon Teiru?): Wizard slams the enemy with the Drago Tail embedded with elemental water.
  • Dragon Smash (ドラゴンスマッシュ Doragon Sumasshu?): When used in conjunction with the Blizzard Ring, Wizard freezes the enemy (and whatever else nearby it) in place with the Blizzard Ring's power, then rushes towards the frozen target with the Drago Tail, charged with raw elemental ice, and cleaves the foe with it.

Appearances: Episodes 15, 16, 18, 19, 21-23, 25-27, Super Hero Taisen Z, 28-29, 33, 35, 36, 38, 39, 42, 50, 53, Sengoku Movie Battle

Hurricane Dragon
"Hurricane, Dragon! Byu-Byu! Byu-Byu-Byu-Byu!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Hurricane Dragon
Sp0rnkAdded by Sp0rnk
  • Height: 205 cm.
  • Weight: 95 kg.
  • Rider Stats
    • Punching Power: 5.0 tons
    • Kicking Power: 8.1 tons
    • Highest Jump: 42 m.
    • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 4.2 seconds

Hurricane Dragon (ハリケーンドラゴン Harikēn Doragon?) is the evolved form of Hurricane Style that is augmented with WizarDragon's power. The only stats that have not been touched from the original Hurricane Style is the maximum running speed.

If Wizard scans the Special Ring, he can manifest the Drago Wings (ドラゴウィング Dorago Uingu?) on his back to give him the ability to fly. He can also use them to execute two different attacks.

  • Dragon Wing (ドラゴンウィング Doragon Uingu?): Wizard assaults the enemy with the Drago Wings embedded with elemental wind.
  • Dragon Sonic (ドラゴンソニック Doragon Sonikku?): When used in conjunction with the Thunder Ring, Wizard flies around the enemy at fast speeds, creating an electric vortex that traps and shocks them repeatedly with lighting bolts all over until it is destroyed.

Appearances: Episode 12, 13, Movie War Ultimatum, 14, 21-23, 25-27, Super Hero Taisen Z, 29, 33, 38, 41, 42, 50, 53, Sengoku Movie Battle

Land Dragon
"Land, Dragon! Dan Den Don Zu Dogon! Dan Den Dogon!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Land Dragon
Sp0rnkAdded by Sp0rnk
  • Height: 205 cm.
  • Weight: 95 kg.
  • Rider Stats
    • Punching Power: 7.4 tons
    • Kicking Power: 13 tons
    • Highest Jump: 25 m.
    • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 5.9 seconds

Land Dragon (ランドドラゴン Rando Doragon?) is the evolved form of Land Style that is augmented with WizarDragon's power. The only stats that have not been touched from the original Land Style is the maximum running speed.

If Wizard scans the Special Ring, he can manifest the Drago Hell Claws (ドラゴヘルクロー Dorago Heru Kurō?) on his arms to give him the ability to cleave through anything. He can also use them to execute two different Rider Slash attacks.

  • Dragon Claw (ドラゴンクローモ Doragon Kurō?): Wizard burrows underground and attacks the enemy from directly below with the Drago Hell Claws embedded with elemental earth.
  • Dragon Ripper (ドラゴンリッパー Doragon Rippā?): If the Gravity Ring was used beforehand, Wizard infuses the Drago Hell Claws with gravitational energy before striking the enemy with a cross beam slash.

Appearances: Episode 19, 21-23, 25-27, 29, 33, 38, 42, 47, 50, 53, Sengoku Movie Battle

All Dragon
"All Dragon, Please!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Kamen Rider Wizard All Dragon Style
All Dragon
Henshin1971Added by Henshin1971
  • Height: 205 cm.
  • Weight: 115 kg.
  • Rider Stats
    • Punching Power: 14.8 tons
    • Kicking Power: 26 tons
    • Highest Jump: 42 m.
    • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 4.2 seconds

All Dragon (オールドラゴン Ōru Doragon?) is an integrated form of the four Dragon Styles that is augmented with all of WizarDragon's power. Accessed by scanning the Drago Timer's ring attachment on the WizarDriver.

