This article is about a/an crossover film in Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders (仮面ライダー平成ジェネレーションズFINAL ビルド&エグゼイドwithレジェンドライダー Kamen Raidā Heisei Jenerēshonzu Fainaru: Birudo ando Eguzeido wizu Rejendo Raidā) is the Movie War (the ninth overall) crossover between Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, and the second installment of the Heisei Generations Series. The film premiered in Japanese theaters on December 9, 2017. It was followed by a teaser announcing the then-upcoming Kamen Rider Amazons: The Last Judgement.

The film was released on DVD/Blu-Ray on May 9, 2018.


The story begins following Ex-Aid and Para-DX's battle against Build during Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending. Build appeared and took Ex-Aid's powers away, but Sento has no recollection of such incident happening other than a dream. Misora has made two new Fullbottles.

When Sento arrived to a Smash distress call, he found a Nebula Bugster instead, the latest mutation of the Bugster Virus. While Sento battled the Nebula Buster, Ryuga was blown into an alternate reality where the Sky Wall never existed, where he meets Emu and the Gamer Riders. The Riders from the world of Build and the Riders from the world of Ex-Aid, alongside the Legend Riders Fourze, OOO, Gaim, and Ghost will stand up against this threat!


The film begins with Sento Kiryu dreaming about taking Ex-Aid's powers. When he wakes up after Misora finishes purifying the Doctor and Game Fullbottles, he tells the others about his weird dream and reveals his new RabbitTank Sparkling power-up bottle. Then, the team are called into battle when Nebula Bugsters begin attacking Touto. Realizing their powers have no effect on the monsters, Build accesses the Doctor and Game bottles for an Ex-Aid Best Match, then realizing that Ex-Aid was in his dream. Left Kaiser then appears and takes the new bottles from Build and runs off. Cross-Z runs after him and gets sucked into Enigma, a inter-dimensional gateway that brought him to a parallel world where the Sky Wall never existed.

Nebula Bugsters begin to attack the public due to the interdimensional interference caused by Engima, alerting the attention of several former Kamen Riders. The Doctor Gamers arrive to the scene to try to calm the peace, with Emu out of commission due to Build taking his powers the week prior. Right Kaiser then appears and takes responsibility for unleashing the Nebula Bugsters for the sake of empowering the Enigma on his side. He activates the Enigma and sends Build's Earth to their dimension, with the denizens of each Earth in awe after seeing another Earth in the sky. Enigma activates again, this time it renders the Gamer Drivers and Gashats useless. Right Kaizer attacks the Riders, only for them to be protected by the appearance of Kamen Rider Ghost. The Doctor Riders help quell the wounded civilians in medical care while Emu thanks Takeru and Onari for showing up. Then Ryuga appeared and began yelling at Asuna Karino about the Sky Wall. Emu notices the Build Driver on Ryuga and demands for his Ex-Aid powers back, with Ryuga dismissing the idea.

Meanwhile on Build's Earth, Parado has encountered Sento and demands for Emu's powers back, claiming it took him two entire years in an attempt to track Build down. After hearing Parado out, Sento realizes that Parado and "Ex-Aid" came from a world where the Sky Wall never existed. Soichi Isurugi appears and explains that Nebula Bugsters are monsters from a different world infused with their world's Nebula Gas, and the only one who can defeat them are "riders with the power of video games", which he tells Sento that that was the most likely reason as to why Sento refused to return Ex-Aid's bottles. He suggests that Parado use the Game Fullbottle to communicate with Emu on the other side, which succeeded. The conversation confirmed a time difference between the two worlds and that Enigma was able converge the two time zones into one linear flow, and to Sento's acknowledgement that Ryuga was in Ex-Aid's world. The Doctor Riders begin to work a plan out with Kuroto Dan, while Parado falls temporarily ill due to the influence of the Fullbottle over his virus physiology. Soichi continues to explain how Kaisei Mogami once found a way to cross over to parallel worlds using the Sky Wall, and tells Sento to stop him.

With a new plan in tow, Kuroto Dan faces the Nebula Bugsters with the new Kamen Rider Build Gashat he created from the data when Build attacked him. The new Gashat would allow him to temporarily conceal the lock embedded onto their gear, albeit only temporary. Kuroto is asked to make more, but he refuses until Onari successfully convinces him to do so.

Sento begins his investigating of Kaisei Mogami by retrieving a profile of him from Gentoku Himuro, to explains that Mogami worked very closely with Takumi Katsuragi.

