This article is about a/an video game in Kamen Rider Kabuto.
Kamen Rider Kabuto (video game)
PS2 Kabuto Game
Series: Kamen Rider Kabuto
Developer(s): Bandai
Publisher(s): Bandai
Release date: November 30, 2006
Genre: Action
Game modes: 1p mode, 2p mode
Platform(s): PlayStation 2

Kamen Rider Kabuto is a video game developed and produced by Bandai for the PlayStation 2, based on the TV series Kamen Rider Kabuto. Released on November 30, 2006, it is a fighting game featuring all the Riders seen in the TV show and Kabuto summer movie, along with Hyper Gatack. The game features 5 different modes of play, ranging from a story mode to several multi-player modes.


Rider Finishers / Finale

  • Kabuto: Rider Kick, Maximum Hyper Typhoon, Maximum Hyper Cyclone
  • TheBee: Rider Sting
  • Drake: Rider Shooting
  • Sasword: Rider Slash
  • Gatack: Rider Kick, Rider Cutting, Hyper Kick
  • KickHopper: Rider Kick
  • PunchHopper: Rider Punch
  • Dark Kabuto: Rider Kick
  • Ketaros: Rider Beat
  • Hercus: Rider Beat
  • Caucasus: Rider Kick

Voice actors



  • Some stage in story mode has its scene to be changed
    • In episode of Kabuto with Sassword fighting a worm who attacked criminals, Sassword's transformation into Scorpion Worm is immediately noticed by Kabuto and the player fight Scorpion Worm. After the win, Tsurugi as Scorpion Worm said "Sister, sister, I am sorry" with the reply from Kabuto that it is fine as she will understand. This stage is the only original story mode which not existed in series.
    • Kabuto's fight with his future self as Hyper as the special episode if the player win the original story with no continue is never existed in series because they only met and never talk.
  • Ketaros has his finisher in the game despite it never being shown in movie.
  • Hyper Kabuto's Hyper Typhoon and Dark Kabuto's Dark Rider Kick are modified, making them different from their supposed utilization in series.
  • On the opening credits, Sassword, Kick and Punch Hoppers are shown to have the Rider Machine which are the same to other Zecter Riders (exclude Kabuto and Gattack)
  • There is a clue to differ TheBee users if the players are unable to understand the words by looking at their fighting pose similarity (this rule only not exist for TheBee Sou Yaguruma)

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