In this form, Wizard is armed with the All Drago Skull (オールドラゴスカル Ōru Dorago Sukaru?), All Drago Tail (オールドラゴテイル Ōru Dorago Teiru?), All Drago Wings (オールドラゴウィング Ōru Dorago Uingu?), and All Drago Hell Claws (オールドラゴヘルクロー Ōru Dorago Heru Kurō?).

Wizard in All Dragon is a fast-moving mass of destruction towards Phantom-kind, flying as fast and jumping as high as Hurricane Dragon, all while hitting even harder than what Land Dragon can muster in terms of power. Wizard also has the ability to fire the Dragon Breath attack at anytime, as well as fire intense gales of wind from the All Drago Wings. The attack damage from the All Drago Tail also has increased greatly. It should also be noted that All Dragon's power is higher than WizarDragon's, to the point where it can easily defeat a Phantom that previously rebuked WizarDragon's own attack.

However, All Dragon can only be used for a limited time, presumably because either it is taxing on Haruto's magical energy reserves or it could speed up his descent into despair and become a Phantom from the side effect of using the Dragon Styles too much.

This form's finishing attack is the Strike Dragon (ストライクドラゴン Sutoraiku Doragon?), where Wizard summons a massive magic seal, then hits the target with elemental constructs of Dragon's mana, then slams a powerful kick into the weakened target. Even if made into a non-lethal kick, this attack still has enough force to send a Phantom all the way to the sun at high speeds.

In Kamen Rider Battride War, Wizard can perform the attack where he slashes the enemy with the Drago Hell Claws before unleashing the Dragon Breath. This move also acts as Wizard's finisher.

All Dragon's ending theme is entitled "Alteration". It is also the ending theme for the Dragon Four-Mation.

Appearances: Episode 23, 43, 53

Special Rush
"Special Rush, Please! Flame, Water, Hurricane, Land!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Special Rush

Special Rush (スペシャルラッシュ Supesharu Rasshu?) is an all-red version of All Dragon, and it is just as powerful as said form. Accessed through the Special Rush Ring, which was formed from the last of Poitrine's magic.

In this form, Wizard is armed with the Rush Skull (ラッシュスカル Rasshu Sukaru?), Rush Tail (ラッシュテイル Rasshu Teiru?), Rush Wings (ラッシュウィング Rasshu Wingu?), and Rush Hell Claws (ラッシュヘルクロー Rasshu Heru Kurō?).

Wizard's affinity for fire magic is shot up drastically in this form, up to the point of mastery, allowing him to channel fire magic into the crimson-colored WizarDragon parts for maximum damage. The Dragon Breath attack is enhanced for additional firepower, the Rush Tail's tip can stretch to allow a barrage of white-hot tail stings, the Rush Hell Claws can be ignited to cleave through any metal within seconds, and the Rush Wings can be enhanced to be able to slice through metal even more quickly then the Rush Hell Claws.

This form's finishing attack is the Special Dragon Rush (スペシャルドラゴンラッシュ Supesharu Doragon Rasshu?), where Wizard first scans the Kick Strike Ring, then flies through ring projections, making his foot ignite. When close to the target, Wizard is shrouded in fire and three magical ring projections, and strikes with enough force to blast through the target with extreme ease.

It only appears in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum.

Infinity Style
"Infinity, Please! Hi-Sui-Fu-Do! Bou-Zaba-Byu-Dogon!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Infinity Style
Sp0rnkAdded by Sp0rnk
  • Height: 205 cm.
  • Weight: 96 kg.
  • Rider Stats
    • Punching Power: 8.0 tons
    • Kicking Power: 11.3 tons
    • Highest Jump: 32 m.
    • Fastest Speed: 100 m. per 5 seconds

Infinity Style (インフィニティスタイル Infiniti Sutairu?) is Kamen Rider Wizard's final and ultimate form. Accessed through the Infinity Ring.

Infinity Style's punching power is stronger than the Standard and Dragon Styles, though still weaker than All Dragon. His kicking power is also weaker than Land Dragon, if barely. The jumping height is decreased from Flame Dragon, due to the ornaments that cover his chest, and the base running speed remains unchanged from Flame Dragon. Though that changes once the Infinity Ring is scanned on the WizarDriver, allowing Wizard to do bursts of blinding speed. Also, Infinity Style's defense is pushed to its peak, allowing him to withstand a lot of attacks.

