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Kamen Rider Black: Taiketsu Shadow Moon (仮面ライダーBLACK 対決シャドームーン Kamen Raidā Burakku: Taiketsu Shadōmūn, "Showdown with Shadow Moon") side-scrolling action game released by Bandai for the Family Computer Disk System on April 15, 1988. Player takes control of Kamen Rider Black, who must defeat numerous Gorgom mutants. The player gets to ride Battle Hopper in addition to controlling Black on foot.


The player can use the A button to jump if held down and double tapping A allows the player to execute flips. B button is a standard punch attack while pressing B and Up lets the player do a standard kick attack. While Rider Punch, Kick and Chop are options, the Player can only use them in final stage boss battles and must use the Vital Charge ability to fill the gauges to access them at the cost of health. In addition, using the Select button gives players the option of using Multi Eye to see their opponents stats or final stage bosses weak points or Power Stripes to whittle down sub-boss health at the cost of health bars.

In Driving stages, the player rides Battle Hopper and can Jump or use a punch attack. The Jump attack can also be used as a Rider Break to damage bosses in the level.


The following Gorgom members as they appear in order of appearance with bosses highlighted in bold.