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Kamen Rider Buttobasoul (仮面ライダーブットバソウル Kamen Raidā Buttobasouru) is a Gashapon arcade game. Player can get a Gashapon chance to get rare medals, and later Fullbottles, as a prize.


Battobasoul Coins

Kamen Riders' medals

Before the game, player can get a random drop of 1 to 3 medals from the arcade machine. Then, the a boss will be randomly chosen, with different weak points on Battle Type (バトルタイプ Batoru Taipu), Series Mark (シリーズマーク), and later Energy Items and Fullbottle. Player can scan the QR code of the medals to form a team up to 3 riders. In later version, player can also scan Energy Items and Fullbottle for extra bonus. After scanning, Player is required to continuously hit the button to accumulate the Soul Gauge (ソウルゲージ Souru Gēji) to a certain amount. Each boss requires different amount of accumulation. The rider medals, Energy Items and Fullbottles will give an initial Rider Power (ライダーパワー Raidā Pawā) to the gauge, and bonus will be added if they matching the weak points of the boss. Once the Soul Gauge is filled up, the boss is defeated. In later version, the Energy Item will be activated before the defeat of boss.

The game then enter the Super Buttobasoul Chance Time (スーパーブットバソウルチャンスタイム Sūpā Buttobasouru Chansu Taimu) section, where riders perform Rider Kick on Shocker Combatmen, and prize will be given if the combatman fly over 10000 meters, or 50000 meters in the some later versions. During the flight, events may be happened that cause the combatman to fly further, fly again, or land immediately. The final distance is determined from the timing of button pressing and the number of hits in the battle, and also a random factor. A boss event must happen if the combatman is going to stop at around 10000/50000 meters, and may cause the combatman to stop at 9999/49999 meters. The highest result of the final distance is unmeasurable (計測不能 Keisoku Funō)[1].

Battle Type

Medals are divided into 5 Battle Types:

  • Slash ( Ki)
    • True Slash
  • Punch ( Da)
    • True Punch
  • Shoot ( I)
    • True Shoot
  • Kick ( Ke)
    • True Kick
  • Special ( Toku)
    • True Special

In the latest version, there are medals upgraded with True ( Shin) properties.

Kamen Riders

Playable Characters

The following listed by Series Mark.


Chance Time





Chance Time


KRBu-Buttobasoul Fullbottle

Buttobasoul Fullbottle.

The toyline-exclusive Buttobasoul Fullbottle (ブットバソウルフルボトル Buttobasouru Furubotoru) would be used by Build to Best Match with Ganbarizing and access ButtobaGanba Form.


Ghost Ex-Aid coin E50

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