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Hydrozoa Ignio (ヒドロゾア・イグニオ Hidorozoa Igunio, 18 & 19): A Hydrozoa Lord (ハイドロゾアロード Haidorozoa Rōdo) whose method of killing is to conjure a bolt of lightning to strike down a human, causing the victim to die of spontaneous human combustion. Though his targets were originally any human with latent psychic abilities, when Ryuji Tsukasa arrives during his fight with Agito and G3, the OverLord has Ignio speak that "Humans shall not kill other humans", running off while hinting Tsukasa's actions. Resuming his attack the next day, Ignio is destroyed by Agito Storm Form's Halberd Spin. He reappears in the Hyper Battle Special, only to be destroyed by Gills' Gills Hell Stab.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Agito video game

Hydrozoa Ignio is one of several Lords who are playable in the Kamen Rider Agito video game.