Continuity and Placement


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Build
Sento Kiryu
Kamen Rider Cross-Z Ryuga Banjo
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Emu Hojo
Kamen Rider Brave Hiiro Kagami
Kamen Rider Snipe Taiga Hanaya
Kamen Rider Lazer Kiriya Kujo
Kamen Rider Lazer Turbo
Kamen Rider Genm Kuroto Dan
Kamen Rider Para-DX
Parado (Flashback only)
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level XX R

Legend Riders

Kamen Rider OOO
Eiji Hino
Kamen Rider Fourze Gentaro Kisaragi
Kamen Rider Gaim Kouta Kazuraba
Kamen Rider Ghost Takeru Tenkuji

And Introducing Grease

Kamen Rider Grease Kazumi Sawatari





Ankh Ankh



Kamen Rider Build
Takumi Katsuragi (Flashback only)

Foundation X

Kaiser Kaisei Mogami
Kaiser Reverse Kaisei Mogami (World of Ex-Aid)
Kaisei Mogami & Kaisei Mogami (World of Ex-Aid)
X Guardian Guardians



Scorpion Scorpion Zodiarts
Cancer Cancer Zodiarts
Leo Leo Zodiarts
Virgo Virgo Zodiarts


Uva Uva
Kazari Kazari
Gamel Gamel
Mezool Mezool


Build cast
Ex-Aid cast
Returning cast
Guest Cast


  • Kamen Rider Grease (仮面ライダーグリス Kamen Raidā Gurisu), Voice): Kouhei Takeda (武田 航平 Takeda Kōhei, credited as ??? in the movie)

Suit Actors

Form Changes and Collectibles Used


  • Bottle Used:
    • Build
      • Sento
        • Organic: Rabbit, Doctor, Kaizoku, Lion (in Build Phone), Taka, Ninjya, Phoenix
        • Inorganic: Tank, Game, Densha, Gatling, Comic, Robot
        • Other: RabbitTank Sparkling
      • Takumi (Flashback)
        • Organic: Rabbit, Gorilla
        • Inorganic: Tank, Diamond
    • Cross-Z
      • Dragon
  • Form Used:
    • Build
      • RabbitTank Form, Ex-Aid Form, KaizokuRessya Form, HawkGatling Form, NinninComic Form, PhoenixRobo Form, RabbitTank Sparkling Form

Rider Gashat

Ghost Eyecons


  • Lock Used:
    • Orange, Sakura Hurricane, Kachidoki, Kiwami
  • Arms Changes
  • Lock Vehicle:


Core Medals

  • Medals Used:
    • Head - Taka, Kuwagata
    • Arms - Tora, Kamakiri, Kujaku
    • Legs - Batta, Condor
  • Combos Used:
    • Tatoba Combo, Gatakiriba Combo, Tajadol Combo

Theme song

International Movie Theaters

The film was released in Taiwan in February 2018, and Hong Kong in March 2018, available in both Japanese language with Chinese subtitles and Chinese dub.


  • The placement of the two parallel Earths next to each other is inconsistent throughout the entirety of the film. Whilst the characters from their respective worlds are able to see the counterpart world's Japan directly above them, the zoomed out shot of both Earths instead has both Japans facing outward instead of facing each other.
  • When the camera pans out for JK to take a picture of the Doctor Riders, Ghost is mysteriously out of the shot despite standing in front of the Riders.
  • When the Doctor Riders activate Kamen Rider Build Gashats to transform, they don't wear a Gamer Driver, but it suddenly appears in the very next scene.
  • When Emu transforms and the profile array appears, two silhouettes are seen in place of Ex-Aid's Double Action Gamer Level X and Genm's Action Gamer Level 1, even though they aren't seen when the other Doctor Rider transform.
  • When Emu transforms along with Sento, Bike Gamer is also materialized, even though he didn't activate a Bakusou Bike Gashat.
  • Before Takeru transforms into Ghost, he is not seen summoning the Ghost Driver and it just appears on him even though it wasn't there in the previous scene.
  • On one scene, the Build suit is actually reversed while Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer is fighting Bikaiser.
  • Fourze using a Module that is on his right arm in Cosmic States is impossible as it would revert him back to Base States.
  • When OOO changes into Tajadol Combo as well as the majority of OOO's Combo Changes, the sound effects for inserting the medals and scanning them are from the Medajalibur and Birth Driver.
    • However, the Foundation X Medals released in the Complete Selection Modification OOO Driver Complete Set reveal that the medals are programmed to emit Cell Medal sounds, so this may not be an error.
  • Around the time that Build transforms into RabbitTank Sparkling, the gear color of Bikaiser are reversed.
  • When Ex-Aid transforms into Muteki Gamer, the Hyper Muteki projection screen isn't seen.
  • When Snipe changes into Simulation Gamer, the sound announced is different than the original one, much like when Para-DX assumes his Level 50 forms.
  • When Eiji, Emu, and Ryuga confront Kaisei Mogami in his lair, he states that Eiji cannot transform. Later, Ankh is shown pilfering Foundation X's Core Medals from the Greeeds and giving them to Eiji, implying that the reason Eiji could not transform is because he lost his Core Medals at the end of OOO. This seems to be ignoring the fact that Eiji regained the Core Medals in Movie War Mega Max and has used them to transform in subsequent appearances.
  • Before OOO performs Prominence Drop, for unknown reason his adjusted the OOO Driver.
  • When Sento transforms with Emu, after the Driver announces "Best Match", Sento just leaves his hand around the lever without cranking it for no apparent reason.
  • The explanation that Fourze's appearance in this movie occurs before the events of the Fourze portion in Movie War Ultimatum is consistent with this movie's release date in 2017, but contradicts the official statement that Build's cameo in the post-credits scene of True Ending occurs one year after the rest of the movie, as that would set this movie's events in 2018, one year after the destruction of the Fourze Driver in Ultimatum.