His weapon in this form is the AxCalibur, a powerful axe/sword hybrid that WizarDragon transforms into. If Wizard taps the AxCalibur's Hand Author with his left hand, he can initiate an attack called Dragon Shining (ドラゴンシャイニング Doragon Shainingu?), where Wizard charges a crazy amount of mana into the AxCalibur in Ax Mode as he spins it to enlarge it. Once at full size, Wizard then jumps into the air and winds back a chop. WizarDragon appears to infuse the blade with even more magic as Wizard comes down towards the target, and cleaves it in two with great force.

Haruto gave his Infinity Ring to his young counterpart in the World Within the Magic Stone, intending for it to function as his Rider Ring. Because of this, it appeared that Infinity Style was lost forever. However, Haruto will be using the Style once again in the Sengoku Movie Battle thanks to Bujin Wizard.

Infinity Style's ending theme is entitled "Missing Piece".

Appearances: 31, 32, 35-37, 39, 41, 42, 45, 46, 50, 51, 53, Sengoku Movie Battle, Kamen Rider Taisen

Infinity Dragon
"Chōīne, Finish Strike! Saikō!"
―Transformation & finisher announcement[src]
Infinity Dragon
Yu-NarukamiAdded by Yu-Narukami

Infinity Dragon (インフィニティドラゴン Infiniti Doragon?) is Wizard's evolved form of Infinity Style exclusive to Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land. Accessed through the Finish Strike Ring.

In this form, Wizard is armed with the Infinity Tail (インフィニティテイル Infiniti Teiru?), Infinity Wings (インフィニティウィング Infiniti Uingu?), and Infinity Hell Claws (インフィニティヘルクロー Infiniti Heru Kurō?).

This form's finishing attack is the Infinity End (インフィニティーエンド Infinitī Endo?), where Wizard manifests the Infinity Skull (インフィニティスカル Infiniti Sukaru?) on his right foot to strengthen the power of his kick before impact with the enemy.

Wizard's Infinity Dragon form reappeared in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle before evolving further into his final Style and true form, Infinity Dragon Gold.

Infinity Dragon Gold
"Finish Strike, Please!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Wizard iadg3
Infinity Dragon Gold
PokemasterssAdded by Pokemasterss

Infinity Dragon Gold (インフィニティドラゴンゴールド Infiniti Doragon Gōrudo?) is Wizard's final, true, and evolved form of Infinity Dragon exclusive to Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle. Accessed through the Finish Strike Ring. His WizarDriver becomes gold and its Hand Author trim becomes red, which is similar to the other WizarDrivers. Unlike his pre-evolved form, Wizard can fight without his finisher.

In this form, Wizard is armed with the Gold Infinity Skull (ゴールドインフィニティスカル Gōrudo Infiniti Sukaru?), which is placed on his chest unlike his pre-evolved form, Gold Infinity Tail (ゴールドインフィニティテイル Gōrudo Infiniti Teiru?), Gold Infinity Wings (ゴールドインフィニティウィング Gōrudo Infiniti Uingu?), and Gold Infinity Hell Claws (ゴールドインフィニティヘルクロー Gōrudo Infiniti Heru Kurō?).

Falco Mantle
"Beast (Falco), Please!"
―Activation announcement for right side[src]
Wizard Falco
Falco Mantle

During the events of Kamen Rider Wizard Hyper Battle DVD: Showtime with the Dance Ring, Wizard in his Flame Dragon form accidentally scans Kamen Rider Beast's Falco Ring on his WizarDriver's right Hand Author side, allowing him to gain the Falco Mantle (ファルコマント Faruko Manto?).

Beast Mantle
"Beast (Buffa), Please!"
―Activation announcement for left side[src]
Kr wizard-falco & buffa
Beast Mantle

Beast Mantle (ビーストマント Bīsuto Manto?) is a special form exclusive to Kamen Rider Wizard Hyper Battle DVD: Showtime with the Dance Ring. Accessed when Wizard in his Flame Dragon form scans Kamen Rider Beast's Buffa Ring on the WizarDriver's left Hand Author side after accidentally scanning his Falco Ring on its right side.

