This article is about a/an Makamou in Kamen Rider Hibiki.
Douji & Hime of Ittanmomen
Episodes: Majestic Breath Oni
Shouting Wind
Burning Crimson
Forbidden Secret
The Talking Back
Season: Kamen Rider Hibiki
Height: 787 cm
Weight: 2177.2 kg

Ittanmomen (イッタンモメン 7, 8 & movie): A giant type Makamou with the feature of a manta ray and a swallow, usually handled by Oni talented with wind instruments. Like a dragonfly, an Ittanmomen spends most of its life underwater until it is mature enough to fly for long periods of time. The Ittanmomen at Okukuji was destroyed by Ibuki's Shippuu Issen.

Another appears around Lake Tanzawa in episode 24, quickly destroyed by Ibuki's Shippuu Issen.

A reddish Ittanmomen emerges from lake Tatebayashi in episode 44, destroyed by Ibuki's Shippuu Issen.

Todoroki battled a mass of Ittanmomen at Hidaka.

Douji and Hime

Douji & Hime of Ittanmomen They were raising an Ittenmomen at Okukuji, choking victims to death with their extend-able limbs and dragging the corpses into the lake for their child to feed. While Douji was destroyed by Ibuki's Reppuu, Hime escaped only to be killed by the same attack later when her child was mature enough to fly.

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