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Jiro Maki (牧 治郎 Maki Jirō) was a member of the radiology department at Seito University Hospital, and a friend of Taiga Hanaya.

Character History

Jiro, along with Taiga, were chosen to take the compatibility test to become Kamen Riders, as they had unknowingly discovered a case of the Bugster virus. However, Jiro was only eligible for a support role, a fact which was undisclosed to the doctors. As Taiga was hesitant on becoming a Kamen Rider then, Jiro decided that he would go in Taiga's place of his own accord. As Jiro attempted to transform, disaster struck as the effect of the Proto Gashat caused Jiro to suffer from hemoptysis before collapsing. Trigger of Destiny

Jiro took a while to recuperate in the hospital before being discharged. Later, he found out that the usage of the Proto Gashat had infected him with the Bugster virus. He went down to CR in an attempt to warn Taiga, who was suffering from the same negative effects due to prolonged usage of the Proto Gashat. As he tried to stop Taiga from transforming, his stress finally took its toll as the Bugster virus took over him, causing him to vanish into data. Comrade Barrel


A victim of the Game Disease, Jiro Maki was acknowledged by Dr. Emu Hojo as he spoke at a televised press conference by the Ministry of Health following the demise of mastermind Masamune Dan, striking a chord with Taiga. Endless Game


Sometime after the end of the Bugster crisis, and also after a battle between Snipe and Genm where Snipe finished off Genm with an attack using the Bang Bang Tank Gashat, Taiga was seen talking to Jiro, who was somehow alive again. Immortal Reload



Behind the Scenes


Jiro Maki is portrayed by Masaki Kaji (加治 将樹 Kaji Masaki).