In this form, Wizard dons Beast's Falco Mantle (ファルコマント Faruko Manto?) and Buffa Mantle (バッファマント Baffa Manto?) on his right shoulder and left shoulder respectively.

This form is able to use the flying capabilities of the Falco Mantle and the brute force of the Buffa Mantle. Its finishing move is the Chimera Wizard Tackle (キメラウィザードタックル Kimera Wizādo Takkuru?), which involves Wizard rising into the sky before diving at the enemy covered in energy that forms the Buffa head of Beast Chimera.



  • WizarDriver - Transformation device
  • WizarSwordGun - Kamen Rider Wizard's weapon.
  • Wizard Rings - Gives access to Wizard's form changes and spells, depending on which style the ring is.
  • PlaMonsters - Kamen Rider Wizard's familiars.
  • Drago Timer - Kamen Rider Wizard's wristwatch device.
  • AxCalibur - Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style's weapon.


Behind the scenes


Haruto Soma is portrayed by Shunya Shiraishi (白石 隼也 Shiraishi Shun'ya?). As a child, Haruto is portrayed by Kaito Nakashima (中島 凱斗 Nakashima Kaito?).

As Kamen Rider Wizard, his suit actor is Seiji Takaiwa (高岩 成二 Takaiwa Seiji?), who has been the suit actor for the majority of leading Heisei Kamen Riders (except Kuuga and Hibiki). He has also been the suit actor of several Sentai Reds including, ironically concerning Wizard, MagiRed of Mahou Sentai Magiranger. His suit actor for extreme martial arts is Hideki Sugiguchi (杉口 秀樹 Sugiguchi Hideki?).[1]

In Popular Culture

1509822 694486403907629 1436593620 n
Nyaruko posing like Wizard.
Muhammad AmirAdded by Muhammad Amir

The anime Haiyore! Nyarko-san W (which aired from April to June 2013, alongside Wizard episodes 30-40), makes several references to Wizard. In particular, the first episode has Nyaruko, Cuuko, and Hasta change into their school uniforms using a magic circle transformation identical to Haruto's, followed by Nyarko pulling her school bag out of a portal similar to the Connect Ring. When Mahiro asks about it, Nyarko responds that they wanted to try out "the latest version's" transformation and gushes "Isn't it super-cool? Isn't it the best?!", referencing the lines said by the WizarDriver when Haruto scans one of the special rings (Kick Strike, Special, Thunder, Blizzard, and Gravity).

Ryuhei make the transformation pose of Kamen Rider Wizard.

In the Japan TV drama The Spy Which I Hate (私の嫌いな探侦), the character named Ryuhei Toruma made Wizard's pre-transformation pose and said "Henshin!" when he was in trouble. Coincidentally, he was portrayed by Shunya Shiraishi, who also played Haruto.


  • Haruto has some similarities of the famous Vash the Stampede from Trigun and both classic and reboot Dante from the Devil May Cry series. Like Vash, both also hide something under goofish personas, wield a pale-colored gun as their main weapon, and have a big love for donuts. While like classic Dante, both are somewhat "Stylish" and have a similar hairstyle (except their bangs are parted in different directions) also speaks Gratuitous English, such as "Show Time", and wields dual guns (though Haruto can only do this while in his Dragon Styles). And like reboot Dante, he gains a red pigmentation when transforming from Flame Style to Flame Dragon, similar to reboot Dante's Devil Trigger that was first shown in DmC's development trailers in 2011 a year prior to Kamen Rider Wizard's premier. In addition to Flame Dragon's red overcoat, similarly Vash, classic Dante and reboot Dante (in Devil Trigger) also have red long two-tailed coats.
  • Haruto also has some similarities to Harry Dresden, protagonist of the Dresden Files series of urban fantasy novels by Jim Butcher. Both characters are magic-users with slick, somewhat smug personalities who protect innocent mortals in secret. Both men wear trenchcoats, primarily use fire-elemental magic, wield magic rings, and have a fondness for doughnuts. Likewise, both characters work with a no-nonsense policewoman (Rinko Daimon and Karrin Murphy) and have enthusiastic young apprentices (Shunpei Nara and Molly Carpenter).


