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"Hurricane Ninja's ending is the destruction of the world!"
―Johnny Maxima's word to main six Ex-Aid Riders.[src]

―Johnny Maxima's proclamation before transforming into Gemdeus Machina[src]

Johnny Maxima (ジョニー・マキシマ Jonī Makishima) is the CEO of Machina Vision. He is able to transform into a red colored Gamedeus, Gamedeus Machina (ゲムデウスマキナ Gemudeusu Makina). [1]


Machina Vision HomePage

Johnny Maxima's profile as seen on Machina Vision's webpage.

"You're a greedy one, aren't you, President Johnny Maxima?"
―Masamune Dan[src]

Johnny Maxima accepted Masamune Dan's request for Machina Vision to co-operate with Genm Corp.'s worldwide release project for Kamen Rider Chronicle, on the condition that he receive a single Gamer Driver. Destiny Reboot!

"The ending for Kamen Rider Chronicle is near...Mister Masamune!"
―Johnny Maxima, witnessing the endgame of Kamen Rider Chronicle[src]

He's shown taking Graphite's Gashacon Bugvisor after his destruction. He witnesses the arrival of Gamedeus and comments how Kamen Rider Chronicle is entering its final stage. Reset Game!


Not much to be known about Johnny's traits, except that he is a CEO whose god complex is already shown before the involvement of Bugster virus. Although self-proclaimed as a fan of Japanese cultures, including ninja, Kiriya pointed on his poor research of mistaking the kanji for "Negi" ( welsh onion) as "Shinobi" ( "ninja").


Gamedeus Machina

Gamedeus Machina

Gamedeus Machina (ゲムデウスマキナ Gemudeusu Makina)

Appearances: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending

Powers include a sword that emits fire slashes, a shield, and body shockwaves.

Super Gamedeus Machina
Giant Gemdeus

Super Gamedeus Machina fights Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer

Super Gamedeus Machina (超ゲムデウスマキナ Chou Gemudeusu Makina)

Appearances: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending

Powers include blue flames and fire balls from the dragon heads, body whirlwinds, forming an energy dome that reduces gravity, a sword for the lower half of the body, and regeneration.

Behind the Scenes


Johnny Maxima is portrayed by Brother Tom.


As an Ex-Aid character, the name Gamedeus Machina is play on the a Latin term deus ex machina.


  • When Super Gamedeus Machina retracts his arms into his body, he appears to resemble a giant ornate sword.