This article is about a/an Rider in Kamen Rider 555.

Kamen Rider Pyron (仮面ライダー白龍(パイロン) Kamen Raidā Pairon) was an unused Kamen Rider from Kamen Rider 555. Its only appearance is in the artbook ICON: Tamotsu Shinohara Character Art Works.

Appearing in a mock-up of a Smart Brain sales catalogue, the Pyron Gear is said to belong to the Omicron Series, meaning it was developed from the Riotrooper Rider Gear. Described as a "sports model", It was apparently intended for civilian recreational use, and optionally comes with a motorcycle called the Gyro Tourer. The Pyron Gear comes in three colors: Grand Prix Blue, Sonia Red, and Midnight Black. Though the official description mentions no weapons, a modified version of the Riotrooper's Axel Ray Gun can be seen on its left hip.

In addition to being a play on the Greek letter Pi (π), the name "Pyron" is derived from the Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean Pái Lóng (Chinese: 白龍; Vietnamese: Bạch Long; Korean: 백용, Baeklyong), meaning "White Dragon", which can be seen written on the Pyron's right thigh.


  • SBR-816S Pyron Driver - Pyron's transformation belt.
    • SBR-816S Pyron Phone - The control unit of the Pyron Gear.
  • Unnamed modified Axel Ray Gun - The Pyron's personal weapon