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Hello! Riderman, be Careful of Nezura Man (ハロー! ライダーマンネズラ毒に気をつけろ!! Harō! Raidāman Nezura Doku ni Ki o Tsukero!!) is the thirty-third episode of Kamen Rider (Skyrider). It features Hiroshi Tsukuba (Skyrider) teaming-up with Joji Yuki (Riderman), featuring the return of Takehisa Yamaguchi as the latter.


Hiroshi is joined by Joji Yuki in fighting to stop a rat Kaijin from using his deadly poisons from killing the populace.


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Guest stars


DVD Release

Skyrider DVD Vol 3

Skyrider Volume 3, DVD cover.

Skyrider Volume 3 features episodes 25-36.[1]


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