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The Kamen Rider Stronger movie is a theatrical version of episode 7, Rider Great Reversal!!.


Waniida from Black Satan attacks a young boy and long-time Kamen Rider ally Tōbei Tachibana, but Kamen Rider Stronger and Electro Wave Human Tackle run in to make the save. However, Shigeru and Yuriko fall into separate traps and are captured by Black Satan. Yuriko fights for her life as Shigeru is brainwashed by the organization.


Kamen Rider Stronger Shigeru Jo
Electro‑Wave Human Tackle Yuriko Misaki

Black Satan


  • This movie was released in theaters on the same day episode 17 of Kamen Rider Stronger was broadcast on TV.
  • This is the last movie to be an episode shown in theaters. Future movies will be original productions, save for occasional stock footage.

DVD Release

Kamen Rider The Movie Vol 3

Kamen Rider: The Movie Volume 3 cover.