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This article is about a/an actor in Kamen Rider Kuuga.
Joe Odagiri
Joe Odagiri
Born February 16, 1976
Born in Okayama, Japan
Role(s) Yusuke Godai
Kamen Rider Kuuga

Joe Odagiri (小田切 譲 Odagiri Jō?) played Yusuke Godai, the titular rider of Kamen Rider Kuuga (2000), Kamen Rider Kuuga being the first show in the Heisei era and marking the revival of the Kamen Rider Series. Joe Odagiri is also the first actor who has played a Kamen Rider to have been born after the premiere of the original Kamen Rider in 1971.

Despite Kuuga going on to make later minor appearances, including in recent crossover movies, Joe Odagiri has yet to reprise his role.

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