  • This film marked the return of:
  • Following its immediate predecessor, this is the second Heisei Generation movie with "with Legend Riders" in its title.
  • Despite appearing in this movie, Gentoku Himuro does not transform into Night Rogue and Soichi Isurugi does not transform into Blood Stalk while possessed by Evolto.
  • It is unknown how Kamen Rider Grease can appear at the point in time that the movie takes place when the Sclash Driver blueprints have yet to be completed by Sento and taken by Soichi to Nanba Heavy Industries, which occurs after this movie in episode 15.
    • Due to Grease's cameo taking place in a post-credits scene and as it is never explained how much time passed since the movie's end, it's possible that this scene could take place between episode 15 and episode 16.
  • In the images shown in the Fourze's tribute in the end credits, some images with certain shots of Yuki Jojima are blocked. Whether this was in response in her actress Fumika Shimizu joining the controversial religious organization Happy Science and continuing to act under a new stage name in early 2017 is unknown.
  • The term "FINAL" in the film's title denotes this film being the final crossover film in the Heisei Kamen Rider Series, as producer Shinichiro Shirakura has confirmed that there will be no more spring crossover movies from 2018 onwards (i.e. a discontinuation of the Super Hero Taisen SeriesIcon-crosswiki), following the announcement of Kamen Rider Amazons: The Last Judgement. The announcement of Heisei Generations FOREVER rendered FINAL's title somewhat inaccurate.
  • This is the first Movie War to have:
    • Elements from Kamen Rider Decade in the form of Parallel Worlds.
    • The new Rider appears to the main Riders in person.
    • One of the main Rider's ally in the past series have appeared in three consecutive Movie War films. In this case, Onari Yamanouchi.
    • The two head writers of the two featured series writing the movie. Unlike the early Movie War films, this is the first to have both head writers writing the entire film.
    • The main Rider of the previous series only uses his main and final forms.
    • The main Rider's allies that appeared in the past series makes a return in this film. As a result, this film features the most returning characters of the past series that are not in the current two series.
    • The Legend Riders in this film to have original actors reprising their role without having substitute voice actors filling the role or using voice recording from the actor's previous work such as on television series or movies. Unlike the previous Movie War films on the first teaser, this is the first time to confirm having the Legend Riders to be portrayed by their original actors.
      • Movie War 2010 features several original Riders and all the main A.R. world Riders. Only the original version of Blade is voiced by his original actor, while the A.R. version of Faiz is voiced by replacement.
      • Movie War Mega Max features the Seven Legendary Riders and Kamen Rider Double, but the former were voiced replacement instead.
      • Movie War Ultimatum features Double, Accel, OOO, and Birth, however only OOO is voiced by his original actor.
      • Kamen Rider Heisei Generations features Wizard, Gaim, and Drive. Out of the three, Gaim is the only Rider that does not have his actor return, but reuses phrases that was use in his related materials.
Who are these people
2018-2019 Next Rider
  • The 48th page of the guide book of this film foreshadows the Heisei Phase 2 Rider #10. Marked as "NEXT RIDER?"
  • Yuki and Kengo were mentioned by JK in this movie.
  • OOO uses Foundation X's Core Medals instead of his own throughout this movie.
    • As Foundation X does not have Purple Core Medals, OOO is the only Legend Rider that does not use his final form.
  • Fourze and Ex-Aid do not use their super form whereas, both Gaim and Ghost use theirs.
    • Additionally, both OOO and Ghost use one of their main forms in this movie.
  • Several scenes from OOO were used in this movie as a flashback.
  • When OOO performs the Prominence Drop, he only uses his right foot instead of both of his feet.
  • The Dr. Pac-Man incident from Heisei Generations is acknowledged by Takeru, as he recalls how Emu saved his life.
  • When the Taka Core Medal containing Ankh's consciousness renters his body, a sound effect from the Cyclone is used when it renters the body.
  • During the ending credits, several screenshots from Ex-Aid, Ghost, Gaim, Fourze, and OOO were used.
  • At the end of the movie before the credits, Ryuga is about to suggest Sento a theory about the reason of why he dreamed with something that happened to Takumi Katsuragi, however he's only able to say "maybe you're..." before being interrupted by Misora. This is an earlier hint of Sento's true identity as Katsuragi that is revealed in the episode that follows this movie.
  • Much like the final episode of OOO, Ankh calls out the name of his Core Medals when OOO changes into Tajadol Combo.
  • Emu's situation of losing his transformation abilities is similar to Takeru's situation from the previous Heisei Generations. However the difference was that Emu had already lost his transformation ability prior to the start of the film, as in True Ending while Takeru loses his ability mid-film.