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Kamen Rider Ryuki (video game)
PS Ryuki Game
Series: Kamen Rider Ryuki
Developer(s): Digifloyd
Publisher(s): Bandai Namco
Release date:
Genre: Fighting
Game modes:
Platform(s): Sony Playstation

A video game based on Kamen Rider Ryuki, developed by Digifloyd and published by Bandai, was released in Japan during 2002 for the PlayStation.

It is a basic fighting game where all thirteen Riders are playable with all the forms seen in the show, movie and specials (with the exception of the Alternatives and Ouja's Blank Form, seen in EPISODE FINAL, as well as any hypothetical blank forms. However, Ryuki's appears at the beginning of challenge mode). Four of the Contract Monsters (Volcancer, Metalgelas, Destwilder and Gigazelle), the two Zebraskulls (Iron and Bronze) and Megazelle are also playable.


The game is a basic two-button fighter, with a strong and light attack, as well as a throw button. The fourth button however, is used to activate cards from the advent deck. One of the shoulder button is used to cycle through cards, as well. Each card can only be used once per round, however.

When health reaches low for either character, the song "A boundless life" commonly used when a character would initiate their final vent will start to play. At this point, a character is able to use their final vent card on a weakened opponent. Monsters, however, have no cards and thus cannot use a finisher.

If the 60 second timer runs out, the player with the most health wins the round automatically.

Riders each have their advent decks from the show, but what the cards do falls into one of a few categories.


Summons your contract monster, each character's is different, but the effect is undodgable and unblockable. However, a button prompt will appear onscreen and rapidly pushing said button will recover health.

Strike/Sword/Swing/Shoot/Hold/Spin vents

Summon a weapon, which lasts until an opponent cancels it with a special move/advent, or by knocking the user down. The weapon changes the user's moveset to match how it functions.

Guard vents

The user summons a shield, or cape, in the case of Knight. This also lasts until a special move or advent hits the user, or until said user is knocked down.

Unique vents

Raia's Copy Vent copies an enemy's current sword or shield, Verde's Clear Vent renders him invisible save for when he attacks, Knight's Trick Vent is a card that functions like an Advent, but with lower strength.

Final Vents

The user's finisher, Undodgable and unblockable like Advents, However, you also receive the helpful button prompt. However, if it is not tapped sufficiently the receiver of the attack will lose the round. Notably, if you survive, you may than use your own Final Vent on your opponent.

The Trick Vent, Final Vents, and advents stop the game's timer, combined with how the game functions, it is entirely possible to defeat some opponents in less than 10 seconds.


The 13 riders, Ryuki, Knight, Scissors, Zolda, Raia, Gai, Ouja, Tiger, Imperer, Odin, Femme, Verde, and Ryuga are all playable, However Ryuki and Knight's survive forms are secret characters, and the only characters not shown on the initial character select screen until unlocked.

Ouja, mimicking the show, has his own deck, Raia's, and Gai's to select from, as well as his Genocider deck, featuring all three of their weapons, and Genocider's advent/final vent cards.

The monster characters Volcancer, Metalgelus, Destwilder, Gigazelle, Megazelle, and the Iron and Bronze Zebraskulls, lack advent cards, but instead seem to have superior general strength as a form of compensation.

Gameplay Modes

The game features several gameplay modes,

1P Challenge mode

Acting as a tutorial of sorts and reenacting some fights from the show early on, it starts with Shiro Kanzaki giving Ryuki his advent deck, and contract card, and introduces the player to the card system, starting one card at a time, introducing each card in a fight with a brief voiced explanation, before letting you use all the cards in a battle with Ouja, whom it can unlock.

1P Battle mode

Essentially an arcade mode, you battle through eight rounds of opponents, This mode tends to end with a battle against either Kamen rider Odin or Ouja with his Genocider, and the corresponding advent deck.

Winning at this mode with various characters unlocks several characters, as well as giving you several points which may seemingly be used in other modes.

2P Battle mode

Two player battle mode for two people

A card memory game

seemingly you bet your points from battle mode to find the card, each card is meant to be something from the show, and winning nets you said card for your collection.

A card collection mode

in this card collection mode, you can view cards of riders and monsters and such from the show. There are eight cards per page, and eight pages, making a total of 48 cards.


  • Zolda's Strike Vent, unused in the show, is usable in this game. 
  • Despite Copy Vent being in the game, Verde isn't able to use it. 
  • Zolda has the most ingame cards as a playable character, with 6. 
  • Gai however, has the least cards, with only 3. 
  • This is the only time Zolda has used his Strike Vent, which is also able to fire bullets. 
  • Verde's Hold Vent acts as a long raged yoyo weapon rather than to bind opponents 
  • Volcancer's throw is an animation mimicking how it killed Scissors in the show 
  • Before Ryuki was adapted into Dragon Knight, this game was the only way to find out what Kamen Rider Odin's Final Vent looks like. 

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