This article is about a/an rider in Kamen Rider Decade.
For the original Kamen Rider Imperer who appeared in Kamen Rider Ryuki, see Mitsuru Sano.

Kamen Rider Imperer (仮面ライダーインペラー Kamen Raidā Inperā, 6): One of the Riders who fight in the Kamen Rider Trial of the World of Ryuki, Imperer uses the power of his Contract Monsters Gigazelle as well as the other Zelle Mirror Monsters: Megazelle, Omegazelle, Negazelle, and Magazelle. He is removed from the trial by Decade. Battle Trial: Ryuki World

Behind the scenes


  • Like other A.R. Ryuki Riders that appeared in Kamen Rider Decade, either his real identity or his full name never be revealed by Toei, but he only appeared in suit and voice.