This article is about a/an video game in Kamen Rider 555.

Kamen Rider 555 is a game which released on December 18, 2003 in Japan by Bandai. It was an action game which featured many of the characters from the TV series. There were several modes of gameplay for either a single play and two players.

Playable Characters

Game Modes

  • Challenge Mode
  • VS Mode
  • Free Mode
  • Gallery Mode
  • Credits Mode
  • Tutorial Mode
  • Practice Mode
  • Fruit Machine Mode
  • Options


  • Smart Brain Arena (Day)
  • Smart Brain Field
  • City (Night)
  • Destroyed Industrial Complex (Dawn)
  • Destroyed Industrial Complex (Day)
  • Airport
  • Bridge (Under)
  • Smart Brain Arena (Night)

Rider Finishers / Finale

  • Faiz: Crimson Smash, Grand Impact, Sparkle Cut, Axel Crimson Smash, Axel Grand Impact, Axel Sparkle Cut, Photon Buster, Auto Vajin
  • Kaixa: Gold Smash, Xeno Clash, Grand Impact, Side Basshar
  • Delta: Lucifer Hammer, Jet Sliger
  • Horse Orphnoch: Horse Slash
  • Crane Orphnoch: Spinning Crane Wing Slash
  • Snake Orphnoch: Snake Kick
  • Crocodile Orphnoch: Croc Slash
  • Centipede Orphnoch: Whip Combo
  • Dragon Orphnoch: Dragon Claws
  • Lobster Orphnoch: Swordplay Combo
  • Auto Vajin: Vehicle Mode Attack

Voice actors