  • Wizard is the first main and third overall Rider to wear a trenchcoat, the first one being Kamen Riders Orga and Yuuki.
  • As recently highlighted in Super Hero Taisen, certain Kamen Riders and Super Sentai heroes share design and power motifs. Motif-wise, Wizard's Sentai counterpart would be the Magirangers, due to both have a magic-based-on-mythical-elements motif.
    • Also, his usage of rings to transform is similar to that of the Denzimen.
    • The Magirangers also used Oath Rings to access their Legend Powers. Coincidently, he has the ability to gain a muscular body just like one of the Magirangers (MagiGreen).
    • The connection with gemstones is likewise similar to the power source of the Goggle V.
  • Wizard's forms share similarities with Kamen Rider Kuuga's forms:
    • Unlike Kuuga, Wizard doesn't have a weaker form, though because Haruto's civilian form can still use magic without turning on the WizarDriver, this could be considered his equivalent of Growing Form.
    • Both have 4 standard forms that are each connected to the elements of fire, water, wind, and earth. Notably, the colors of both Riders' fire, water, and wind-based forms are red, blue, and green respectively, while their earth-based forms are different colors (Kuuga's Titan Form is purple, while Wizard's Land Style is yellow).
      • Coincidentally, the red fire-based form is also the primary form of both Riders.
    • Rising Forms & Dragon Styles: Both are upgrades to the Rider's 4 standard forms.
    • Amazing Mighty & All Dragon: Both are a further upgraded version of the primary form with an exponential increase in destructive power that could, in theory, be used by any of the other forms as well.
    • Rising Ultimate & Infinity Dragon (Gold): Both are a further advanced version of the final form that use the same title as his upgrades.
  • The Dragon Styles are similar to the Powered Custom modes used by the Go-Busters. Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters being the first of the two Super Sentai shows Wizard aired alongside, as the Dragon Styles allow Wizard to fight with the power of WizarDragon just as Powered Custom allows the original three Go-Busters to fight with the power of their respective Buddy Roids.
  • His origin involving an eclipse is somewhat similar to that of Kotaro Minami's and Nobuhiko Akizuki's origins.
  • His usage of rings in magic rituals to combat demonic beings could be inspired by Goetic tomes, where some rituals to summon and control demons for the summoner's use required using a ring as an act of fealty or respect.
  • Haruto has a similar English phrase usage in his pre-battle catchphrase, "It's show time!" with Kamen Rider Psyga that was summoned by Kamen Rider Diend in episode 17 of Kamen Rider Decade.
    • Unlike the summoned Psyga, who said his phrase in fluent English, Haruto's catchphrase is "Now, it's showtime!" (さあ、ショータイムだ! Saa, shōtaimu da!?), with the word "showtime" being the only English word in his line.
  • Wizard is similar to another tokusatsu hero, Madan Senki Ryukendo, as they are both mystic warriors based on dragons.
  • Wizard is the first Neo-Heisei Rider who did not meet his successor in the summer movie. Instead, he meets him in the final 2 episodes of the series.
  • Wizard is the second Rider to have a form with tails, the first is Kamen Rider OOO.
  • In most of his movies and specials, Haruto usually gets sucked into some kind of parallel world:
    • In Movie War Ultimatum, he is sucked into the Earth's Underworld.
    • In Showtime with the Dance Ring, he is sucked into the Donut Shop manager's Underworld.
    • In In Magic Land, he is sucked into Magic Land.
    • In The Kamen Rider Rings and Neverending Story, he is sucked into World within the Magic Stone.
    • In The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle, he is sucked into the World of the Sengoku Period. This is the only parallel world Haruto visits that doesn't feature any counterparts of his allies.
  • Wizard is the first rider to have met an alternate version of himself directly in the same episodes, though this version of Haruto is not a rider.
    • While Kazuma Kenzaki and Kazuma Kendate (Main and A.R. Blade) have made an appearance in the same episode in Kamen Rider Decade, Kendate disappeared before Kenzaki could meet him due to the merging of his world, though Kenzaki has watched him disappear from a distance during the event.

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  1. Hyper Hobby, June 2013
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