This article is about a/an rider form used by several identities in the Kamen Rider Series.
Kamen Rider Hibiki

Kamen Rider Hibiki

Kamen Rider Hibiki may refer to any the following characters.



Kamen Rider Hibiki

  • Height: 222cm
  • Weight: 156kg
  • Punching Power: 5t
  • Kicking Power: 4t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 75m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100m/11s

In this form, Hibiki is a purple demon. This is his basic form and the easiest form for him to reach. To become this form, Hibiki simply needs to tap his tuning fork against a solid surface, the vibrations from the fork causing his body to be engulfed in a fiery purple aura. Hibiki also gains a second "oni face" which is a crest that forms on his forehead. Unlike most Kamen Riders, Hibiki does not wear a suit, rather his demon form is his true form.

Hibiki Kurenai
Hibiki Kurenai

Kurenai Form

  • Height: 222cm
  • Weight: 156kg
  • Punching Power: 10t
  • Kicking Power: 9t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 90m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100m/18s

Hibiki's second form, also known as Hibiki Crimson (響鬼紅 Hibiki Kurenai), was reached during the summer of training. It is exactly the same in appearance as his original form save for the fact that it is red instead of purple. Hibiki learned that he would be able to go beyond his basic form during the summer. At first he was unable to reach this form completely, only able to transform his arms when under attack. This greatly drained him and caused him to begin tougher training. After an attack by a group of stronger than normal Makamou, Hibiki finally reached this form mid-battle. His body froze as red fumes raised up from the ground and caused his body to change. In this form, Hibiki's powers are all nearly doubled from that of his basic form. He can easily defeat many different types of Makamou with a single attack in this form.

Armed Hibiki
Hibiki Armed

Armed Hibiki

  • Height: 233cm
  • Weight: 168kg
  • Punching Power: 20t
  • Kicking Power: 15t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 100m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100m/66s

The third and final form Hibiki was able to reach is known as Armed Hibiki ((装甲(アームド)響鬼 Sōkō (Āmudo) Hibiki). Unlike Kurenai Form that simply changes colors, the armor equipments here are much greater. To reach this form, Hibiki must use the Armed Saber, the Armed Saber also serves as a weapon in this form. When intiating the call Hibiki automatically assumes Kurenai Form. Hibiki calls upon the power of the Disc Animals to fuse with him, each becoming armor for his form. Finally, his oni face is covered with a samurai like shield and his horns expand. Hibiki is able to destroy most lower level Makamou with little to no effort in this form.


Akanetaka and Ongekiko

"Final Form Ride: H-H-Hibiki!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Decade's Final FormRide allows Hibiki to change into Hibiki Akanetaka (ヒビキアカネタカ {茜鷹} lit. "Hibiki Madder Hawk"), then when Decade activates the Hibiki Final AttackRide Card, Hibiki Akanetaka transforms into the Hibiki Ongekiko (ヒビキオンゲキコ 音撃鼓 lit. "Hibiki Sound Attack Drum") to deliver the final blow.

Rider Cards

Several Rider Cards allow Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade to access the power of Hibiki.

  • Final KamenRide Card: When Kamen Rider Decade is in his Complete Form, he uses the K-Touch to summon the Final Forms of the Nine Heisei Riders. After he presses the Rider's symbol, a card of that Rider's Final Form appears in a set of nine on Kamen Rider Decade's chest. The Hibiki Armed card summons Kamen Rider Armed Hibiki, armed with the Armed Saber. Using the Hibiki Final AttackRide card allows Decade to execute an Ongeki Ha: Kishin Kakusei-style slash alongside Armed Hibiki.
  • AttackRide Cards: These cards allow Decade to perform any of their own attacks, Decade is also able to use any signature attacks of whatever Kamen Rider he has transformed into.
    • Ongekibou - Rekka: As Hibiki, Decade conjures up two drumsticks to charge them with power and use the finisher Kiboujutsu Rekkadan, igniting the tops with flames, creating torch-like weapons that shoot fireballs to incinerate targets. Decade's fireballs are powerful enough to destroy giant Makamou as well.
    • Onibi: As Hibiki, Decade exhales a stream of hot flames through a mouth that forms from the mask.
  • Final FormRide Cards: The Hibiki Ongekiko card transforms Hibiki into the Hibiki Akanetaka, a giant version of the Akanetaka Disk Animal.
  • Final Attack Ride Card: With Hibiki Ongekiko, Decade performs the Decade Wave, where Hibiki Akanetaka transforms into the Hibiki Ongekiko and attaches to the target and allows Decade to perform his version of an Ongeki Da finisher using Hibiki's Ongekibou Rekka.

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