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Kamen Rider City Wars (仮面ライダーシティウォーズ [都市大戦] Kamen Raidā Shiti U~ōzu) is a Bandai Namco building game for the iOS and Android operating system.


Kamen Rider: City Wars is a mobile game where players defeat enemies to gather materials to improve their city, which in turn strengthens the Kamen Riders. It features Kamen Riders from all previous Kamen Rider titles.

The currencies in this game is divided into 3 types: Gold, R-Energy and Hero Stones. The Golds are needed in construction and improvement of city buildings or enhance and evolution of effect cards. The summoning of new Rider, and enhance a Rider's ability will cost R-Energy. The Hero Stones are IAP currency of this game, can be used to pull a gacha, refill stamina, unlock daily dungeons within 1 hour, and even cover the amount of golds or R-Energy lack in cost.

City Construction

The Game starts with a small city, and player need to expand it to support Riders. Residential type buildings can produce gold, and R-Energy can be collected from R-Energy plants. Some auxiliary buildings are able to increase the amount or speed of producing resource, or the hit points Riders have. When player get at least 1 Rider of a series, the Special buildings which are the famous spots of each series (such as Hikari Studio, Nascita and Coffee House COL)can be unlocked and able to increase attack of Riders belonging that series.

When player engaged in City Battle mode, the enemies can attack city buildings and cause damage. Damage will be auto-repaired without cost after each play ends, but damaged building with empty hit points will be destroyed until player give a repair command.

Riders and Effect cards

After player completes the game tutorial, Kamen Rider Build, Kamen Rider Den-O and Kamen Rider 1 will join player's team. Player can also summon a new Rider in cost of 20000 R-Energy. This cost will become zero if player get a 5-star effect card of respective Rider in gacha.

The weapon and attacks of Riders can be equipped in forms of Effect cards. Effect cards are divided into 4 types: Normal, Moves, Finishing and Boost Change (BC). Normal card will only give ability perimeters to Rider, and later 3 categorized as Action Card which can be used to attack. Each card have it own rarity and decides it strength. Each Rider have 6 normal slots for all cards and 1 action slot for action card at first.

Each action card can be identified by which forms of attacking:

  • Kick: Allows equipped Rider perform a kick attack.
  • Punch: Allows equipped Rider perform a punch attack or punch-base energy wave.
  • Chop: Allows equipped Rider perform a hand chop attack.
  • Tackle: Allows equipped Rider perform a tackle attack with short rush.
  • Weapon: Allows equipped Rider perform a attack with their weapon. Can be further divided into Slash(Sword/Naginata icon), Shooting(Gun/Bow icon), Strike(Staff/Hammer icon).
  • Emit: Allows equipped Rider perform a attack which emitting energy without weapon. Such as Hibiki's Onibi or Stronger's Electro Fire.
  • Explode: Allows equipped Rider perform a attack which shoot a projectile then create a small explosion. Such as Ghost's Omedama and ZX's Focus Bomb.
  • Other: Attacks which cannot categorized with above. Such as Gatack's Calibur Boomerang, Grease's Scrap Finish (Robot summoning).
  • BC: Allows equipped Rider perform Form Change. The perimeters of activated Rider will be increased and able to use BC-exclusive Finishing moves. However each BC can only keep around 35 seconds.

After a effect card reach its max level, Players can evolve it to increase its maximum level.


Playable Characters


CPU Enemies

Voice Actors

The following characters with a name are voiced by their original actors from the shows and movies.

Kamen Rider Zi-O

Kamen Rider Build

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Kamen Rider Amazons

Kamen Rider Ghost

Kamen Rider Drive

Kamen Rider Gaim

Kamen Rider Wizard

Kamen Rider Fourze

Kamen Rider OOO

Kamen Rider W

Kamen Rider Decade

Kamen Rider Kiva

Kamen Rider Den-O

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Kamen Rider Hibiki

Kamen Rider Blade

Kamen Rider 555

Kamen Rider Ryuki

Kamen Rider Agito

Kamen Rider Black (RX)

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