This article is about a/an episode of Imagin Anime in Kamen Rider Den-O.

How is Deneb Candy Made? (デネブキャンディができるまで? Denebu Kyandi ga Dekiru made?) is the fifth animated short of the first Imagin Anime series.

The episode starts at 4:30 in the morning at Deneb's house. Outside is the ZeroLiner. Deneb wakes up after his alarm goes off. At 5:00 he travels to a farm for milk. At 6:00 he enters a forest for honey. Finally, at 7:00, he goes to a stand to buy sugar. At 8:00 he has all ingredients on a stove in a pot. He starts mixing, intending to mix for an hour, but he falls asleep less than 20 seconds into the mixing. 10 minutes later, Sieg shows up and sees the candy, thinking it's soup. He adds flowers and a secret mixture for flavor, then admits he is the secret conspirator. He then walks away. 10 minutes later, Kintaros walks in after a workout and sees the candy, thinking it's boiling water. He hops in the pot to gain more energy from the heat. Another 10 minutes go by, and Ryutaros walks in and sees the candy, thinking it's paint. He throws in a red tube of paint and a blue tube of paint. He then sees that his sister's hair is not that color and he prefers crayons instead. 10 minutes pass, and Urataros enters talking on a phone. When the person on the other line mentions gifts from other women, he throws the presents, which were flowers, a wrapped present, a bracelet, and a scarf, into the pot, lying to the person that he didn't have any and that she was his greatest present. Another cell phone in his other hand rings to his belt tune. He then throws the first phone in the pot and walks away. 20 minutes later, the alarm rings for 9:00(count the time!) and Deneb wakes up, alarmed that he fell asleep and unaware of the extra ingredients. He turns off the stove and sets the candy. The candy was a swirl of brown and tan. Then he goes outside and says they're done. Momotaros than walks up and asks for some candy. Deneb gives him a lollipop and a round ball. Deneb also takes a lollipop for himself. They eat the candy but suddenly the screen inverts colors and their mouths are open in shock. As the watch circle appears and twists, Deneb walks up by the circle and says it didn't usually taste like that!