This article is about a/an list of all the productions in the Kamen Rider Series.
For a more detailed description, see Kamen Rider Series.


TV series

Shōwa era

Heisei era

TV Specials

Shōwa era

Heisei era

Theatrical releases

Shōwa era

Heisei era

V-Cinema releases

V-Cinema releases began appearing during the Heisei era of the franchise. Previously depicting independent Riders and storylines, current releases have been shorts that serve as a series recap relating to Rider abilities and the rider showing off a exclusive power within the special. Since 2002's Ryuki release, they have come to be commonly known by fans as "Hyper Battle Videos".

Heisei era

Hyper Battle Videos

Adaptations outside Japan


In 1974, Chaiyo Productions in Thailand produced the Hanuman and the Five Riders.


In 1975 to 1976, the Tong Hsing Company Limited in Taiwan produced the Super Riders series based on the Japan version.

United States

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