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This article is about a/an recurring plot element in the Kamen Rider Series.

In certain Kamen Rider Series, there are Riders who have access to a default form before they alternate between their Main Forms. Usually the Rider's default form is commonly used along with the other Main Forms, while some other riders include a base that gives access to alternate forms that offer slight advantages over the base form, such as added strength in return for lowered speed, etc.

The combat capabilities of Base Forms vary. While some riders (Agito, Ixa, Accel, Fourze, and Beast) are perfectly capable of holding their own in their Base Forms, others (Amazon, Kuuga, Ryuki, and Den-O) Base Forms are rather weak in comparison to their other forms.

Kamen Rider Kuuga

Kamen Rider Agito

Kamen Rider Ryuki/Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

Kamen Rider Den-O

Kamen Rider Kiva

Kamen Rider W

Kamen Rider Fourze

Kamen Rider Wizard

Kamen Rider Gaim

Kamen Rider Drive

  • Kamen Rider Drive
    • Type Speed Pre-Tire
    • Type Wild Pre-Tire
    • Type Technic Pre-Tire
    • Type Dead Heat Pre-Tire
    • Type Formula Pre-Tires
    • Type Tridoron Pre-Tire
    • Type Fruits Pre-Tire & Hat
    • Type High Speed Pre-Tire

Kamen Rider Ghost

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

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