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Here I Come! (俺、参上! Ore, Sanjō!) is the first episode of Kamen Rider Den-O.


A luckless boy named Ryotaro Nougami comes across a strange train pass and becomes possessed by a powerful demon as he finds himself unexpectedly becoming the a hero known as Den-O fighting strange creatures from another time!


The story starts with Ryotaro Nogami on his bike lodged in the top branches of a tree through a strange string of bad luck. After being let down, he rides his bike into the city, runs over broken glass, and crashes next to a group of young men led by Tetsuo. After being beat up, Ryotaro discovers an unusual pass. Just as he picks it up and enters a building, the landscape abruptly changes into a valley where he finds a train and a woman on it who gives him a cup of coffee. Ryotaro is later confronted by a young woman on the train, who says that she lost the pass that Ryotaro found.

He leaves, finding Tetsuo's gang, and is then possessed by a strange force and beats up the gang members until he manages to prevent the possessing force from going too far. Ryotaro then finds Tetsuo and the girl on the train, and it is revealed that Tetsuo is also being possessed by a monster called an Imagin. The Bat Imagin attacks Ryotaro, until the girl tells him to use the pass to become Kamen Rider Den-O, as Ryotaro is what is known as a "Singularity Point."

Ryotaro, in Plat Form, is losing when the Imagin that had possessed him tells him to switch places, transforming into Den-O Sword Form. Sword Form then easily beats Bat Imagin, and then Ryotaro boards the Train of Time, the DenLiner.


Guest Cast

  • Tetsuo (テツオ): Motoki Ochiai (落合 モトキ Ochiai Motoki)
  • Makoto (マコト): Yuki Kimisawa (君沢 ユウキ Kimisawa Yūki)
  • Katō (カトー): Yuya Ogawa (小川 祐弥 Ogawa Yūya)
  • Satoshi (サトシ): Ryo Ishikawa (石川 遼 Ishikawa Ryō)
  • Construction Worker: Hakobu Okubo (大久保 運 Ōkubo Hakobu)
  • Police: Kaohiko Kaoda (顔田 顔彦 Kaoda Kaohiko)
  • Bat Imagin (バットイマジン Batto Imajin, Voice): Kiyoyuki Yanada (梁田 清之 Yanada Kiyoyuki)

Suit actors

Form Changes

  • Den-O: Plat Form, Sword Form


  • The title of the episode is based on Momotaros' catchphrase upon possessing Ryotaro or when transforming into Den-O Sword Form.
  • Because the initial possession that Momotaros does of Ryotaro leads to him using "his special attack", this is the reason why his Den-O Sword Form version is ultimately called "his special attack part 2".

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