This article is about a/an rider form used by several identities in the Kamen Rider Series.

Kamen Rider G4

Kamen Rider G4 (仮面ライダーG4 Kamen Raidā Jī Fō, Masked Rider G4) may refer to any of the following characters.


Generation-4 System/Kamen Rider G4


Kamen Rider G4

  • Head height: 198 centimeters (6ft 4in)
  • Base weight: 150 kilograms (330.6lbs)
  • Ability perimeters
  • Punching power: 4t
  • Kicking power: 13t
  • Maximum jump height: 25m (82ft)
  • Maximum running speed: 100m/7.5s (328ft/3.5sec)
  • Vision: 15 km approx. (9.3 miles)
  • Hearing: 15 km approx. (9.3 miles)
  • Defense Rating: 8

Kamen Rider G4 was an upgraded version of the G3 system conceptualized by Sumiko Ozawa from the G3-X model. However, the G4 was deemed far too dangerous for use, so Ozawa never included the adjustments in the design schematics. But, Risako Fukami would steal the plans and construct the G4 System herself, adding a Prediction System to improve the AI and make the G4 the most powerful weapon on Earth. Unlike earlier G-Series of Kamen Riders motif based on Kuuga, G4's motif was based on Kamen Rider Agito.

Physically, G4 would reflect Agito's Burning Form, but the horns on G4's helmet resemble Agito's crest horns (unopened) from his basic Ground Form. And fittingly, being a Dark Rider, the colors on G4's eyes (blue) are also colors that happen to contradict Agito's Eyes (yellow); even G3-X's eyes (a much more red shade) also contradict G4's.

However, despite G4's motif being based on Agito instead of Kuuga, G4 still has design elements resembling parts of Kuuga's Standard & Rising Forms (shoulders and trim, although Agito's Burning Form is also shown to have a trim), as well as his Ultimate form (legs, body, arms, and G4's black and yellow color palette at the torso.)


Kamen Rider G4-X

  • Height: 198cm
  • Weight: 180kg

Ability perimeters

  • Punching Power: 3t
  • Kicking Power: 8t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 22m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100m/7.5s

G4-X is the upgraded version of the old G4 system. Not much is known about this other than it being a form exclusive to the S.I.C. line. Designed to destroy the rampaging Kamen Rider G1, the suit became more similar to the G3-X system, putting less of a strain and damper on the wearer and sporting a blue coloring instead of black and gray. Kamen Rider Agito: Project G1

G4-X was essentially Hikawa in the G3-X armour, but due to damage to it’s helmet from his battle with G4 the G4 helmet was used.


  • GM-01 R4 - A modified version of the Kamen Rider G3's GM-01 "Scorpion"; a modular magnum pistol, stored on right hip, hand-carried in use.
  • "Gigant" - A shoulder-mounted missile launcher, mounted over the right shoulder when in use. Used as a finisher.

Rider Cards

Kamen Ride G4

Kamen Ride: G4

G4 in Episode Yellow

G4 as summoned by Diend Complete Form.


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