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This is a list of characters from the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Blade.


  • Nozomi Yamanaka The 17-year-old girlfriend of Mutsuki. She got indirectly involved with things through him, and though she didn't understand what was happening to him regarding the Spider Undead taking over his mind, she worried about and cared for him regardless. Her love was one of the main reasons he was able to resist the Spider's influence. After the influence is cleared and she learned the full truth of the situation, she continued to stand by him.
  • Sayoko Fukasawa (1-14) Tachibana's girlfriend from college. Being a nurse, her office was open to Tachibana whenever he needed to rest. She attempted to help him before she was killed by Isaka/Peacock Undead for her interference in his plan. Because of her death, Tachibana's fear ceased, and she was avenged when he sealed Isaka.
  • Jin Ichinose (9-12) A young street musician who befriended Hajime after the latter had left Amane for personal reasons. Jin is a prodigal son of a prominent composer who wants him to become a musician like his older brother. But Jin, being a misanthrope, wants to be independent and away from mankind on the boat he worked hard to get and ready. After seeing Hajime turn into Chalice, Jin eventually severed his ties with Hajime after his battle with the Shell Undead resulted with Jin's boat being burned down, killing the young man's dream.
  • Go Kiryu (17-19) A former member of BOARD which was to be the first user of Garren, but was incompatible. Kiryu had a warped sense of justice, using his prosthetic hand to electrocute petty crooks. Eventually, upon the discovery of Leangle, he briefly used the Leangle belt, recognized by the Spider Undead as a more suitable vessel out of like-mindedness. But once defeated, Spider Undead abandoned Kiryu for Mutsuki as the Locust, Deer and Jaguar Undeads mauled Kiryu on command.
  • Rei Kamioka (22-23) A photographer who is a close friend of the Kurihara Family who employs Hajime as an apprentice. When she examined the picture of the place where Amane's father had died, she found out that Hajime is in the picture. She at first thought that Hajime killed Mr. Kurihara but later realized his innocence. She also saw Hajime transform into Chalice, who saved her when she was under attack by the Eagle Undead.
  • Honda Racer (25) He aids the Riders to stop the Wolf Undead, but attempting to block off the creature so the Riders could catch up with it.
  • Ryo Mikami (29-30) Hajime's exact look-alike, who make takoyaki as a member of the Iroha clan, having a forbidden romance with Michi. Fed up with his life, he swapped identities with an amnesiac Hajime. However, he returns to reclaim his place, fighting as Taiyaki Master Ultimate Form (タイヤキ名人アルティメットフォーム Taiyaki Meijin Arutimetto Fōmu) aiding Hajime in fighting the Serpent Undead. He also has a switch on his suit which is called the Ultimate Form Special Turbo (アルティメットフォームスペシャルターボ Arutimetto Fōmu Supesharu Tābo) which allows him to move faster. Like Hajime Aikawa, he is also potrayed by Ryoji Morimoto.
  • Michi (29-30) Ryo's girlfriend. Although she is a daughter of the Iroha's taiyaki-making rival clan, the Hoheta clan, she also makes takoyaki and supports Ryo. When Ryo and Hajime changed their identities for a while, she discovers that her boyfriend (actually an amnesiac Hajime) has hidden abilities, and eventually fell in love with him for a second time. Through Hajime, she made the two rival clans reconciliate with each other. In the end, she and Ryo were married after they discovered that Ryo and Hajime were two different people.
  • Umi Ikuhara (35-36) A young girl whose parents a brother died in an earthquake, she saw Kenzaki transform into Blade. She made a lot of trouble to Kenzaki, because she wants Kenzaki to be her "superhero." Through Kenzaki, she learned the true meaning of protecting people, since she believes that no one will protect her.


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