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This article is about a/an ally in Kamen Rider Kabuto.
Jyuka Tendou
Jyuka Tendou
Gender: Female
Ally Type: Student
Season: Kamen Rider Kabuto
Homeworld: Earth
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Actor: Natsumi Okumura
"I am a woman who walks the path of the heavens to make every tree and flower beautiful, Jyuka Tendou."
―Jyuka's motto similar to her brother's.[src]

Jyuka Tendou (天道 樹花 Tendō Jūka) is presented as Souji's younger sister, but in truth she seems to be his younger cousin.


They were both taken in by their grandmother after the Shibuya meteorite crash. She's really close to Souji, who she calls "older brother" (Onii-chan), and tends to act the same way he does; such as talking about her grandmother and pointing to the sky. She was injured in a car crash caused by Kamishiro, but blows it off to her brother's concern.

She also assists her brother in running noodle carts across town. She has different ways of saying "Good Morning" to Tendou and loves his cooking. Lately, she has been targeted by ZECT and the Worms. So far two Worms, disguised as Misaki and Daisuke, tried to either kidnap or kill her.

She seems to be aware of the Zecters as the Kabuto, TheBee, and Drake Zecters fly around the entire Tendou household, while the Sasword Zecter crawls on the dining table. It is unclear, however, whether she knows that Souji is a Kamen Rider.

During the epilogue, it is shown that she has accepted Hiyori as her "sister" and is now working with her at the Bistro La Selle. She was 13 years old in the series.

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